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4 Key Social Media Marketing Trends To Lead The Game in 2016
The same laws of attraction have never governed the social media marketing scene for too long.

Just as one Tweet changes another, so does user preferences when it comes to consuming online content. New social media rise and fall quickly and this year SnapChat and Periscope already shown a great influence on the marketing landscape. With new players entering the field and old companies rushing to introduce new features and innovations, the rules of social media play hardly ever stay the same.

In 2016 we should expect to see new exciting trends and changes in the social scene and here are the top 4.

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How to Use RSS
The Internet is a big place. Really big. With more than a billion existing pages and thousands more being created each day, there is a wealth of great sites offering fantastic content free of charge. But with such a massive torrent of media being produced each and every day, it can often be tough to keep up with all your favorite websites. So, how do we alleviate this problem? Easy.

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The 4 Steps of a Social Media Audit
The 4 well established steps of a social media audit include the following;

Step 1: Review your Social Media profiles

Where are you present?
The first thing to start from is mapping your social media presence. Locate all the social media accounts for your brand and write down the current status and audience size. This is a a great base to evaluate your presence on each platform at a later stage. Here’s an example from a recent social media audit for Twitter Counter.

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Social Media Inspired Gifts
The holidays are right around the corner, but regardless of whether it is Christmas, Valentines Day, someones birthday or any other holiday, you can always surprise that special social media lover in your life -- or yourself -- with any of these awesome gifts.

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Add a custom RSS feed to your Android home screen
Android does not have a built-in RSS widget for your home screen. For that, we have to turn to the Google Play Store. The widget I happen to prefer for this is called RSS Widget. This app is free, does not have any ads, and does a great job of presenting your RSS feeds cleanly.

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5 Ways Your Social Media Accounts Hurt Your Career
Social media is a big part of many peoples lives, and it can be a great tool to help build and maintain relationships, and for general self-expression. LinkedIn has 396 million users, Twitter has 307 million active users and Facebook almost 1.5 billion active users, according to

However, social media can easily lend itself to blurring the line between users’ personal and professional lives. And any information — good or bad — posted to social media can be difficult to delete once it’s out there. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to become a more responsible social media user. Read on to find out how social media can hurt your career, and how to avoid social media mistakes.

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RSS is Not Dead Look at the Numbers
RSS has taken some big hits recently. Of course, people have been announcing the death of RSS pretty much since it came into existence, but when Google Reader bit the dust on July 1st, 2013, many were ready to place a wreath at the headstone and walk away.

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Facebook Merges RSS and Push Notification
Facebook has released a new application called Notify that will allow its users to receive push notifications about breaking news, new movie trailers, and more.

The move into real-time news is significant because could help Facebook achieve two goals: It could make the company more important to the media, and it could increase the traffic it sends to publishers. Now, whether the app will be successful or just something that clogs up your phones notifications feed is another set of questions all together.

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Inconsistent Social Media Policies Problematic
A recent analysis conducted by a University of Florida educational leadership scholar indicates the lack of concrete policy on the use of social media by teachers and other school employees is increasing the potential for misuse and inappropriate teacher-student relationships online.

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How Social Media has created a New Breed of Paparazzi
Celebrity selfies and fan-snapped shots on the Internet have cut the prices they can charge for their pictures. But those tweets and Instagrams and Facebook posts allow them to track down and trail boldfaced names like never before.

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Social Media Quizzes Could Give Hackers Access
Social media allows you to connect with the world, but many seemingly harmless quizzes and games can really be traps laid by social media hackers.

The simple and sometimes silly surveys that pop up on Facebook feeds often ask simple questions that may appear simple enough: What's your favorite color? Where did you grow up? What is your spirit animal? Where did you go to high school?

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Using Social Media for Public Good
A man suspected of a double murder was on the run, and a lot of people turned to the Knox County prosecutors Facebook page to find out about it.

Posts about the killings of Sandra Lee Stelk and Jaime Barber — who were found shot to death in a rural Knox County home on Sept. 30 — and about suspect Travis Bonham were each shared hundreds of times and reached more than 100,000 people.

This was good news to Prosecutor Chip McConville and his legal assistant and communications manager, Emily Morrison, who have worked since January to find ways to use social media that are helpful to the public.

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10 Tactics to Build Quality Social Media Presence – Startup Tips
Question for you to answer: What is YOUR goal for your business startup?

I cannot stress enough the importance of knowing the answer to that question. A defined goal helps your team plan strategic & measurable steps; while, in the process, you also keep resources in check as you strive to reach it.

It can be used as a tool to achieve either of these goals:

increased email subscribers
grow profitability
get leads
more website traffic to your website
improved customers service
increased brand awareness
…and more!

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How to use Social Media to Create Happy Employees
Did you know companies with happy employees outperform their competition by 20 percent?

LinkedIn has carried out research to say that 58 percent of employees are proud of their company and are glad to tell others about it, especially on social media.

This is great news, as happier employees means happier customers, because they pass on their energy & passion in everything they do, including customer support.

But how can you create happy employees on social media?

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There Is Nothing Virtual About Building Relationships on Social Media
I remember saying that if I could ever figure out how a person could be in two places at once I would retire a billionaire.

And then, I figured it out.

Because being in two places or more simultaneously is exactly what social media allows us to appear to do. With a nearly endless supply of apps designed to cross-post anything we can enter into a digital device, you would think the impossible had finally been achieved.

Certainly a lot of innovative people have ensured a comfortable retirement by making that illusion easy to create. But what is it costing entrepreneurs who fall prey to it?

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Great Ideas for Blog Posts
Blogs have increased in popularity because they provide a steady stream of new and unique content. The only issue presented by this quality of blogs is that it may become difficult for those who run blogs to think of interesting and novel posts. If you have jumped on the blogging bandwagon but suffer writer's block, do not panic: we have created a list of 26 ideas for blog posts.

1. Make it visual.
Include a photo or other graphic in a blog post to break up the text, attract your reader's interest, or help illustrate a point. Better yet, talk about the image you have included to further incorporate it into the post.

Great Ideas for Blog Posts

4 Steps to Mastering Social Media
Mention the words social media in a room full of school leaders and you’ll be met with more than a few reservations: It is too new. There are too many risks. I don’t know how to twit or tweet, or whatever. There has got to be another way.

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6 Marketing Lessons from Amazon
Creative still counts
When we think of Amazon, we tend to think about deals and shipping. Everyone from your neighbor to your grandparents knows that Amazon probably has the best price on anything you could want to buy, and they know that the companys bread and butter is shipping it to you as quickly as possible. In other words, nearly every consumer out there knows what Amazon is about.

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Warren Buffett Teaches Us All How to Use Social Media
While there are certainly dozens of insightful takeaways that could be gleaned from Buffetts 50-year career as an investor, I think everyone can benefit from learning more about one of his core principles that have guided him through good times and bad.

Reputation matters
One of my favorite all-time pieces of advice from Buffett is this: It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'will do things differently.

In many ways, the sheer simplicity and common-sense nature of that statement belies its profound implications for modern-day life. Throughout his career, Buffett has used his reputation sparingly to turn around a failing business or to gain a tactical advantage.

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4 Tools to Display RSS Feed Updates Directly on Your Windows Desktop
In this article, I am going to cover four of the best tools to deliver RSS feed updates directly to your desktop, either through RSS tickers, or from alert boxes that display feed information right inside and scroll automatically. This way, during your workday, you can just glance over at the streaming updates and if a topic catches your eye, you can click on it and bookmark the article to read later, during your lunch break or after work.

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XML Sitemaps Or RSS Feeds, Atom Feeds? Google Says Use Both For Optimal Crawling
When it comes to telling search engines about the content on a website, webmasters might be wondering if they should submit sitemaps or just setup RSS or Atom feeds.

Googles answer? Use both.

For optimal crawling, we recommend using both XML sitemaps and RSS or Atom feeds. XML sitemaps will give Google information about all of the pages on your site. RSS feeds will provide all updates on your site, helping Google to keep your content fresher in its index. Note that submitting sitemaps or feeds does not guarantee the indexing of those URLs.

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You Can Have your Ad Blockers, I Will stick with RSS
RSS has never been fashionable — it is always been a news gathering tool for nerds, not norms. But now, more than two years after the untimely demise of Google Reader, RSS almost feels cool — like listening to vinyl or hating things on Twitter. RSS is a stealthy way to obtain news thats fast, friendly, and free from both ads and trackers. Its ubiquity makes me wonder why anyone bothers with browsers and adblockers at all, especially when mobile.

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Is Text Messaging Ruining Our Youth?
If you have noticed the apparent omnipresence of cell phones, as most of us surely have, it likely will not surprise you that about 86% of the worlds roughly seven billion people have access to a mobile phone, or that 80% of cell phone owners use their devices to send and receive text messages. You may also be unsurprised to learn that the vast majority of texts are sent by teenagers under eighteen, and that the average teen from this group sends over 3,300 texts each month.

Is Text Messaging Ruining our Youth?

Top 10 social media analytics tools: The VentureBeat index
Consumers and businesses alike have something to learn from just about all of your social media interactions. How many people did your post reach? What sort of links do your followers like best? Does anything you do online even matter?

Fortunately, the rise of social media has been accompanied by the creation of tools to that analyze the impact of most of your social media activities.

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6 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2015
As we look to 2015, what social media marketing trends are likely to develop? Here are six that online retailers should monitor.

1. Niche Social Networks Will Emerge

Mainstream social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will face challenges from lesser-known upstarts in 2015. One example is Ello, an ad-free social platform still in beta that has received a great deal of attention among those that follow social media developments.

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Internet of Things and Social Media
Learn how IoT, cloud, social networks and last but not least, humans, can be integrated into a seamless integration of cooperative organisms both cybernetic and biological. This has been enabled by recent advances in IoT device capabilities, messaging frameworks, presence and collaboration services, where devices can share information and make independent and human assisted decisions based upon social status from other entities.

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Importance of Keywords in Content and Social Media Marketing
Keywords. They are still as powerful as they were in 1996 or the introduction of the Internet to the world. No matter what keywords you have, they can provide your content the kind of impact that it deserves.

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3 Tips for Promoting Your Products on Social Media
1. Plan around the online and social hit.
Craft your pitches to include elements that readers will want to share on social media. Think about a creative way consumers can engage with your product along with a campaign hashtag. Just as when you include a storyline in a pitch, including decorations on your product’s theme can help editors imagine how to photograph them. This reduces one step of the design process for the publication and gives you additional influence on how your product is presented to the world.

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50 Apps to Improve Smart Phones
A recent study by market research firm Nielsen claimed that the average person uses 27 apps a month, which sounds like very few considering that Apple and Google’s app stores both have more than 1m apps available. The key, of course, is that the 27 apps can be almost entirely different, depending who you ask.

Some apps do have mass audiences: Facebook and Twitter in the social networking category; WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Snapchat for messaging; Google Maps for getting around; Spotify for music; YouTube for video; Kindle for reading ebooks; Instagram for photo-sharing; and so on.

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Millennials connect with Pope Francis on social media
As hundreds of visitors line up to write prayers on strips of cloth at the Knotted Grotto art installation at the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, 18-year-old Cassie Sadie has a message of her own, typed in 140 characters or less.

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Working with RSS Feeds: Maximizing Your Content Stream
An RSS feed is a means to distribute changing web content including blog posts, podcasts, news releases and site updates to related sites, blogs, online publishers and feed subscribers. It allows busy people to get the information they want without having to use email, which prevents the publisher from selling or otherwise providing their contract information to other parties.

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5 Reasons Why Social Media Buttons Hurt Nonprofit Websites
That little row of social media buttons has become a ubiquitous feature of most websites. After all, it is good to show off that you are social, and that there are channels where you can interact directly with stakeholders.

But is your website header or sidebar the best place to show that off?

Here are five reasons why having social media buttons on your nonprofits website might do more harm than good:

1) They send visitors away from your website

3 Google Sheets Functions to Track Competitors, More
Google Sheets can monitor competitors prices, capture news headlines, and devour data from websites, CSV files, and more. The tool helps small business owners and marketers gain a competitive advantage.

Google Sheets, the search giant’s cloud-based spreadsheet service, does more than just make your financial statements legible. The service has many powerful functions and features. Three of these may even help your business collect competitor and industry data that could lead to better decisions.

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Digital Marketing
We often confuse relevance with creativity. Relevance is not about being cutting edge or participating in the latest fad. When it comes to social media, relevance is about delivering the right message to the right person at the right time through the right channel. Sometimes it is actually easier to understand relevance by looking at what it is not.

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How to Identify Your Best Social Media Influencers
Social media has become an integrated layer in our lives, available at almost every point in your day and even in space. It is this level of integration in our lives which has also made social media so powerful as a marketing tool and why just about every business has integrated it into their overall marketing strategies.

One important element of social media, if you really want to get the eyes, ears, and mouths of the people really making an impact, is to connect and engage with the influencers of each social platform.

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Feedly Adds Shared Collections For Pro Users, Lets Teams Share Sources
Feedly has become one of the best ways to keep up with your RSS feeds. One key feature that’s been missing, however, is the ability to bulk share a collection of sources. Now, Feedly is adding this feature to Feedly Pro.

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Social Media Use in Teens Linked to Poor Sleep, Anxiety
The pressure to be available 24-7 on social media may lead to poorer sleep quality as well as an increased risk of depression and anxiety in teens, according to a new study.

In the study, researchers asked 467 teenagers ages 11 to 17 about their use of social media during the day and at night.

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Facebook Patents
Facebook has been experiencing an uptick in terms of its intellectual property holdings in recent years. In 2014, the company was tied with Emerson Electric for 132nd overall with 279 patents issued that year by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, an increase of almost 120 percent over the companys patenting pace the previous year. Facebooks already earned 250 U.S. patents in 2015 according to Innography, making it very likely that the company will post higher patent totals this year. The text cluster provided here shows us that much of the companys recent innovation focuses on social networking, although user interfaces and computing devices were also large areas of focus.

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Search Preset RSS Feeds
Enter search word to search preset RSS Feeds.

Republican Social Media Race
It seems hard to imagine that the winner of the 2016 Presidential Election will not also win another important race… the social media race. In todays hyper-connected world, the candidate that inspires enough of the population to eventually win the election will likely also have excited enough of the public to follow her or him on their various social media networks.

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Constant Social Media and Teens Mental Health
Teens who feel a round-the-clock compulsion to participate on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter may pay a price in lost sleep. They may also face a higher risk for depression and anxiety, new research suggests.

British researchers surveyed nearly 470 teens to explore how 24-7 social media participation might affect their emotional health.

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Add a custom RSS feed to your Android home screen
What if you want to see a particular news feed on your home screen... say, one that does not connect with the built-in news feed tools?

You turn to RSS. That is right, we are going old school.

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What Brands Need to Know About Visual Social Media
Consider your brand across all visual touchpoints, suggests WebDAM. Include logos, typography, press kit, photography, and icons.

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Local Parents Take Social Media Product Complaints With A Grain of Salt
A national diaper company is on the defense after a mothers video on social media went viral, claiming glass shards were in a bag of wipes. Other angry parents also took to social media to attack Huggies, showing how claims, founded or baseless, can reach thousands, even millions in just a few hours or days.

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After Years Of Restraint, Facebook Tries Allowing GIFs In Ads And Page Posts
Facebook refused to fill its site with flashy animated banner ads for a decade. Zuckerberg thought these interrupted the user experience, and could stunt growth. But after reaching near ubiquity and acclimating users to video ads, today the company tells me it’s relaxing its standards and starting to allow businesses to post GIFs as ads and Page posts.

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The 15 Social Media Trends that Defined a Generation
Over the past few years, social media has given rise to a number of crazes that have quickly spread across the web; with the likes of Twitter and Facebook, a trend started in Devon can reach Delaware in a matter of minutes. In the past 5 years, social media trends have got bigger and bigger, and in some cases wackier and wackier.

From the more absurd trends like Batmanning and Cinnamon Challenge, to those with an underlying charitable cause like the Ice Bucket Challenge, social media trends spread like wildfire. Chances are you will have had at least a handful of trends pop up on your social media feeds over the years.

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Google+ History
Create a social network or risk everything.

That was the original pitch for Googles Facebook rival, Google+, a refrain hammered over and over by the social network's chief architect, Vic Gundotra, in meetings with the companys top brass.

Gundotra, described by colleagues we spoke with as charismatic and politically-savvy, eventually persuaded Larry Page, the Google cofounder who returned as CEO at the beginning of 2011 after a decade behind the scenes, to turn the company upside down for this cause.

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Microsoft Band lets developers build apps that tap RSS feeds for content
Microsoft is letting developers create apps for its Band fitness tracker that convey information pulled from RSS feeds and display it on the devices screen.

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Audio Recording Software for Podcasters
RecordForAll allows for you to easily record, and edit audio files.

Free evaluation version available for download!

Audio Recording Software for Podcasters

How to use PressForward for content creation
We live in an age of information overload. With all the stories from news, blogs, social media, and other sources, the amount of information about any given subject can be overwhelming. It is hard enough to keep up when you are just a consumer of information, but what about when you need to curate content for a target audience?

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Newsify Comes to Apple Watch
Through its latest update, Newsify has been enhanced with its very own companion app for Apple Watch. The extension lets you quickly access the latest articles from your feeds right on your wrist, with indications for unread items and time since last sync.

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Microsoft Band lets developers build apps that tap RSS feeds for content
Microsoft is also opening its Health Cloud platform to outside developers, allowing them to integrate fitness data into their Microsoft Band apps.

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Auri is an RSS and Reddit reader that can read articles out loud to you. We have featured similar apps before, but this one differentiates itself by also allowing you to use voice commands to start feeds. If you are in the kitchen, behind the wheel, or just exceedingly lazy, this app does everything it can to accommodate you and your reading habit.

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How the Feed Changed the Way We Consume Content
The feed now dominates online content consumption, from the news we read on our mobile devices to the social networks we check constantly throughout the day, as well as the ads that integrate onto those platforms.

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Now You Can Pull RSS Feeds Into Buffers Social Media Management Tool
The feed now dominates online content consumption, from the news we read on our mobile devices to the social networks we check constantly throughout the day, as well as the ads that integrate onto those platforms.

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Really Simple Suggestions RSS
Real Simple Syndication (RSS), has stayed basically static since its creation more than 15 years ago. It is time for a facelift.

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Social Media Could Deal your Brand a Blow
Decide how you intend to use social media and to whom you will allow access, especially on Facebook. You do not necessarily need to completely sanitise all your social media profiles — because companies want to hire real people, and some companies specifically look for creativity and personality.

However, if you want to ensure a potential employer does not reject you on those grounds, make sure your online social profile depicts the type of employee a company would want to hire.

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Convert Casual Social Media Followers Into Brand Advocates
Despite being difficult to measure, the growing impact of social media on brands is undeniable.

In fact, analysts from Social@Ogilvy recently surveyed more than 5,500 social media users across 11 countries in an attempt to find out how brands should be using social to make a true impact on shoppers.

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Social Media Marketers Face New Challenges As FTC Rolls Out New Guidelines
The Federal Trade Commission rolled out its latest truth in advertising guidelines. The last time the FTC updated its guidelines for truth in advertising was back in 2010. The new guidelines may precede a crackdown for social media marketing.

Their effect on social media marketing includes how marketers handle the use of celebrity endorsements. The FTC recommends that marketers have a proper disclosure check up to make sure that their social media marketing campaigns fall within FTC guidelines.

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How Do You Use Social Media?
With the widespread use of major social media platforms, it can be hard to understand why new ones keep being created. Could this be because each social network actually only fills one or two specific niches for users?

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Arduino and RSS Feeds
Looking for a way to keep an eye on RSS feeds throughout the day? You could be sensible and use a good RSS reader, or you could do something like the Arduino RSS Feed Display.

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Everything You Need To Know About YouTube RSS Feeds
YouTube is also a site filled with video content which can be extracted via RSS. You might be keen to share YouTube RSS feeds of your own content or you might want to get RSS feeds of things that interest you.

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Litenin turns your RSS feed into a text list thats incredibly easy to browse.

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How to find the RSS feed for any Twitter user
There is a very easy-to-use workaround that will give you instant access to Twitter RSS feeds, although it may only be a matter of time before Twitter kills that off too.

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Yahoo to Retire Maps and Pipes as It Narrows Its Focus
Yahoo is shutting down Maps.

Nearly three years into Yahoos reinvention under CEO Marissa Mayer, formerly a high-ranking Google executive, the company is shuttering some services including Maps. In a second-quarter progress report posted on Tumblr on June 4—Yahoo acquired Tumblr for $1.1 billion in 2013—chief architect Amotz Maimon announced that Yahoo is closing down its Maps site at the end of June.

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Corgi For Feedly Puts RSS Feeds On Your Android Lock Screen
There are plenty of feed readers on Android, but how many of them slap some news on your lock screen? Not many, I would imagine. Corgi is an app that plugs into Feedly to pull in news and display it on the lock screen. Android lock screen replacements are never ideal, but Corgi seems to do a rather good job.

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How to Use RSS?
The Internet is a big place. Really big. With more than a billion existing pages and thousands more being created each day, there is a wealth of great sites offering fantastic content free of charge. But with such a massive torrent of media being produced each and every day, it can often be tough to keep up with all your favorite websites. So, how do we alleviate this problem? Easy. Here is a really simple explanation of Really Simple Syndication.

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25 Social Media Channels You Are Probably Not Using Now
Chances are your small business has used social media in one way or another. There are the big guns like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. And other familiar names like Instagram, Pinterest, and Vine.  However, these are just a drop in the bucket when it comes to all of the social media channels out there.

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Publishers Upset Over Apples Opt-Out
Apple recently sent a mass email to news publishers to introduce them to Apple News, an upcoming Flipboard-inspired app for iOS 9 that will deliver curated news and magazine stories with custom layouts, photo galleries, videos and animations optimized for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The email has ignited some controversy in the news and blogging community over the past week, according to the BBC, which reports that some writers are disappointed about Apples decision to automatically include a websites RSS feeds in Apple News unless they specifically opt out by replying to the email.

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Why Social Media Listening Is Key To Your Marketing Strategy
The most significant marketing change in the past decade was brought about by social media. Before Facebook or Twitter, brands could not dream of building such close connections with their audiences or

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4 big Hurdles Brands Face in Creating a Credible Social Media Presence
With more than 84% of brands carrying out social media marketing, the greatest challenge is to rise above all the clutter and establish your brands credibility. The effectiveness of social media marketing is highlighted by the fact that it is100 times more effective in sealing the lead-to-closure rate. Hence brands are vehemently using this channel to attain multiple business goals.

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5 Ways to Maintain Brand Cohesion
Running a successful social media campaign can be difficult, especially when your brand wants to run the same campaign across multiple networks. An infographic from MarketingInColor outlines the steps your brand needs to take to remain cohesive.

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How Image Tagging Can Help Your Brands Social Media Marketing
Visual marketing is an integral part of reaching customers today. For brands concerned with SEO, however, it brings a wide variety of challenges. Search engine algorithms look for specific words, which makes it difficult to challenge competitors by coming up with better photos and videos to dominate search rankings.

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Start-up is Helping the Government Keep Track of Social Media
When Anil Chawla built a start-up that uses software to archive social media posts, he never imagined that his biggest clients would be government agencies.

complete article

Working with RSS Feeds: Maximizing Your Content Stream
From a marketing perspective, an RSS feed is a direct pipeline to your target audience. It is also a way to boost your Google search profile—sites that update more frequently get better search rankings.

complete article

The Best RSS Apps and Widgets for Android
So here are the best choices for the next time you want to catch up on the news while standing in line or lounging on the couch.

complete article

XML or RSS Feed Sitemaps
When it comes to telling search engines about the content on a website, webmasters might be wondering if they should submit sitemaps or just setup RSS or Atom feeds.

Googles answer? Use both.

complete article

Social Media Punished as Stocks Fall
A trio of social media stocks is getting pummeled this week, a sign that Wall Street may be unwilling to overlook missteps at some of its Internet darlings.

complete article

Can Social Media Make You Happy?
Social media may make you happy -- or not. Like almost all human interaction, it is what you make of it.

complete article

Facebook Tweaks News Feed
Based on feedback, the folks in Menlo Park are changing the way it handles updates from your pals. Posts made directly by your friends will now display closer to the top of the News Feed -- things like status updates, pictures, videos and more.

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Feed Huddler
Feedhuddlers a simple web app that sends everything that pops up in the RSS feed over to your Pocket account.

complete article

The 4 Essentials to Building Your Brand on Social Media
Whether you want to sell products, gain subscribers, persuade followers to a point or sway the hearts and minds of readers to your cause, they have got to know who you are in the first place.

Your ability to encourage any of these actions comes from your brand’s authority -- and one of the best ways to build that is through the savvy use of social media. In fact, recent research from Econsultancy shows that 71 percent of brands plan to invest more heavily in social media in the coming year to reach new followers and build brand reputation.

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Social Media Can Cost You Your Job
We see it happen every day. But here are some tips that will help keep your social media life from ruining your career.

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RSS Readers Apps of the Week
Taking a look at the state of RSS on iOS post Google Reader, it is actually in better shape than it was before Google killed off the popular service. There are variety of sync services out there.

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Social Media Spread is a Problem for Organizations
According to the Electronic Transactions Development Agency , a public organisation, Thais usually spend around seven hours a day online and most of that is spent on social media.

This phenomenon has had an impact on many businesses due to the time people are forced to spend on social media, especially content businesses, like news providers, bloggers and websites.

It has also affected the way people get news and other information, with rumours sometimes mistaken for genuine news reports.

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The Real Reasons Social Media Affects Your Companys SEO
The simple act of having a social profile does not do a thing to help rankings. Anyone can create a profile on a social network, any time. Facebook says anywhere between 5.5 and 11.2% of their monthly active users are fake or duplicate accounts, and considering that represents 67.65 million and 137.76 million fake or duplicate accounts, it is easy to see why social presence does not equate to increased ranking.

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10 Tactics for Launching a Product Using Social Media
The new launch landscape levels the playing field for brands of all sizes and industries when reaching consumers–yet the ability for consumers to share their opinions freely on social media can provide huge hurdles for brand messaging. Consumers can quickly activate other like-minded consumers to rev up the online discussion to a level anywhere from highly positive to tanking a brand.

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How to get Feedly news on your Lockscreen
Android 5 Lollipop has finally brought about lockscreen notifications – preview cards of the users most recent texts, emails, missed calls, and any other messages.

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Content Curation – SEO Best Practices
Content Curation is the practice of finding, organizing, annotating and sharing the best and most relevant third-party content for your audience. There is no doubt that curation is a growing trend in the world of content marketing. The number of concerns surrounding the practice, however, are putting doubts in the minds of content marketers before they are able to understand the benefits of curation done right.

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13 Online Marketing Blogs
With so many out there, how do you know which ones are worth your time?

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The Importance of XML Sitemaps
In the early days of search engines, I was not much of a believer in XML sitemaps. But over time, I began to see first hand how they can benefit websites.

XML sitemaps serve as a way to communicate directly with the search engines, alerting them to new or changed content very quickly and helping to ensure that the content is indexed faster.

For content publishers, it has become critical to help Google specifically understand if your site is the original publisher of content. Why? Panda.

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Content Curation for Social Media
What if there was a way to spend minimal amount of time finding and sharing the latest and greatest content produced by some of the biggest experts in your industry?

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How Your Small Business Can Use Social Media to Boost Sales
In 2014, consumer shopping behavior evolved rapidly. Shopping online and through mobile devices is the new norm, and the experience has become increasingly more social with platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. These platforms, in turn, have launched new commerce capabilities like the buy button.

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How to Separate the Personal and Professional on Social Media
n a recent research study, we spoke with dozens of professionals about their use of social media, and were struck by the variety of approaches they are using.

Some professionals, we found, still manage to avoid social media altogether. But most see that as unrealistic in many occupations, and are unwilling to be deprived of the advantages social media affords in terms of connecting to people and collecting information.

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Social Media and Standardized Test
When standardized tests are shared nationwide—as they now are, under the Common Core system that's been adopted in 46 states—cheating suddenly becomes a whole lot easier. Especially since teenagers now share just about everything on social media.

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Feed Rinse Recipe
News reader applications like Feedly or Flipboard are great for browsing and even searching through news items, but they lack the ability to send notifications proactively.  Emails from Google Alerts can be tardy, and at other times, articles can slip by completely.

Never fear!  Used together, two web applications, IFTTT and Feed Rinse,  solve this problem easily.

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Twitch Reset Passwords
If you are a Twitch user, reset your password. Better yet, regardless of the site or service, do not use the same password on multiple sites.

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7 Day Cycle for Generating Great Content
I write for and in a lot of places. There is my mailing list, my website, publications that require exclusive content, and even a few where my writing is regularly syndicated. Typically, although it seems like more, I write one article per week, and I write it with my mailing list in mind.

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8 Social Media Trends
Long gone are the days when social media was a giant question mark in terms of measurement and ROI.

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Social Media Makes You Spend More
When I ran a Facebook ad recently for a nonprofit where I volunteer, I was surprised how specific you could get in targeting potential customers. If I wanted to advertise the event I was promoting to women between the ages of 24 and 26 in my city who were unmarried and educated, who watched Girls, owned a dog and liked designer purses — I could do that.

Being able to target ads to a specific market can help a seller reach the people who want or need their products and services. Unfortunately, that means buyers may also be encouraged to spend more than they should if they are not mindful.

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How To Use Social Media To Attract New Clients
One of the interesting qualities of freelancing work is that you may never meet your clients in real life. Perhaps more than any other job market, freelancers rely heavily on their online image- an aggregate of their resume, portfolio and personality to set themselves apart and attract new clients who may very well be located on the other side of the world.

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29 Rules of Social Media
How did you end up learning the unwritten rules for social media etiquette?

For me, it was a lot of watching and waiting, a bit of experimenting, and tons of trial and error. When I first started out on social media, I had just the most basic rules and intuitions. Even now, I feel like I learn a new quirk or quibble on a near-daily basis.

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Link RSS feeds to email with Blogtrottr
RSS feeds are fine if you can find a good feed reader and the time to grind through the results, but let’s face it - email is the center of most people’s universes. So why not converge RSS and email? If this sounds like something you would like to do, you need to take a look at the Web service Blogtrottr.

Blogtrottr is simple to use: you enter a feed URL, the address you wish to have the email of the feed sent to, select the frequency of delivery.

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Clean Up Your RSS Reader
Nothing motivates me to clean up like having to move. When I move house, which I do more often than I like, I see it as a time to purge junk and scrub the new place from corner to corner before moving in any of my stuff. And that's how I feel about RSS feed readers right now.

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Turn Gmail into an RSS Reader
Whether you are still struggling to get over the loss of Google Reader or you want to try out RSS subscriptions for the first time, you can set up Gmail as a makeshift feed reader in just a few minutes. We have outlined the steps you need to follow to turn your inbox into a news ticker below.

While it was not built as an RSS reader, Gmail certainly does a fine job nevertheless. You can filter your feeds as you like, star articles for later reading, catch up on mobile devices, and use the apps powerful search capabilities to browse through archived content.

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Top 3 Tips for a Better Mobile Content Strategy
Marketers are spending millions of dollars creating compelling content for everything from DIY videos on YouTube to posts about the latest trends on their blogs. But, many are still not curating all that content under a single roof. Mobile is the answer to that problem for many.

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Social Marketing Tools That Build Your Reach and Credibility
As an early adopter of media since the early 80s, I love everything about media, its immediacy, urgency, fluidity, and ability to impact the masses and unify people and ideas in real time, in the moment.

Social marketing continues to be a powerful force for good, but as we know it can be a dangerous platform for bad too.

Through prior careers in entertainment and broadcast radio sales, and celebrating 8 years in my current social media consultancy, social marketing clearly is the most effective way to build branding, credibility and the bottom line.

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Add RSS feeds to OS Xs Notification Center
Compared to the best-known RSS feed readers on the market today, News Notifications is as straightforward and uncomplicated as its drab title implies.

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Creative Podcasting For Businesses
Podcasting content comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Businesses are finding many different and creative ways of incorporating podcasts into their business strategies and marketing plans.

Here are just some of the various types of content that businesses are turning into podcasts...

Creative Podcasting for Businesses

Letting Your Kids Play in the Social Media Sandbox
After giving it some thought, and seeking counsel from friends who work for social start-ups in Silicon Valley, I called Luca and told him that he could have a YouTube account, but with one big caveat. We would make his account settings private, so that no one could leave comments.

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Whether you own a blog or follow a number of RSS feeds, you probably share your favorite articles on Twitter to bring them to a larger audience. Twibble takes care of this for you, and automatically tweets articles for you based on your preferences.

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Notey Raises Funds
Is a wave of consolidation about to begin in the Big Data market?

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15 Best of jQuery RSS Feed Readers
RSS has been the easiest way to get the current update of any website or blog for a long time. These updates include full or summarized text like blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video in a standardized format. In today’s post we are presenting you our list of 15 best of the best jQuery RSS Feed Readers that can help you show these updates of other blog and sites on your own website.

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Social Selling 101
Begin at the beginning

When you start out social selling, do not automate any of your processes. Just focus on figuring out how to participate in a social conversation and getting connections through LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

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When Crisis Strikes
We have all seen the tragedies that have struck a little too close to home. Be they humans' doing or the acts of mother nature, they are jarring at best, in part because they so often feel as though they are beyond our control. While we certainly can not prevent all tragedies, or even predict them, the way we react to such events can be powerfully influential. When crisis strikes, here are some things you can do to help yourself and those around you:

When Crisis Strikes

Facebook RSS Feeds Add Fans
How to Convert a Facebook Page to an RSS Feed. In 3 easy steps, convert any Facebook page into an RSS feed to share across social media, create more likes and fans.

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Content Marketing Success
86% of B2B and 77% of B2C organizations use content marketing.

This makes the content marketing landscape extremely competitive. With more and more companies using content creation and its distribution to improve brand awareness, credibility and niche authority, run-of-the mill content marketing does not work anymore.

If you take a look at some of the best content marketing campaigns of 2014, you realize you can not afford to take content marketing for granted. You need to be able to create compelling content and ensure it reaches your target audience.

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Good House Keeping Recipes via RSS
All of the most recent Recipes and Entertaining RSS articles from

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Slow Start for Googles Smartwatches
It has been a slow start for Google’s smartwatches. Only 720,000 smartwatches powered by Android Wear, Google’s operating system for wearable devices, shipped in the last six months of 2014, according to research firm Canalys.

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Lawyers Use RSS Feeds
Lawyers have never been known as a technical bunch, but more and more often you see a lawyer with a palm pilot making appointments and a blackberry for those urgent messages. Electronic gadgets are now common in the courthouses across the US. Lawyers have increased productivity by utilizing technology so it should come as no surprise that lawyers are using RSS feeds as a means to grow and manage their practices.

Lawyers Use RSS Feeds

3 Ways to Use Social Media to Build Rapport With Your Customers
These days, prospects and customers have more information thrown at them than ever before. From phone calls and snail mail to emails and social channels like LinkedIn and Twitter, each new way for a person to initiate contact makes it harder for companies to break through all the noise.

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Social Media Etiquette
The power of social media is indisputable; what you say on line creates a lasting impact.

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8 Social-Media Sins That Are Sure to Get You Unfriended and Unfollowed
According to a recent social-media engagement study, Americans now spend more time on social media than any other Internet activity, including email. Social media is not going anywhere and businesses, small and large, are now recognizing their online presence is an essential part of their marketing strategy. Eight out of 10 small to medium-sized businesses now use social media to drive growth for their business, and three out of five say they have gained new customers through social media marketing.

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How social media wins the #SuperBowl
Super Bowl ads have long become their own kind of spectacle, with viewers ready to be dazzled by what advertisers will air to millions of viewers during the big game. Now, that marketing focus has extended beyond the television set as brands ramp up viewer engagement with tweets and other social campaigns.

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How to create an aggregated RSS Feed for Twitter
I am looking for a way to get an RSS-Feed that serves the same content as the main view on Twitter. I am following about 20 people at the moment and I could of course get an RSS-Feed from each of them separately, but I do not want my RSS-Reader to be cluttered with 20 Feeds if I can aggregate them into a single feed.

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Have you considered RSS Mesh?

How to Stay on Top of an Ever-Changing Online Landscape
A new year has begun, and it is promising to bring further advances in technology and changes in the way we work online.As marketers, we already need to be aware of the many different marketing outlets available – whether on or offline – and know how to take advantage of them.

When it comes to the web, though, things are often in a much greater state of flux. So really, what are some of the best ways to keep up with a living, breathing beast like the internet?

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How to Properly Use Social Media to Fit Your Business Strategy
In our increasingly connected society, building a social media presence is as commonplace as getting a driver’s license. Personal Facebook profiles, LinkedIn accounts, and Twitter handles are common among students and professionals alike. However, frequently updating your Pinterest boards does not necessarily equip you with the tools and experience that you need when crafting a social media strategy for your budding business.

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XML Sitemaps Or RSS Feeds? Google Says Use Both For Optimal Crawling
For optimal crawling, we recommend using both XML sitemaps and RSS feeds. XML sitemaps will give Google information about all of the pages on your site. RSS feeds will provide all updates on your site, helping Google to keep your content fresher in its index. Note that submitting sitemaps or feeds does not guarantee the indexing of those URLs.

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Working with RSS Feeds: Maximizing Your Content Stream
Do not just rely on visitors who click on the RSS badge or your web site. You must proactively syndicate your content to other appropriate RSS directories and web sites.

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Earning From Blogging
In between folding laundry and cleaning up after her children, a mom receives $5,000 to blog about an iPhone application for seven days. Another woman earns twice as much as her husbands $35,000 annual salary by hosting several one-hour Twitter parties each week.  

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Palabre RSS Reader
When starting the app for the first time, you can either sign in with your Feedly account or simply click Start. If you don’t have a Feedly account, do not worry. Palabre will suggest a number of popular feeds for you to choose from.

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Facebook to send Amber Alerts to users news feeds
The national Amber Alert system for missing children -- already on highway billboards, mobile phones and the Internet -- is extending its reach to Facebook, the globes biggest social site.

The Menlo Park social media giant announced Tuesday that it is partnering with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to send geographically targeted Amber Alerts to the members of the U.S. Facebook community.

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Social Media Reduces Stress for Women, But Not Men
What is social media doing to us? Is it stressing us out with its never-ending pings announcing new baby pictures, engagements, and unimportant messages to respond to? Or is it keeping us connected to people, and therefore happier? These are tricky and loaded questions, but a new survey from Pew adds a bit of evidence to the social media reduces stress side of the ledger. At least if you are a lady.

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Working with RSS Feeds: Maximizing Your Content
From a marketing perspective, an RSS feed is a direct pipeline to your target audience. It’s also a way to boost your Google search profile—sites that update more frequently get better search rankings.

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How to Create RSS Feeds For Twitter?
Twitter has permanently disabled the Twitter RSS Feeds, but thanks to Amit Agarwal from Labnol, he has come up with an alternate way to create Twitter RSS Feed using a Google Script and Twitter widgets.

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RSS to Buffer
IFTTT Recipe for RSS to Buffer

8 Best Conferences and Events for Entrepreneurs in 2015
For all the entrepreneurs who are running or launching a startup business, now it is the time for you to think strategically about new business opportunities or joint ventures for next year. Scheduling some time to attend conferences and business events with inspirational figures or likeminded professionals is always a smart move.

With countless numbers of conferences and events out there, BusinessVibes helps you to shortlist these 10 best and most recommended conferences and events for entrepreneurs to attend in 2015:

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How to Setup an RSS Feed in MailChimp
Every blog has an RSS feed but with Mailchimp you take your average RSS feed up a notch. By using a newsletter service like Mailchimp you can take your standard feed and turn it into an email campaign. This might sound confusing but Mailchimp helps make this process easy and this post will walk you through the process step by step.

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Pinterest RSS Feed
This is how Iaccess my own infographics pinboard: complete article

It Takes a Village: How to Build a Community for Your Blog
When it comes to content marketing, your results do not only come from the content you create—your blog can also help you build a haven to nurture your current and future customers. In this post, we are going to look at the benefits of having a community for your blog, the challenges blog moderators face, and how to create an engaging space for your readers.

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How to Truncate RSS Feeds in WordPress
Always willing to help out a fellow blogger, I gladly pass along the information. But then gee golly one morning bells and whistles went off! Why don’t I create a tutorial showing others how to truncate their posts?

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Summary Writing Hints and Tips That Get Great Results
The summary is your hook to get readers to click on your article. Think of the summary as the hot fudge to your article titles ice cream. You can give a headline that states Ice Cream and it may be enough to turn a few heads, but not likely. Add a quick summary that describes the ice cream in more depth – such as the promise of a creamy, chocolate, mouthwatering, hot-fudge sundae – and you are far more likely to get the attraction you want and need.

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6 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your RSS Feed
Feed Tips for the Blogging Community:

Make it easy to subscribe to your feed. Have an RSS logo near the top of your blog (you’ve seen them – the little orange and white squares?

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Post to Twitter When Amazon Updates
Automatically post to Twitter when an Amazon RSS feed is updated.

IFTT Directions

RSS Readers for Linux
RSS readers for linux allow users to view information contained in rss feeds in a specific location in an intuitive way.

RSS Readers for Linux

Facebooks Year In Review Shows Software Short-Comings
Facebooks automated year in review slideshows are meant to surface highlights from the year that was, but for some the virtual scrapbook simply brings back bad memories. In the case of web designer Eric Meyer, a photo of his recently deceased daughter appeared, surrounded by confetti, illustrations of party goers dancing and the exclamation Eric, here's what your year looked like! In response, Eric wrote a blog post about what he refers to as that apps Inadvertent Algorithmic Cruelty, and pointing to the shortcomings of modern software design.

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How to Build a Better Podcast
Learning in Hand created an infographic that ties in the value structure presented by SUCCES in with how the model can contribute to the success of a podcast. And while video will always garner a strong viewership, choosing to go the audio route is just as successful. Apple announced this year that they surpassed 1 billion subscriptions for podcasts through their iTunes app with additional apps like Soundcloud and iHeartRadio cropping up as a means to listen to even more podcasts hosted to the sites and major networks and celebrities getting on the podcasting bandwagon as well.

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13 Podcasting Tips from The Experts
Podcasting is an excellent medium to share content, and is showing signs of resurgence with a number of thought leaders and professional now entering (or re-entering) the Podcast arena.

In a recent interview, Chris Brogan was asked this question — If you had to give up one of your platforms, which one would it be? His answer — I would give up my blog and would keep my podcast and newsletter.

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16 Tips for Creating Compelling Content
As Google starts clamping down on Guest Blogging as an SEO technique the message is louder and clearer than ever. If you want to increase your ranking on Google you need to EARN links by creating content that people will naturally want to share.

If you’re not sure how to start doing this take a look at the infographic below from WebSearch SEO which gives you 16 tips to help you along the way.

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10 Tools to Help Discover and Monitor Negative SEO
People define negative SEO in a variety of ways. Some consider it the malicious efforts of your competitors to either build unsavory links to your website or steal the best links from your website. Others would add website hacking, content theft, brand impersonation, and similar strategies to the list. I consider negative SEO anything that could harm your reputation, visibility, or traffic in search. With that in mind, here are some tools and services you can use to monitor negative SEO activity and the harm it does to your website and brand.

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To Be Blunt, a Lot of Your Social-Media Marketing is Getting You Nowhere
Recently, Copyblogger made a shocking announcement: they were killing their Facebook page, even though they had 38,000 fans. Interestingly, this follows their decision earlier this year to close comments on their blog as well.

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Unlocking The Mystery Of Social Media ROI
We are addressing the subject on most peoples minds when it comes social media marketing – what is the ROI of social media? It’s a completely valid question and one that no one should shy away from! Companies part with hundreds of thousands of pounds on billboard advertising over a motorway and have virtually no idea of the ROI, even if the billboard company says 60,000 drivers pass under it every day.

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5 Top Social Media Campaigns of 2014
When was the last time a social media campaign made you really feel something, whether it was happiness, hope or fear?

Below are five of the most successful social media campaigns of 2014, each of which was able to tap into genuine emotion to make a lasting impact on consumers.

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How to Create an RSS Feed for Your Etsy Shop to Boost Sales Across Social Media
Looking to give your Etsy Shop a boost? Want a fast and easy way to showcase your products to your Twitter and Facebook audience? Promoting your Etsy items across social media is simple.

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Why You Should Automate Menial Social Media Activity by Using IFTTT
The marketing world is on an absolute tear automating menial, mundane, yet necessary tasks.

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8 Tools Every Marketer Needs in 2015
In the nature of making your 2015 as successful as possible, I want to share a few of my favorite marketing tools that I use on a daily basis. They make my make life easier, decisions more data driven, and my content more creative. We all have our own marketing toolbox, here is a look into mine. Here are my top 8 tools that are going to make your life as a marketer easier in 2015.

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A World of Podcasts
Podcasting is slowly becoming a huge market branching off from the likes of blogging and social media. Effectively, it is the same as blogging except instead of reading some words and looking at some pretty pictures, you actually hear the tone of voice behind the ideas and innovations. With a podcast you can infact truly determine the depth of the conversation and analyse the angles of communication through an individuals mind set. Reading is a huge global culture. It occurs every day from the sight of morning headline news to the vast pages in a legal document and the lunch menu at a team end-of-month munch-fest. You cannot escape it, even as you stare at the pixels on your laptop screen, text is everywhere.

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Benefits of RSS on a Website
From a viewers perspective, an RSS nourish is a fantastic way to keep up with present details from a particular person, company, or company - and deciding upon up is all that is needed. Details are provided by RSS up-dates, which are available in many ways and on many gadgets, offering quickly obtainable details otherwise skipped through RSS up-dates.

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Google RSS death creates $1.3M business
Because Feedly sold life-time memberships for a short period last year to the first 5,000 customers, the number of Pro users on a monthly or annual subscription is probably close to 30,000. At $45 each, that is revenue of $1.35 million each year.

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7 Social Media Security Tips To Protect Your Business
Many small businesses recognize the benefits of having a social media presence for customer service and long-term marketing purposes. However, many are slow to recognize social medias security issues and how employees own social presence can add to the companys security issues.

Some companies restrict internal access. Others may prevent employees from having any corporate association outside of work on their own social platforms. This is due to the fact that whatever an employee says outside of work publicly can have a significant impact on the organization.

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3 Ways to Get Business Recognition on Social Media
In our increasingly competitive world -- one in which we clamor for the right kind of attention for our companies -- the pursuit of likes can become an obsession.

While experts work to define the return on investment, or ROI, of social-media attention and quantify the financial value of social media-fans and followers, entrepreneurs have an innate sense that there is power in gathering a following of likes for our brands.

If being liked is an important goal, and if we measure our likeability by what our social-media fans are saying, how can we effectively gather that evidence of our likeability?

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25 Ways to Grow Your Social Media Presence
Having a good, or great, social media presence can help your business grow like wildflowers. But, this will only happen after you develop a large following and learn how to give them what they really want. Here are some great ways any business owner or marketer can increase their social media presence and help their business grow.

1. Identify Goals and Objectives
The first step in growing your social media presence is to identify your goals and objectives. This means make sure you know what you are going after – before you start posting. Ensure you know how each platform works, what audiences you can reach where, and what your objectives are and you will be off to a great start.

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Do CEOs Use Social Media?
Some pretty high-profile CEOs have jumped on the social media train, but most are only occasional users of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or other tools. The pace of adoption is picking up, however, and those CEOs that do have social media accounts are using them more.

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How to Use RSS Feeds
RSS may be antiquated to some because of the early days of online when RSS readers aggregated content from multiple sources and compiled them into one stream of news and headlines under an RSS reader. It made life easier for people because they did not have to go to dozens of slow Web sites to get their content. Instead, it all flowed to them.

As Web and social media sites became more sophisticated and access speeds became faster, the RSS readers faded away. But the ability of sites to distribute their content to other sites and also collect content from other sites is still viable even today.

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RSSFeedList is an RSS news aggregator

Repurpose eBook Content
One of the biggest advantages of repurposing your e-book content is getting a second chance to engage with your buyer personas. There are many common ways to repurpose all of the resources and time you put into your e-book such as blogging, sending promotional emails, and posting announcements on social media. With that, there are still numerous sharing channels that your business can take advantage of, you just may not know it yet.

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How To Turn An RSS Feed Into A Newsletter PDF
Did you know that you can rapidly and easily turn any RSS feed into a super cool newspaper style newsletter PDF?

complete article

How to Sync RSS feeds to a Kindle
The Kindle Paperwhite is my go-to device for reading as I simply love the display. In contrast to my tablet or phone, I can use the device outdoors in direct sun-light without any issues which is a huge plus.

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Apple Acquires Podcasting App Swell
Apple has officially acquired Pandora-for-talk-radio app Swell. The purchase price for the two-year-old startup was around $30 million. As part of the acquisition, Swell is to shutter its iOS app this week.

complete article

Podcasts and Copyrights
Podcasting has a very low barrier to entry; all you need is audio recording software and a means of creating an RSS feed, be it through software or manual work. As a result, just about anyone can podcast, and the quality of podcasts is therefore highly variable; there are professional podcasts that rival professional broadcasts in quality, and there are amateur podcasts that can not even be heard clearly. For this reason, copyright infringement leeches, often unwittingly, into a number of podcasts. To produce a successful podcast, it is important to understand and respect Western copyright laws. To help ensure that these things are done, we have compiled some information about podcasts, music, and copyright law.

Podcasts and Copyrights

Social Media Feeds into Munchausen by Proxy
Experts say the case of a mother accused of poisoning her 5-year-old son to death with salt appears be an example of how social media feeds into Munchausen by proxy, a disorder in which caretakers purposely harm children and then bask in the attention and sympathy.

complete article

Ecommerce Coming to Social Media
For Twitter and Facebook, the two principal combatants in the world of social media, e-commerce is emerging as the newest battleground.

Twitter announced in a blog post on Thursday that it had agreed to acquire CardSpring, a mobile payments infrastructure company that allows merchants to offer deals to consumers that can be loaded onto to their credit cards. When the card is used to pay at the store, the coupon is automatically applied.

complete article

Social Media Risks
Within corporates, social media is no longer simply the domain of the marketing department. And directors on big boards are putting their management teams through the hoops, demanding to know their strategic response to the phenomenon that has changed the world.

complete article

RSS Podcasting Explained
Many people don’t know the difference between broadcasting or streaming and podcasting. The difference is that broadcasting appears at the set location and at the set moment. So the broadcaster has all the control. If you want to listen to it, you have to be in front of your computer at the exact time.

complete article

5+ Demos for jQuery Mobile RSS Readers
Over the past couple of years, mobile phones have become an important content consumption device. Also RSS Readers are important no matter. In this article, we’re sharing some Demos for jQuery Mobile RSS Readers. These jQuery Mobile RSS Reader Demos fetches the feeds in real time.

complete article

SiriusXM Just Made Podcasts and Other Music Services More Relevant
With the firing of Anthony Cumia from the Opie and Anthony Show, SiriusXM has started down a very dangerous path that could ultimately help other audio entertainment mediums gain traction from ex-SiriusXM subscribers.

In the early days of satellite, the concept was novel and engaging.

In the early days of satellite, the concept was novel and engaging.
complete article

Talking Social Strategy and Branding on iTunes
Podcasting is big business and currently there are 1 billion subscribers on iTunes listening to podcasts on the go.

Podcasting gives you another platform to share your social voice, ideas and thoughts, blog posts, ecourses and so much more.

complete article

After the Death of Google Reader
A Year After Google Readers Death, How Do You Get Your News?

Wednesday marks the first anniversary of the death of Google Reader. While it is missed, we have moved on — plenty of alternatives have sprung up in its wake.

But we want to know how you get your news in the post-Google Reader world. Did you migrate to alternative services like Feedly, Feedbin or FeedWrangler? Are you using Twitter and Facebook as primary sources of news? Or do you still watch that old-fashioned device in your living room called a TV? Let us know, below.

complete article

RSS Tools
Learn how to use the power of RSS as part of your marketing. RSS is becoming increasing popular. The reason is fairly simple. RSS is a free and easy way to promote a site and its content without the need to advertise or create complicated content sharing partnerships.

RSS Tools

Proven High Quality RSS Feed Aggregators
RSS feed aggregators require precision, user-friendliness, and overall quality to win the hearts of those who live by them.

These RSS feed aggregators can be difficult to come by, but there are a few out there that have withstood the test of time.

With the departure of Google Reader, it has become important to see who has survived and who was flushed away with this move as collateral damage.

complete article

How to Add an RSS Feed in Outlook
How to Add an RSS Feed in Outlook

complete article

Pinterest RSS Feed Widget
Collection of WordPress Plugins for Pinterest - complete article

Top RSS Feeds for Medical News
There is no harm in arming yourself with information when you need to talk to a doctor. A better informed patient (or a patient’s guardian) makes for a wiser decision maker. We are living on the cutting edge of great medical leaps. Medical news and alerts help us to keep pace with these leaps. Let’s look at some top websites for RSS medical news feeds and stay alert with the help of their feeds.

complete article

Turn Gmail Into an RSS Reader With IFTTT
IFTTT is one of our favorite Web services, allowing users to plug different online apps and sites together with no coding required. Through a simple step-by-step interface you can create customized recipes —each one involves a trigger if this and a resulting action then that. You can use it to get SMS weather alerts, duplicate status updates, back up your photos, control your home lighting and a whole lot more.

complete article

How to Find Highly Effective Keywords
Have you ever used a technique for years, only to find out that it blows people away? For SEO purposes I use a very quick and simple system to find the right keywords, that factors in how popular a keyword is with the level of competition. It only takes a few minutes and helps you tap into the gold that lies buried  in the rubble that Google give you.

complete article

RSS Feeds to Burn
Post Alerts are perhaps the most valuable reason to have an RSS Feeds. If your blog has a mailing list that gets alerted every time you post, you can thank RSS Feeds for pushing it their way.

complete article

Feedly RSS Reader Taken Down By Attackers
Internet consumers used to getting their news from the popular RSS reader Feedly were left in the dark Wednesday morning after the service was taken down in what was described as a denial of service attack that included an attempt to extort money from the company, according to the website Verge.

complete article

Evernote and Servers were Hit by DDoS Attacks as Criminals Tried to Extort Money
Earlier this week, popular notetaking app Evernote, and RSS feed service were taken down by multi-hour DDoS attacks.
Evernote managed to stay active with major lag and issues while Feedly was rendered unavailable.

complete article

Roost Takes on Twitter with RSS
A new Y Combinator-backed startup called Roost wants to succeed where RSS readers perhaps failed with the introduction of a new service that lets consumers subscribe to websites using browser-based push notifications. However, unlike a browser plug-in system such as PageMonitor, for example, Roost is based on an upcoming standard for web push, which is built into Safari and is coming soon to Google Chrome and Firefox.

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Link RSS feeds to email with Blogtrottr
RSS feeds are fine if you can find a good feed reader and the time to grind through the results, but lets face it - email is the center of most peoples universes. So why not converge RSS and email?

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Google Looks to Shed 'Geek' Glass with Designer Chic
Google Glass Makeover - The company noted that the new Google Glass designs build on the Titanium Collection released this past January.
The designer collection will include five new frames and eight new shades.

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Save time and easily feed content from any blog to Twitter to help amplify the things you care about.

What To Say When You Do Not Like Social Media

I do not use social media. Some of my friends keep asking me to join social media and interact with them that way. I tell them I consider social media to be a waste of time and that I have more important things to do. Yet they continue bugging me to join social media. What can I tell them to convince them it is better for me not to be on social media?

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Buffer Introduces RSS Feeds And Handpicked Content Suggestions For Its Paid Plans
Buffer is about sharing content, and now also a little about content curation. The social scheduling and sharing application announced two new features that could save you the trouble of searching for content to share.

Buffer feeds has just been introduced for users on the Awesome and Business plans. Users on the free Individual plan can try out Feeds by signing up for a trial of Buffer for Business. Users on both these paid plans can connect their preferred feeds from websites to their social accounts on Buffer and create a continuous stream of content ready to be share

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Can RSS Feeds Help SEO
Any owner of a website that is marketing or promoting a product or a service is concerned about the amount of traffic it generates. Not only is the concern about traffic, but the quality of the traffic is really the key. If your website does not rank well in the search engines, it can limit the amount of sales that you make, so anything to improve the ranking is welcome.

One way to achieve a higher visibility is to improve the quality and the amount of relevant content whenever possible. One way to do this is to use RSS feeds.

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3 Best RSS Readers for Android
If you are using an Android phone or tablet, then there are numerous RSS reader apps available on Google play store that you can use to follow your favorite sites and blogs, all in one place.
Here are some of the best free RSS reader apps to get you started.

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YouTube Kills Off RSS Feeds
it looks like Googles anti-RSS policy is trickling down to YouTube subscriptions. The newly-implemented YouTube Data API v3 now throws out a 403 Forbidden error on trying to add the publicly accessible feed of new subscriptions from any YouTube account.

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Guide to Social Marketing
Downloadable guide to social marketing.

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Pull RSS Feeds Into Buffer’s Social Media
Buffer, the social media scheduling and analytics tool, is introducing a useful new feature today the ability to pull RSS feeds into its dashboard.

It will allow users of Buffers paid product to have an automatically populated queue of content to share on their connected social media accounts. It other words, it could be a godsend for people juggling multiple social channels.

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Content Marketing: The 4 Most Critical Components to Measure & Analyze
Content marketing has gained much traction over the last 18 months and for good reasons. It is becoming an important part of any organizations marketing mix and can have an immediate impact on how companies are perceived, as well as their success online.

Content marketing also has an immediate impact on search.

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Ping.It Brings Context to RSS Feeds
In May last year, we brought you news on, a Web-based RSS reader that lets you create tailored feeds by keywords and popularity. At its most basic

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Create Clicks to Tweets
How to Create Click to Tweets for Easy Sharing of Your Podcast

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Torrent Enable RSS Feeds
RSS feeds are a great tool for keeping up to date with the latest information across the web, whether that be plain news updates or other fresh content. Now a new website allows users to transform any RSS feed into a torrent-enabled RSS feed which can be imported into a torrent client for automated downloads of a limitless array of content.

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Windows 8 News App
Thanks to a recent update to the Bing News app, Windows 8 now includes a native RSS client. And while the News app is not currently a perfect replacement for Google Reader, which is being retired this summer, it is suddenly a viable option, one that syncs your feeds across multiple PCs.

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Google Plus RSS Feeds
It is fortunately dead easy to create an RSS feed for a Google Plus profile. All you need is the users Google profile ID and the url that you have to add it to to create the feed.

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Two Easy Tips To Manage Your Unread RSS Feeds Better
You may have RSS feeds accumulating dust over time, but that unfortunately does not mean the number of unread items will kindly reduce for you.

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How to: Convert FaceBook posts into an RSS feed
Take any Facebook Fan Page and pull their content into an RSS reader.

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Social Media and the Law
Now that folks are posting and tweeting and retweeting - complaints and grievances around the clock, is every negative experience a possible class action? If someone has a bad experience with a bank or someone gets food poisoning at a restaurant or someone has a problem with a prescribed medicine, he can immediately find others with similar outrages. Are social media making it easier for plaintiffs to band together?

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Teens, Social Media and the School System: Misunderstood or Toxic Relationship?
The education system has its flaws. You do not have to be a researcher to know that. Am I biased? Of course I am, but so is everyone else who has ever been to school.

The education we have in this country is incredible compared to some countries that do not. I am not disregarding them; I have the perspective of a student who has had the luxury of going to school my entire life and a pretty good one at that. Schools all over the world have flaws. Some are small but some are quite substantial.

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Social Media Audit
One way to jump-start a content strategy that not only engages but motivates your audience is to conduct a social media audit. An audit also can be useful as you analyze your competitors social media efforts and get a handle on any unauthorized activity taking place on rogue accounts bearing your name and or likeness.

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Increase Sales on Ebay with RSS Feeds
As eBay sellers continue to try to crack the code of Cassini, one suggestion coming from the eBay team is to refresh RSS feeds. If you are not familiar, an RSS feed is a technology where a web feed is used to distribute information, or to distribute content to a large number of people at one time. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. eBay sends an RSS feed to Google. Sellers do not have to do anything to make this happen - eBay automatically sends information about each listing to Google using RSS feeds.

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Add RSS To Increase Touch Points
Would you like to reach your site visitors again and again after they visit your blog?

One way that businesses and organizations can increase readership of their blog posts and the touch points they have with visitor after the visit is by encouraging those visitors to subscribe to get new post alerts via email.

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Podcast RSS Feed Survey Results
Checkout the Podcast RSS Feed Survey Results

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5 ways News Brands can take advantage of Linkedin
LinkedIn may have started out as a simple way to build professional connections and share contact details, but more users are looking to share articles that interest them, the Digital Media Europe conference heard today.

Isabelle Roughol, France editor for LinkedIn, told delegates that, compared to five years ago, there are five times as many people coming to the site for content than for jobs searches.

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Backup RSS Feed to Google Spreadsheet
Backup your RSS feed to a Google spreadsheet using an IFTTT recipe

Use RSS Feeds to Boost Your Web Traffic
We all know that the content writers are bringing their juice into social media nowadays, as people see Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms as ridiculously fresh, upbeat, and contemporary. Both are competing to be the best in content delivery, making these social networking sites an area for socialization and easier product exchange, a social slash business hub perfect for the growing online market.

Amongst the hustle brought about by too many content delivered in these sites, it is likely that the simple RSS is already forgotten, disabled and dead. But this is a wrong notion. As the RSS feeds are still coming on stronger than ever, and is still treated as one of the supreme in hot‐wiring the many thoughts of the general population brought together.

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5 Reasons Your Social Media is Not Working
Common sense pretty much tells us most of what we need to know to get our fans and followers engaged with our social media content.

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7 Best Feeds For RSS Weather Updates
These days, there are a lot of really useful ways that you can use RSS feeds. They are the fastest and most efficient way to receive alerts and updates from anywhere. You can serve those updates up on the sidebar of your website or blog, in your RSS reader or on your mobile phone.

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Optimize Your Social Presence With These App-on-App Strategies
But you might be wondering: Do we really need all of these burgeoning apps? With hundreds of options to choose from, it can sometimes feel like social media overkill.

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How to Use RSS Feeds to Download Torrents
There is a lot of content available on BitTorrent these days. Normally you would go to a torrent site, look for the torrent you want to download, download the torrent file and then add it to your torrent client for download.

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20 Experts on Finding Engaging Content
In order to engage your followers, we all know you need to share interesting content with them regularly. Of course, there are plenty of tools that help you schedule and share content, such as Buffer, Hootsuite, and SproutSocial. But what about finding content your audience will love?

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Tips for Setting Up a Web Store
Setting up a retail outlet on the web is not an easy process. There is plenty you need to be aware of when it comes to launching an online store, from the initial site design, to the often-overlooked extras that will have customers knocking down your virtual door.

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Full Text RSS Feeds
In the business world, you cannot fight and ignore the data away, as the interaction of data and how you analyze it is the primary driver for your business in gaining competitive business strategies.

Most successful companies have built their businesses around the use of data, and even if you have the techniques and the manpower skill set that will analyze your data trends, it does you no good as it eats up your production time.

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Facing RSS Feed Clutter
Many RSS users complain of information overload with too many RSS feeds cluttering their inbox. Fortunately, a number of RSS organization tools can tame even the wildest of feed collections.

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8 Creative Ways To Use RSS Feeds
If you have a blog created with WordPress, TypePad, or Blogger, you can use Blog2Print to create a book directly from your blogs RSS feed. The book can include photos, comments, and be printed in black and white or color.

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Clean Up RSS Feeds
Nothing motivates me to clean up like having to move. When I move house, which I do more often than I like, I see it as a time to purge junk and scrub the new place from corner to corner before moving in any of my stuff. And that is how I feel about RSS feed readers right now.

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RSS to Create a Photo Tweet
IFTT Recipe  for an RSS Feed to create a tweet with photo.

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Social Media You are Doing it Wrong
The mistakes that make crazy are avoidable. Sometimes, people do not realize it is wrong. Other times, people do not think it is a quick fix.

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Social Media Making You Stupid
Social media, we all know, can make you unproductive. If you’re indiscreet or offensive, it can complicate your relationships. But can it also make you downright dumb?

That is what a new study published in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface suggests. How can spending more time on Facebook or Twitter end up making us stupider?

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Facebook Testing Highlights
According to TechCrunch, three tabs reside within the People section, including Highlights, which displays your friends birthdays and important life events.

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Increase Your Web Traffic with RSS
There are all kinds of ways to get more traffic to your blog or website, but one that often gets overlook is the use of real simple syndication feeds.

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Zapier sets you free by making it easy to connect apps like Email and RSS so your data can be where you want it, when you want it.

Submit Your RSS Feeds
Huge list of sites to Submit your RSS Feeds

Unread RSS Reader
Unread is a RSS reader that understands that, keeps things simple, and provides you with a ton of gestures so you can get around the app quickly.

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Crowd Sourcing and Social Media
It seems that our society is growing ever more dependent on social media; more and more people are joining social networking giants such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and more such websites and applications are springing up to meet the rising demand for them. As society and culture continue this turn towards technology, so do the operations of society, especially through crowdsourcing. A powerful tool, crowdsourcing does much good, but has also caused a number of problems. In such a situation, one must ask: do the benefits of crowdsourcing really outweigh the risks

Crowd Sourcing and Social Media

SquareSpace Adds Stats for RSS Feeds
We provide further context about your audience with a breakdown of where your subscribers are coming from. People who manually add your feed to an RSS reader will be classified as Individuals, people who use popular feed clients such as Feedly or Google Feedfetcher will be labeled as such.

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Twitter Buys Patents From IBM
IBMs the biggest patent holder of all time, and when it comes to defending them, it tries to work things out amicably. That is exactly what is happened with Twitter, after the social giant today announced it has bought 900 patents from Big Blue and entered into a cross-licensing agreement to limit the threat of future lawsuits.

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Partial or Full RSS Feeds?
It seems the opinions are mixed on partial versus full RSS feeds. Full feeds give the recipients complete access to what a blogger has published, with the convenience of never having to visit the actual blog. This can be a problem for the blogger, especially if they were hoping to gain more page views from their RSS feed.

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Zapier Integrates RSS an Tumbler
How Can I Connect RSS with Tumblr?

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Facebook Paper Launch
Facebook on Thursday officially unveiled Paper, a new app created by Facebook Creative Labs, though it did so without any sort of big press event around the new application, which includes tons of content, including your news feed, news articles, photos and more. In other words, it s much more robust than a simple RSS feed replacement to compete with FlipBoard, as earlier rumors suggested it might be.

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How the Feed Changed the World
The feed now dominates online content consumption, from the news we read on our mobile devices to the social networks we check constantly throughout the day, as well as the ads that integrate onto those platforms.

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10 RSS Readers for Macs
Most people use the internet for obtaining information and keeping up-to-date with things. Internet information is delivered in different forms such as forum discussion, blogs and news. A great way of getting the latest information from your favorite websites or channels is through the use of RSS feed readers. With it, you can get automatic updates from channels and websites that are important to you. Below are a few of the best the best RSS feed readers for Mac.

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5 Free RSS Readers
In this list, we will be talking about 5 free RSS Reader apps for Windows 8. RSS feeds have quickly become the growing trend, by keeping you updated about the latest posts on various websites. Fetch the RSS feeds of a news website in an RSS Reader app.

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How to Track RSS Feeds
For starters, it is important to understand that you do not need a service for RSS. Your RSS feed already exists without a third party service. The only thing a third party service would do for you is try to help keep track of subscribers. But even without that service, people can still subscribe to your feed.

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6 Months After Google Reader Shut Down
6 months ago this day Google Reader shut down and the voices of millions of blog posts were suddenly silenced. Although there was a huge outcry before Google reader disappeared, on the actual day it went away it seemed to pass many users by without a word.

Part of the reason was that by this time a few groups had come out with alternative apps for the service so it was easy to miss but also many tweets and blog posts had been written venting their frustration. But 6 months on and the picture has changed a lot. The internet (at least for nerds) looks very different than it did before.

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Everything You Need to Know About YouTube RSS Feeds
YouTube is also a site filled with video content which can be extracted via RSS. You might be keen to share YouTube RSS feeds of your own content or you might want to get RSS feeds of things that interest you. Whatever your reasoning, you’re going to need to know a little bit about YouTube RSS feeds in order to get started.

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Educational Uses for RSS Feeds
RSS feeds provide a convenient method for teachers and administrators to send important information to parents and students.

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14 Other Ways to Use RSS Feeds
Undeniably RSS is one of the best things that has happened to the web after email. Not only has it made browsing a lot more productive, convenient, fun … you name it, but it has also introduced a number of new ways to interact with content that we could never have imagined before.

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Web Design Trends for 2014
Above all, web designers have got to realize what it takes to stay competitive. They need to mix disciplines and understand that there’s a lot more to HTML conversion than they ever thought.

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Collection of Library RSS Feed
Follow the new books available at the Library using RSS Feed.

Large Collection of Christmas RSS Feeds
Follow Christmas via RSS Feeds!

Over Sharing!
In an effort to ensure UK courts can conduct fair trials, the UK Attorney Generals Office will soon start advising Facebook and Twitter users about the dangers of commenting on legal cases. In a world of super-injunctions and tweeted court cases, users have often shared sensitive legal information, believing they are entitled to free speech online. However, Facebook and Twitter posts are subject to the same laws that apply to newspapers and TV media, meaning a status update or a tweet about a case or defendant could go viral, potentially influencing a jury or revealing the names of victims.

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Bringing People to Your Blog
The first step is to understand that you have very little control over the way in which people discover and come across your content. But once they do — and assuming they are interested in coming back — your responsibility is to give them a multiple-choice selection of avenues by which to do so.

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With more wearable devices entering the market, the way we read online content could change significantly. Instead of taking out a smartphone, readers of the near-future will more often read from devices like Google Glass or the Galaxy Gear.

A new service makes it easier for content from RSS feeds and websites to transition to wearable technology. Wearably helps publishers display their content on wearable devices such as smartwatches or Google Glass.

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100 Podcasting Tips from
Unique, profound, and unconsidered tips from other podcasters to help you make your podcasts so much better!

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How to Display RSS Feeds on a Website
FeedForAll has made available a free PHP program called rss2html.php, which can be used by webmasters to automatically display RSS feeds on their website. The resulting webpage will always show the RSS feed's most current data. The advantage of using the rss2html.php script is that the resulting webpages contents will always be up to date, and can be easily spidered by search engines.

How to Display RSS Feeds on a Website

Follow the USDA RSS Feeds.

How to Subscribe to RSS Feeds on YouTube
You can subscribe to video authors and channels on YouTube to be informed whenever new videos are uploaded to them. This is a very handy feature, as you do not have to check this out manually instead.

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Cyber Monday RSS Software
Cyber Monday RSS Feed Software Solutions

Blogging and Podcasting
Blogging and Podcasting are two effective ways to pull in more traffic and drive more money to any business model. Apart from the visual ways, tangential ways to make money proves more striking to the producers.

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Black Friday Deals Via RSS Feed
Checkout these Black Friday Deals via RSS Feed

SlickDeals (scroll to bottom for RSS Feeds)
FatWallet via RSS Feed
Amazon Black Friday RSS Feed

Create an RSS feed using the Twitter API
It used to be easy to create an RSS feed to follow a Twitter hashtag, user or keyword. One way to do this was to create a Twitter RSS feed using Twitter search engine Topsy.

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How to Use RSS Readers To Save You Time
Online media offers an amazing resource to anyone with an internet connection — countless articles, interviews, and reports, all waiting for you to click through and read.

But when you have so many options, sometimes you just can not remember all of the websites worth checking out.

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How Do You Manually Add RSS Feeds to Google Play
By copying the entire RSS feed URL and pasting it into the search box in Newsstand, you can find a box you can add under Feeds. This method seems to work, although for a couple of sample feeds I got an endless loading loop. Others might not show up at all if the app does not properly detect them.

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How to Get the RSS Feed of Any Facebook Page
How to Get the RSS Feed of Any Facebook Page

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RSS Feed Humor

Niche RSS Feeds
Just as the second generation of search engines and directories evolved into niche topic specific portals we are seeing the same occur in the area of RSS feed directories and search engines. While some directories are admittedly more niche than others the trend is obvious.

Niche RSS Feeds

Production and Use of Sound Effects
Sound effects are artificially created or enhanced sounds that are used in artistic works to emphasize or express an action, mood, or feeling. Sound effects were initially used in radio dramas, but can be observed more often today in podcasts, theater, films, and television shows. They are often synchronized with certain actions, such as a door's slamming being accompanied by the appropriate noise. Sound effects may also be used in the background of a scene to create anticipation or other emotions.

Production and Use of Sound Effects

RSS Feed to Facebook with IFTTT
Get the recipe for RSS Feed to Facebook with IFTTT.

How to Build Social Media Relationships with Leaders
Do you use Influence Marketing to network with your industry persuaders? Do you even know how?

Whether you are a big brand or a small business, Influence Marketing is a flourishing method to build your online social standing, increase your SEO, and drive traffic to your blog.

In part one of this three part series on Influence Marketing, I showed you how to find your social Influencers.

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Turn an RSS Feed into a Google Glass App
As media companies race to adapt to their readers increased reliance on smartphones and tablets, creating content for the next frontier of devices--bodily extensions like Google Glass and smartwatches--probably falls into the “to do later” category for many publishers.

Washington, D.C., startup Silica Labs is trying to change that with, a platform that turns content from existing RSS feeds into apps formatted for wearable devices. Launched earlier this year as Simple Wing with a Google Glass app for National Geographic, the recently rebranded service has now cornered the D.C. media market with new relationships with NPR and Atlantic Media.

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Google+ to RSS Feed
Online tool to create Google+ to an RSS feed.

Effective Social Media Strategies
For individuals who are using social media to market their organization, business, cause, etc., pervading every corner of the Internet with generic social media profiles is not the most effective strategy. Determine which social media platforms are appropriate for your audience or constituents. Create content that is compelling, and present information in creative ways.

Here are a few examples of how companies and people are using social media in effective and engaging ways:

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Free RSS Feed Icons
Collection of Free RSS Feed Icons Available.

Social Media Tips for Educators
Communicating is a HUGE challenge for education leaders: listening, sharing, and building support are an ongoing challenge at school and in the community. While it may initially feel like a big investment of time, social media can open doors, leverage time, and build support.

The Getting Smart team lives in social media.  We use it to learn, to advocate, and to share innovations in learning. Here are 25 tips on how to quickly ramp up your social media presence and extend your #Edsocial impact:

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RSS Tools to Make Reading Feeds Easier
Here are some tools that help reading and consuming RSS Feeds a bit easier.

Complete Article

Feedly Offering Lifetime Accounts
Feedly users hoping the RSS reader would reintroduce lifetime subscriptions, well, your wish was granted a few days ago with the services 17.4 update.

Previously, subscriptions for Feedly Pro were available monthly or yearly, for $5 and $45 respectively. As of late last week, a third option is now available for a never-ending subscription, if you are willing to part with the sum of $299.

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How to Create an Instagram RSS Feed
Have you ever wanted to share your Instagram photos or videos with your social audience or display them on your blog or website? One of the biggest challenges with Instagram is determining how to maximize your content outside the Instagram app.

An RSS feed of your Instagram content will provide flexibility to extend the reach of your images and video taken inside the app.

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Feedly Updated
Feedly now offers users a 30 percent faster refresh rate on all feeds and a new Pro feature which has been added, allows feeds from smaller sites with fewer followers to be updated about 4x faster. Allowing the Feedly system to load faster and refresh faster than ever before say its developers.

Another new feature in the Feedly service is the Custom Sharing options that are now available to Pro users of the service and provide a preference option to enable a custom send to URL option. Allowing users to send articles to the clipper or service of their choice.

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RSS to Email Promotion
The RSS to Email feature sends subscribers a regular digest of your most recent posts using a template and schedule you decide.

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Great Collection of Medical RSS Feeds
Huge collection of Medical RSS Feeds from Medical News Today.

Follow Major League Baseball via RSS
Collection of RSS Feeds for Major League Baseball.

RSS Feeds for Your Favorite Comics
Checkout these RSS feeds of popular comics.

Learn How to Display an RSS Feed in PowerPoint
Learn the steps to include an RSS feed in a PowerPoint presentation.

Mass Pinger
Ping unlimited RSS Feed URLS using Mass Pinger.

26 Great Ideas for Blog Posts!
26 Great Ideas for Blog Posts!
Blogs have increased in popularity because they provide a steady stream of new and unique content. The only issue presented by this quality of blogs is that it may become difficult for those who run blogs to think of interesting and novel posts. If you have jumped on the blogging bandwagon but suffer writer's block, do not panic: we have created a list of 26 ideas for blog posts.

Great Ideas for Blog Post Topics

Production and Use of Sound Effects
Sound effects are artificially created or enhanced sounds that are used in artistic works to emphasize or express an action, mood, or feeling. Sound effects were initially used in radio dramas, but can be observed more often today in podcasts, theater, films, and television shows. They are often synchronized with certain actions, such as a door's slamming being accompanied by the appropriate noise. Sound effects may also be used in the background of a scene to create anticipation or other emotions.

Unsurprisingly, the most realistic sound effects tend to be recordings of actual sounds. To create these sound effects, the actual sounds that are recorded may also be edited or enhanced; sometimes, the pitch, intensity, or another aspect of the sound may be altered using software.

Production and Use of Sound Effects

List of RSS Readers for the Mac
Here is a list of RSS Readers available on the market for the Mac.

complete article

Places to Submit RSS Feeds and Blog Posts
Tips for places to submit RSS feeds and blog posts.

How to Enable RSS Feeds on WordPress
Tips on how to enable RSS feeds on WordPress.

Feedolu is an RSS feed reader that makes it easy to read, organize and share content.

RSS Feed to Evernote Recipe
How to use If This Then That for sending RSS feeds to Evernote.

RSS Resources for Tax Professionals
A couple of RSS Resources for Tax Professionals.

StreamSend now offers the ability to put an RSS-based news, information or message on any email template.

Content Syndication Strategies
For some brands, it is not always clear what they want to accomplish from syndication. Is the goal to drive traffic to the main website in a fashion similar to SEO or paid search? Is the goal to build awareness of your products? Or is the goal something else entirely?

complete article

Use Ping.It to Gather RSS Feeds with Keyword Filtering
Ping.its newsgathering and monitoring ability just got more powerful – as you can now set up feeds based on keywords and only surface stories that have gained traction on social media

complete article

Digg Launches Android App with RSS
Digg, trying hard to reclaim its once-prominent position as a go-to site for interesting links on the Net, has released an Android app that combines discovery with RSS reading.

complete article

How to Make Your Own RSS Feeds
For news, sports, entertainment, online publications and blogs, the benefits of implementing an RSS feed is obvious: Deliver information to your visitors even when they are not actively surfing your site, and they will be sure to come back when an item piques their interest. For other types of businesses, an RSS feed can keep you top-of-mind with your past customers.

complete article

Google+ RSS Feeds
RSS feeds are not officially supported by Google Plus yet, that's bad if you want to follow a specific user on the new social networking site. Sure, you could add the user to a circle to read all  messages on the Google Plus website, or visit the stream of that user directly to access the new messages.

Both options are not really that comfortable, especially if you do not hang out 24/7 on Google Plus. The alternative? You could try a service that turns a stream into an RSS feed

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RSS Feed Advertising
More companies see the spread of RSS as a great way to get their information to users, and profit from advertising placed within those feeds too. Last October, JupiterResearch noted less than 10 percent of RSS feeds had advertising in them, and no major advertisers were using feeds as part of their marketing strategies.

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Fun Bridal Guide RSS Feeds
Know any brides? Checkout the Bridal Guides RSS Feeds.

Paid RSS Tools Market
It has been a month since Google Reader shut down, breaking users hearts and bringing an end to a nearly eight-year run of RSS dominance. As soon as word came of Readers impending doom, third parties like Digg, Feedly, and others sprung into action, eager to replace the old guard. At the time, they looked like a rescue team, gallantly swooping in to save us from regular old web browsing. But after a month, the squad of reader replacements has turned into a set of regular products trying to keep up with user demands. So how well have these replacements done in Google Reader’s absence?

It turns out it is hard to make an RSS reader. Feedly switched over to its own servers with just a few weeks to spare and Digg launched mere days before Readers lights-out. Newsblur had been running since 2009, but faced a flood of traffic after Google announced the reader shutdown, and founder Samuel Clay describes pulling 14-hour days for months just to keep the site loading in under 100 milliseconds.

complete article

Facebook News Feeds
The usefulness of Facebooks News Feed ranking algorithm may not be universally agreed upon, but the social network's dedication to improving it is unquestionable.

complete article

14 Other Ways to Use RSS Feeds
Undeniably RSS is one of the best things that has happened to the web after email. Not only has it made browsing a lot more productive, convenient, fun … you name it, but it has also introduced a number of new ways to interact with content that we could never have imagined before. While you’re most probably already familiar with the idea of RSS feeds and Feedreader, there are several other ways you can make use of feeds.

complete article

Future of FeedBurner
Google has treated Feedburner like a bad impulse buy ever since purchasing it in 2007, leaving it in a state of neglect. After the announcement that Google Reader was being discontinued, the Internet grapevine began buzzing about what Google service was next on the chopping block. The general consensus is that it will be Feedburner, since both the API and Adsense for Feeds have already been closed. It would make sense, if you are a webmaster, to redirect your RSS feed and newsletter subscribers to FeedPress before it's too late.

complete article

100 Uses for RSS Feeds
Many equate RSS with blogs and little else. However, we have found that RSS is multi-faceted and has a scope far beyond blogs. Take a look at these 100 ways that RSS is being used in real world situations:

100 Uses for RSS Feeds

Feedly Raises 500K in 8 Hours
The Feedly RSS service raised half a million dollars Monday, pulling in an average of more than $62,000 in subscriptions each hour over an eight-hour span.

Two days ago, Feedly kicked off a paid version of its RSS service by offering $99.99 lifetime subscriptions to the first 5,000 customers.

Later in the day, Edwin Khodabakchian, CEO and co-founder of DevHD -- the company behind Feedly -- said that the 5,000 accounts had been snapped up in eight hours. The total to Feedly: almost $500,000.

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Roll Your Own RSS Reader
With IFTTT you can easily create a recipe to automate delivery of an RSS feed to a bookmarking service like Delicious, Diigo, or Pinboard; an email address; or your favorite read-it-later service like Evernote, Instapaper, Pocket, or Readability.

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Guide to Extending RSS in Drupal
If you need to provide updated information from your site to external consumers, RSS is generally the go-to standard you use. It provides a well-defined and well-supported definition. Generator and consumer RSS solutions are widely available in pretty much any programming language or web framework out there.

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Pro Version of Feedly
RSS reader Feedly is planning to launch a paid pro service and beef up its existing service with premium features.

Feedly Pro will cost $5 per month for new services like article search, save-to-Evernote integration, premium support and more secure browsing via https protocol.

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Still More Google Reader Alternatives
Google Reader closed its virtual doors on July 2nd, becoming one of the largest Google services to get the axe. In the weeks leading up to its closure, several alternative RSS solutions emerged, hoping to win over the millions of people looking for a new Reader. But with literally dozens of entrants, it’s now much more difficult to find the right solution for your needs.

We have tested all of the top solutions currently available and have selected the four best services for you. These are fully featured solutions, meaning you can manage them both from the Web and from Android or iOS apps. Here are our top four Google Reader alternatives.

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A Simple Way to Create RSS for Twitter
Twitter has dropped support for RSS Feeds but there does exist a solution, slightly complicated though, that you may use to generate feeds for your various Twitter streams including Twitter search results, user timelines and even Twitter lists.

Without RSS feeds, it is difficult to use your Twitter data elsewhere. For instance, you can no longer create recipes in IFTTT that get triggered when you post a new tweet. You cannot import your Twitter timeline automatically into your blog. You cannot track Twitter search results for certain keywords in your RSS reader.

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Caffeinated RSS
Caffeinated was a polished Google Reader RSS client with a great layout; but the demise of Google Reader forced developer Curtis Hard to rewrite the core components of the app and liberate it from its Google roots. Now in version 2.0.1, Caffeinated is a very capable standalone RSS reader for OS X.

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Track the Top Charts and New Content
Track the top podcasts and new content on iTunes using RSS Feeds

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RSS Feed for Top 250 Movies
Checkout the RSS feed for the top 250 movies.

Mention is Replacing Google Alerts
We last caught up with Mention back in March, just as it had raised $800,000 to help develop its Google Alerts-esque service for the social Web

Indeed, Mention has set out its stall to reinvent Google Alerts with a system that allows users to receive real-time mentions – as you would expect – about anything online, across Windows, iOS, Android, the Web and Chrome. Though the service is largely used by companies to monitor mentions of their name, it can of course be used by anyone.

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How to use IFTTT to Automate
You may think of the Web as a big tubular mesh of interconnectedness, but really, apps and sites tend to be more like islands than Kumbaya-singing cooperative circles. Evernote does not seamlessly save your notes to Dropbox. The Facebook photos you are tagged in do not automatically post to your Flickr account. Articles you save in Feedly do not push themselves to Pocket for later reading.

As explained below, IFTTT changes all that, bringing your various Web-service ingredients together into a smart, automatic, and, above all else, connected Internet stew. Yes, IFTTT makes the Web both scrumptious and ridiculously powerful, and we're going to show you how to brew up some deliciously useful recipes, as well as highlight some awesome IFTTT tasks that others have already created.

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Easy Way to Subscribe to Twitter via RSS
Last month, Twitter unfortunately killed-off RSS feeds for users of the service. Subscribing to your own Twitter feed is a great way to archive your tweets and make them searchable through whatever RSS Reader you’re using. Of course, now that Google Reader, too, has been killed-off, most of the other readers available right now do not have a search feature. However, most are promising to deliver that ability soon.

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Hootsuite RSS Syndicator
As per an update on the 27 June 2013 on the Social Times, Hootsuite one of most popular platforms used by social media managers to efficiently update their accounts has finally launched the Hootsuite Syndicator, an RSS reader that would operate directly from the platform’s dashboard for users of Google Chrome.

According to the report, the users of Googles dashboard can now display their RSS feed directly from the account and seamlessly share the latest content across multiple social media networks. Those who use Google Chrome would get a special advantage of being able to subscribe to RSS feeds using by the installing the syndicator extension.

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Feedly Replaces Google Reader
Feedly  launched in 2008 as a sort of alternative skin for Google Reader. Its interface was cleaner and more colorful, although Google Reader provided the engine behind Feedlys content-delivery system. Shortly after Google announced in March that it would shut Google Reader, Feedly declared that it would build its own backend engine; it was implemented in June.

The switch to Feedly may be born of necessity for Google Reader devotees, but it is hardly a sacrifice. Feedlys design and interface are more pleasant and intuitive than Googles, and keeping up with new content on the web is flat-out more fun.

To add content, hit the search icon at the top right corner of Feedly's main screen and a menu slides gracefully into view. From here, browse through several topics from among Feedlys featured choices, search for the title of a blog or publication with an RSS feed, or type the URL for the sites RSS feed into Feedlys search box.

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RSS Feed Stats After Google Reader Shutdown
In the wake of Google Readers shutdown, I rewrote my feed-stats script to be more accurate and produce more relevant output formatting.

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Digg Reader Adds Top Requested Features
Digg Reader, the Betaworks-backed alternative to the now-dead Google Reader, is making progress in becoming a more solidified platform for serious feed reading. Shortly after its launch a couple of weeks ago, it switched on the ability to display unread counts for feeds and folders, and last night, it added two more of users’ top requested features, the ability to view only unread items and the mark as unread option.

In the grand scheme of things, these are minor upgrades to a long-term roadmap where Digg envisions building a more fully fledged RSS reading experience – not just one that is on par with where Google Reader left off, but one that eventually extends beyond the original feature set to include things like a view into the popularity of posts across your network, advanced social-media sharing capabilities, and of course, the ability to feed posts to Digg.coms front page.

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RSS Notifier
RSS Notifier turns OS Xs Notification Center and your menu bar into an RSS Feed Reader.

New Places to Submit RSS
Here are some new places that you can submit your RSS feeds:

Feedage - over 11 million indexed feeds.

FuelMyBlog - submit feed

Blog Roll Center - submit your RSS feed

GoldenFeed - free RSS feed submission

Google Reader Keeping Data Until July 15th
Users have until 12 p.m. PST July 15 to download a copy of their Google Reader data via the Google Takeout data download service, the company said Tuesday in a final farewell blog post. After that time, all Reader subscription data, which includes lists of people followed, starred items and notes, will be systematically deleted from company servers.

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Google Alerts Gets the Axe
Google is really bidding a thorough goodbye to everything RSS this week. Not only did the company shut down the popular Google Reader for good on Monday, it has also stopped sending Google Alerts by RSS, according to Search Engine Land.

Users who want to be notified by Google Alerts on specific search phrases or topics, but who don’t want the results clogging their inbox, will no longer be able to send them to Google Reader. Since Google Reader is now dead, the search giant is re-directing all Google Alerts that used to show up in your Reader to an email account of your choice.

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Introducing AOL Reader
For the last few weeks, we've been hard at work building what we believe will be the best RSS reader on the market. And today, we're excited to announce the launch of AOL Reader.

A Unique Perspective

At AOL, we have a unique perspective on RSS readers and content aggregation apps because we are a publisher of content as well. Our goal is to create the best possible experience for users who want to read the best content on their phone, tablet, or desktop computer, whenever and wherever they want.

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Google Graveyard
Ever since the advent of the internet there have been an untold amount of companies based around web technologies that have come and gone. The dot-com bubble of the 1990s filtered out many of the winners while shedding the losers. Over the years start-ups came and went, were bought, or just failed.

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The Real Reason Google Wants to Kill RSS
Interesting article about why Google no longer wishes to support RSS Feeds.

RSS represents the antithesis of this new world: it is completely open, decentralized, and owned by nobody, just like the web itself. It allows anyone, large or small, to build something new and disrupt anyone else they would like because nobody has to fly six salespeople out first to work out a partnership with anyone elses salespeople.

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Twitter No Longer Supports RSS Search
RSS for Twitter is something I've used for search subscriptions myself. Following different search personalities or saves queries and subscribing to them via RSS is a feature I enjoyed and benefited from. No longer.

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Digg Reader Gets the Thumbs Up
Betaworks, the company that bought news site Digg last summer for $500,000, launched its eagerly anticipated Reader app today.

Digg Readers launch comes less than a week before Google is slated to kill its beloved Google Reader product, which pulls in news feeds from just about every news site on the Web.

Digg works much the same way.

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10 Google Reader Alternatives
Google Reader is on its deathbed, slated to meet its end on July 1st. Its demise has been looming in the distance for a while, so this should come as no surprise. And while this is certainly a time of mourning, there's the unseemly business of finding a replacement. Here is a list of platform agnostic alternatives that should help make the transition as painless as possible.

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RSS Reader Comparison
Feedly, one of the most popular RSS readers, has added functionalities to replace some of the actions users used to be able to do with Google Reader, like hosting feed subscriptions and offering a fully functional IFTTT channel. Digg will soon launch its own freemium-model reader this week, and AOL recently joined the club by releasing their own RSS reader.  Dozens of smaller tech names are also promoting their services; it is a mad house out there in the RSS world.

With so many companies pushing their tickets into your hands, how can you decide which RSS train to ride?

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If Google Can Not Get RSS to Work Why Are Others Trying?
For anyone who has not been following this with pathological focus, here is the quick version: An RSS reader is a way to pull in feeds of articles from various websites, and people who revel in information overload love them. Google created one, called Google Reader, six years ago, and as it was state of the art at the time, it essentially took over the market. But then Google decided that several million news junkies were not worth its time, and on March 13 said it was getting out of the RSS business, opening the door to a handful of new companies to get in. The climax comes next week, when Google flips the switch and casts out its RSS enthusiasts.

Some might interpret the fact that one of the Internets largest, richest companies abandoned this idea as a red flag. Not Feedly, Digg, AOL, Newsblur, and others, which are quickly developing their own readers to fill the Google Reader vacuum. It is not that they believe everyone wants to immerse themselves in an endless sea of headlines. Instead, they are betting that the technology will open up larger news-reading markets.

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How to Send an RSS Feed to Your Email Account
For many users, unless they have set up a dedicated reader, RSS feeds are not of much use. Some people, as the readers query that inspired this post makes clear, prefer to receive their information updates via e-mail.

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Feedly Launches Cloud Service
Feedly is a service that has risen in popularity recently for the most part because the much-loved RSS service Google Reader is coming to close on July 1, but the company is definitely doing its best to make a space for itself as something more than just an alternative. Today, Feedly released the Feedly Cloud, which not only creates a standalone web-based RSS reader app, but also hooks all of your feeds into the cloud, which developers can then hook their own APIs into for various purposes.

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15 Tools to Take Advantage of RSS Feeds
Many have announced the death of RSS, and Google Readers shutdown to come may comfort them in their thoughts, but RSS is not death. As a technology, it still powers many features of big and small websites, and many still use it to get updates from their favorite sites.

Let’s take a look at some great tools using RSS and some of the cool stuff you can do with it.

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26 Great Ideas for Blog Posts
26 Great Ideas for Blog Posts!
Blogs have increased in popularity because they provide a steady stream of new and unique content. The only issue presented by this quality of blogs is that it may become difficult for those who run blogs to think of interesting and novel posts. If you have jumped on the blogging bandwagon but suffer writer's block, do not panic: we have created a list of 26 ideas for blog posts.

26 Great Ideas for Blog Posts

Feedly Partnerships
Feedly is quickly becoming one of the most robust and feature rich alternatives to Google Reader. The company has announced that it has partnered with popular RSS readers like Press, Reeder, gReader, Nextgen, and Newsify. This means Feedly users will be able to log in and import their news feeds to these applications. Google Reader was great because of the sheer number of applications that supported the service and it looks like Feedly is ready to become the de facto replacement for Google Reader.

Feedly will also be focusing making its website and apps faster. The company said it has hired more developers to make sure it has the resources to provide a great experience. Windows 8 and Windows Phone support will be coming eventually as well.

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PingIt launched initially in private beta back in December, before Google revealed it was pulling the plug on Reader. At its most basic level, is an RSS reader. But it’s the new Probes feature thats particularly interesting.

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Why You Should Have an RSS Feed
Why should you have an RSS Feed on your site?

Ease of distribution
More returning visitors
No barrier to subscribing

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If you have not settled on a Google Reader replacement yet, NewsBar offers a tempting option if you live inside the Apple ecosystem.

NewsBar comes in both Mac and iOS flavors, and both offer an attractive take on feed reading.

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Feedly v15
Forget all the hassle of finding web content using social media, by far the simplest and most elegant solution when it comes to aggregating content from a wide variety of websites is RSS. And with Google exiting the market by canning its popular Google Reader service, third-party RSS services are rushing to fill the void.

Feedly is one such provider, and transferring your carefully nurtured and organised feeds from Google Reader to Feedly – for free, of course – is a simple case of signing up with your Google Account. Bam, job done. Part of the reason for this simplicity is that Feedly itself relied on Google Reader feeds, but is migrating to its own backend prior to the Google switch-off.

Feedly offers two ways of accessing, managing and adding RSS feeds across all your devices. Desktop and laptop users must install a tiny bookmarklet in a compatible web browser – Chrome, Firefox or Safari, but surprisingly not Internet Explorer – before it can be used.

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Newsblur is an Alternative
As the deadline of Google Readers demise approaches, alternatives are being investigated.

Google is shutting Google Reader down on July 1 so those of us who use it must have an alternative solution in place before it goes away. I have been testing a few of them and have adopted Newsblur as my replacement for Google Reader.

Newsblur imports all of your Google Reader feeds to get started and then works basically like Google's reader. The web interface is better than the very basic one in Google Reader and can be customized just like you want it.

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International Social Media
While the network did pass the 1 billion monthly active user threshold globally in 2012, Facebook also lost 1.4 million U.S. monthly active users late last year, a small but symbolic decline. Nor was it the only network experiencing a slowdown.

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9 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid
Social media has been a boon for businesses small and large, but it's also becoming a minefield for those unable to manage the increasing complexities of the run-and-gun nature of the beast. O

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Digg RSS Reader May Not Be Free
Digg is aiming to release a beta version of its RSS reader some time in June, ahead of the July 1 closing of Google Reader, but it may not be free.

After Google announced it would be shutting down its RSS reader back in March, Digg promised users it would build a new platform that could replace Google Reader. Digg has been working on the new service as its top priority, and this week it announced more details about what may be included in the reader. Digg also alluded to the fact that it will probably charge for its reader.

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How to Setup Mail Chimp
MailChimp can be used to setup email campaign and send a regular email newsletter to all the email address in a list. Most common use case is creating campaigns based on RSS blog wordpress or some other tool. Here are the steps to setup Rss driven email campaign once you have created a MailChimp email list:

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Feed Wranglers smart streams feature lets you group your favorite feeds into a single stream so that you can easily check them. And its support for filters lets you clear unwanted items from your feeds by automatically marking articles that match a certain keyword as read.


SyndiFeed really deserves to be given consideration by those looking to switch, especially in this final month leading up to Google Readers demise.

RSS Extensions for Chrome
With these good feed reading tools, why should we look at specialized RSS extensions for Chrome? Maybe, just for the one-click accessibility they bring. Browser extensions like the one we feature on our Best Chrome Extensions page fulfill all our basic browsing needs and then some more.

RSS Extensions for Chrome

PingIt Tailored RSS Feeds launched initially in private beta back in December, before Google revealed it was pulling the plug on Reader. At its most basic level, is an RSS reader. But it’s the new Probes feature that’s particularly interesting.

PingIt Tailored RSS Feeds

Why Do People Unsubscribe?
Whether you do email marketing, publish an RSS feed, or both, you will inevitably have customers that choose to unsubscribe from your communications. However, you may be able to limit the number of customers who do so. According to a recent report by ExactTarget, there are a variety of reasons why a person may unsubscribe. By understanding why customers unsubscribe from various communications, marketers can learn which marketing mistakes to avoid and keep their subscribers.

Why Do People Unsubscribe?

Star Wars RSS Reader
Checkout this Star Wars version of an RSS Reader.

How to Use Pinterest for Beginners
You have likely heard people obsess about Pinterest so you are curious about what it is and how to use it.

Pinterest is a highly visual virtual pinboard site that lets you pin or collect images from the Web. You create boards to help you categorize your images and add descriptions to remind you why you bookmarked them in the first place.

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Technical Diagnosis Cartoon
Technical Diagnosis Cartoon

RSS for Business
RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is a new way to broadcast corporate news and structured information. RSS offers a quick, easy corporate communication channel. The RSS contents are published as a feed and the feed's content keep customers, partners and journalists abreast of corporate news and information. The RSS feeds are read using a tool referred to as a news aggregator, or an RSS reader. The aggregator periodically checks to see if the RSS feed has been updated. As the feed is updated, new information will automatically appear in the RSS reader.

While RSS was at one point only considered to be a means to deliver news headlines, RSS has quickly become a powerful medium to disseminate all kinds of information. As traditional marketers are attempting to rein in content delivery, measuring e-mail open rates, click-throughs and conversions, Internet users are fighting to gain control over the content they receive. Savvy marketers and business owners are using RSS as a way to improve corporate communication and increase their external exposure and brand appeal.

RSS For Business

RSS and Education
Academia has embraced RSS as a means to educate, but scrutinizing how educational institutions are using RSS feeds in their daily routines show RSS is utilized can vary across different industries.

RSS and Education

How Terror Can Breed Through Social Media
The days of would-be terrorists needing to travel to far-off camps to make contacts and learn how to build bombs is rapidly receding. Social media forums like Twitter and Facebook provide a ready made Rolodex of sources -- dig further online, mine those contacts further, gain admission to private chat forums and eventually you will find instructions for bomb making.

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Turn an Ebay Search into an RSS Feed
Have you ever been watching ebay to find that rare item, or just trying to keep an eye out for a good deal?   You can save a search in ebay and it will email you daily, but I found that it leaves a lot to be desired.   It always gives me notification about suggested items that do not match my search.

I looked for a better way to keep on top of searching for what I was looking for and found that you can turn an ebay search into an RSS feed.   Load it into your favorite RSS reader or website and it will give you all the recent hits on your search.

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Twitter RSS
Find the RSS Feed for any Twitter User.

Reddit and Criminal Crowd Sourcing
Should the Internet hive-mind really be getting into the crime investigation business?

Reddits crowdsourcing power often comes into conflict with its stated commitment to protecting online privacy.

Whereas Twitter and other kinds of social media are open firehoses of information, massive Internet forums like Reddit provide a community platform for dissecting information. At first blush, that might seem like a great idea.

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More on Google Reader
Google Readers split from its loyal user base has been a tad messy. It is not you, it is us, Google implored. We are living in a new kind of computing environment, was their attempt at letting users down gently.
However, for some die-hard fans it was all too much and they answered the only way they knew how – a selection of moderately funny internet memes and online petitions.

For the uninitiated, the search giant is set to shut down its RSS tool on July 1st; a service used daily by millions to gather together content from blogs, newswires and almost countless sites around the web.

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Where to Submit MediaRSS Feeds
Where to submit RSS feeds with Media.

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State Department RSS Feeds
You can choose from several Department of State RSS feeds to get the latest news from the Department delivered directly to your desktop via an RSS reader or news aggregator

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What is Pinging?
What is Pinging?

Marketing your blog requires more than simply publishing new content -- you need to tell the world to update the content in your RSS feed by sending a ping message to subscribers, search engines, blog aggregators and update services. Configure your blog or podcast with an RSS feed channel and tell ping services to update your content.

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Computer Scolding Cartoon

Computer Scolding Cartoon

Why RSS Still Matters
Just as with any major tech event, it spurred a raft of reactions on what is currently our best real-time conversation broadcasting network, Twitter. Reactions ranged from outrage to sadness to smugness — the latter epitomized by the camp who say that RSS was already a confusing mess that needed to be shot down completely and besides, it had been replaced by Twitter itself anyway.

Well, no. RSS matters.

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New Feedly Features
Here is what is new in the latest version of Feedly:

The developers have fixed a login bug that forced users to login to the service regularly. According to Feedly, this should not happen anymore even if the servers are taxed to the limit.
The title only view mode - my preferred mode of viewing RSS updates - has been improved. It now stretches across the whole width of the browser window automatically. While that is not entirely true, as you can see from the screenshot above, it is still an improvement. The title only view has also received more sharing options (while hovering over an article).
Faster load times for the service. The developers have optimized the client code so that you should experience better performance while using the service.
Support for folders that include  [] brackets.
Support for Hebrew and Farsi.
Improved feed search to find feeds by URL and add them to your list of subscribed feeds.
Feedly seems dedicated to improve the service and while many users are waiting for a web-based version of it, the improvements certainly are welcome additions to the service as well.

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Truncated feeds can be a bummer, especially if you really enjoy reading your favorite blogs via RSS. FeedsAPI is a service that will take any truncated RSS feed, expand it to a full-text feed, and then deliver the resulting stories directly to your inbox, or to your preferred news reader. Best of all, it does this in real-time, so you don't have to wait hours for stories to process.

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Why Reading is Important Cartoon

Why Reading is Important Cartoon!

Why Did Google Abandon RSS?
When Google announced Reader, their RSS service, was being shuttered… news junkies everywhere revolted. Reader was the easiest, simplest, cleanest RSS feed available. Everyone wondered why it was being shut down, and a groundswell of support was initiated to bring it back.

There has been no sign of Google reversing their spring cleaning initiative, but it is really hard to believe they would simply abandon RSS altogether.

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6 of the Best FREE RSS Readers
You have probably been searching for the best free RSS readers ever since Mountain View struck down with the news about not supporting the Google-branded one starting from July 2013. The company may have cited declining usage as one of the reasons for shutting shop on this front, but that was no consolation for people like us who were thrown into panic on hearing about the imminent demise of the service. So if you’re switching from Google’s syndication service or any other similar tool, here are some good options in no particular order -

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Digg Building RSS Tool
Googles spring cleaning has begun, and the company has already axed one of the most loved services, even though the user rate has been declining over the years. Google Reader, one of the biggest RSS feeds, has got its death date, even with people making petitions for Google Reader to stay.

However, times may not be terrible for the people that still regularly use RSS readers, as Digg has said they are building a Google Reader replacement and they believe it will be ready before Google axe Reader on July 1 2013.

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Google Removes RSS Support From Chrome
Google Reader is not the only RSS product to be getting the ax at Google. The RSS extension for Googles Chrome Web browser has also been cut, which means that Chrome users can no longer use it to quickly subscribe to RSS feeds as they browse the Web.

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RSS to Email for Bloggers
With Google Reader being abandoned millions of bloggers are left to figure out a way to keep their content in front of their readers, hoping they are tech-savvy and interested enough to transfer their feeds to another service.

However, email marketing service Mad Mimi offers an effective alternative. An RSS to Email feature allows businesses and bloggers to share their content with subscribers and maintain control of their distributions.

RSS to Email automatically converts blog posts into the form of an email for subscribers. The blogger uses a webform to collect email addresses.

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RSS to Twitter
A look at RSS Feeds to Twitter

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Feedly Growth
Feedly has been around for a while and offers a similar interface, akin to Google Reader. With 500,000 new users, the company has said that they will continue to work to keep the servers running, while making subtle changes to the interface. The RSS reader will also be offering seamless integration with your Google account, to move all your Reader settings.

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The Future of RSS
Todays world is filled with massive amounts of information. According to IBM, 90% of todays existing data has been created in just the past two years. People no longer sit down at their desktop and surf the web for an hour a day. Instead, they are constantly creating, searching for information, and retrieving content from all types of devices – smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and laptops. As these digital technologies continue to evolve and move in a more mobile direction, new opportunities arise for technologies like RSS.

Hot new mobile applications like Flipboard provide a great example of how RSS feeds can be leveraged to bring updated digital content to customers. Flipboard

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Create an RSS Feed for Google+ Feed
Create an RSS Feed for Your Google+ Feed using GPlusRSS

Great IFTTT Recipes
Great recipes for using If This Than That....

complete article For Sale
The asking price? $200,000......

The domain was initially aquired for $125,000.

What is an RSS Feed Reader?
The RSS Feed Reader is just one example of many tools that will help you do exactly that – improve productivity in your business so you can do everything you have to and still have some time left for your family at the end of the day!

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8 More Google Reader Options
Google Reader is on its deathbed, slated to meet its end on July 1st. Its demise has been looming in the distance for a while, so this should come as no surprise. And while this is certainly a time of mourning, there's the unseemly business of finding a replacement. Here is a list of platform agnostic alternatives that should help make the transition as painless as possible.

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How to Export Your RSS Feeds from Google Reader
By now, the shock that Google Reader is shutting down this summer has probably sunk in. Once you get past the outrage, it's time to figure out how to export your RSS feeds from your beloved reader before it goes dark.

For the fastest, most reliable way to save your RSS feeds from the cemetery of cyberspace, use Googles Takeout service.

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12 Google Reader Alternatives
The scramble is on. With news today that Google Reader is shutting down on July 1st, its users are on the hunt for a solid RSS reader alternatives.

Here are some options you might want to consider if you are a Google Reader user:

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Google Reader
Google Reader is closing in July, IMO this is not a good move for Google.

Blog Posts That Get Attention
Blogs are now a dime a dozen, and bloggers need to make their blog posts stand out. Developing a blog following is not as easy as it once was. Learn how to write blog posts that attract readers and retain their attention. Follow these guidelines to cultivate readers...

Blog Posts that Get Attention

10 Social Media Fears to Overcome
Are any of these reasons stopping you from using social media for your business?

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4 RSS News Aggregators for Android
The beauty of smartphones and tablets running Android today can only be appreciated by looking at the apps it offers.  While offering many other features, one group of apps  available for tablets and smartphones are the so-called news aggregator apps that gives almost instant around the clock news access. If you are the type who wants to know whats happening around the world in an instant, news sources will be at your fingertips by getting any of the news aggregator apps that we will be discussing below.


Facebook Complaints
On Monday, Facebook put up a blog post saying engagement has gone up 34 percent on posts from people who have more than 10,000 followers. But Facebook did not share real numbers or metrics, leaving people guessing what 34 percent actually equals.

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I Work on the Internet Cartoon

I Work on the Internet Cartoon!

How Charities Can Make Better Use of Social Media
Social media is an increasingly effective strategy for charities that want to connect with supporters. A recent survey showed that UK charitable organisations have doubled their supporters on key social media channels in the past year. Yet, for many charities, the vastness of the social media landscape is too daunting to venture into.

At The Clare Foundation, we encourage tenants at our Buckinghamshire charity centre to take advantage of all the opportunities that social media channels offer. Our approach is to encourage charitable organisations to bring established commercial methods, business expertise and entrepreneurism to the voluntary sector. Maximising the effectiveness of social media is one area in which many charities need to catch up with commercial businesses.

Charities rely on public support and so need to find new ways to reach their supporters, potential donors and volunteers. Social media can be one of the most effective ways for charities to build supporters, boost donations, share success stories, network with like-minded organisations, encourage people to sign up to campaigns, recruit volunteers, or demonstrate the impact of their work.

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Businesses Benefit from Listening to Social Media
When many financial advisers ask their firms about fully engaging in social media, the answer is usually still a resolute "no" - to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, blogging and just about anything else.

Only a few of the major financial firms, including Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, have started pilot programs to give their financial advisers access to social media, because each interaction has to be monitored by a compliance system to make sure advisers are abiding by regulations.

Advisers themselves aren't convinced that there's enough value for their practices in using social media. Only 19 percent of the 463 financial advisers surveyed by Aite Group, a research firm based in Boston, said they found social media to be useful to their businesses. LinkedIn use was up 10 percent since 2009, but professional use of Facebook and Twitter dropped 10 percent and 8 percent, respectively, and blogging was down 9 percent, according to the Aite study.

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Great Collection of RSS Scripts for Manipulating RSS Feeds
Large collection of RSS Scripts for manipulation RSS feeds.

Keep Up With Your Favourite Social Networks Using RSS Notifications
Keeping track of the many social networks you are a member of can certainly be a challenging task. Between Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Flickr, and more, we all probably have at least two or three accounts that we check on a daily basis. If you’re an avid user of RSS readers, one solution to keep up with notifications, is to load them all into Google Reader

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Measuring Social ROI
Measuring social media ROI requires identifying social objectives.

Deploying winning social media programs is a top priority for most companies.  While its early days with these initiatives, management being management still wants quantifiable value and ROI.   How do you determine if your social media program is delivering the goods?

complete article Launch was launched on Feb 19, 2013 as a Web 2.0 social network featuring the latest information in the basic and applied technical sciences of architecture, chemical engineering, civil engineering, communications engineering, control systems engineering, electronics engineering, industrial engineering and mechanical engineering. The website aims to alert visitors in real-time through topic-specific site content and RSS feeds.

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A Look at Newsjacking
Newsjacking is when you have an opportunity to blog about a current news event and add your own perspective. If you have an opportunity to work this technique into your content marketing strategy, it can be extremely effective at creating traffic and interest in your brand, as well as giving you another option for your writing. To be successful at newsjacking though, there are a number of aspects that you’ll need to prepare and consider.

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RSS Feeds Drive Traffic
Did you know RSS feeds currently drive about 10 percent of Web traffic for major websites?

Checkout the FBIs RSS Feeds
Huge list of RSS Feeds from the FBI

Interesting Thoughts on Protecting Content
One of the annoyances of publishing original content online is when Google chooses to return a copy of your work from another website before your original in its search results pages. Googles traffic is money for website publishers, as more readers can mean more money from ad revenue.

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RSS Pros and Cons
If you are struggling with the decision of whether to implement RSS feeds or not, consider the following pros and cons for webmasters who use RSS feeds as part of their content and communication plan...

RSS Pros and Cons

What is Your Myers Briggs Social Media Type
Recently, the developers of the study, CPP, compared their data to those who use social media and the results are fascinating.

Here are some of the best parts of the stats of users on the infographic:

69% of extraverts use Facebook, higher than the 65% average of all people, and more than the 60% of introverts.

75% of feeling people browse once a day but only 23% share about their personal life.

Intuition people are more likely to use LinkedIn and Twitter than Sensing people.

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Responding to a Social Media Crisis
How to respond to a social media crisis.

The End of Web Search as We Know It
This lifestream — a heterogeneous, content-searchable, real-time messaging stream — arrived in the form of blog posts and RSS feeds, Twitter and other chatstreams, and Facebook walls and timelines.

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CleverFeed is smart reader for Google Reader subscriptions for Macs. It will sort the news in a convenient and smart way: according to your tastes and preferences most desirable news will come first.

All you need to do is define what you are interested in and add such tags in CleverFeed. Once done, CleverFeed will sort all news you are subscribed to according to your interests.

Absolutely Hysterical for Webmasters or Podcasters!
Checkout this very funny cartoon for those who have struggled with RSS feeds.

Embedded Tweets and More
Embedded tweets have been updated, and Twitter has made design and technical changes to the popular format.

As Twitter becomes ever more popular, even among heads of state, naturally more people are going to be inserting their favorite snippets into blog posts and other kinds of websites. For those people, the new changes will help make those embedded tweets more interactive and more stylish.

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What Do You Want from a Tech Podcast?
If you subscribe to podcasts on a regular basis, you’ve discovered there is no shortage of formats. Some are published daily, some are published weekly. Some feature a solitary host, while others entertain a rotating panel of guests. Some episodes clock in at only 5 minutes, while others frequently break the 2 hour barrier. And when it comes to content, the sky is the limit.

Assuming you have room on your subscription list for another podcast focused on technology and gadgets, what would you expect from it?

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Samsung Cool Factor
Samsung Electronics Co. is succeeding where other technology companies have tried and failed: closing the coolness gap with Apple Inc.

The deep-pocketed Korean company has used a combination of engineering prowess, manufacturing heft and marketing savvy to create smartphones that can rival the iPhone in both sales and appeal.

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Apple Is Not a Bellwether
The rise of Apple shares over the last few years was meteoric. Their fall over last few days has been traumatic. But these gyrations may not matter much to the overall stock market.

They will matter, of course, if you lost money as Apple dropped from $702 in September to $439.88 on Friday. And the companys struggles may be of more than passing interest even if you never intend to own any of its shares.

Apple remains a colossus, even if Exxon Mobil surpassed it as the most valuable publicly traded company in the world on Friday, exactly one year after iPhone sales propelled Apple to the top spot. Still, all of those iPhones, iPads and other gadgets make Apple matter in many households.

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Like RSS Specifications on Facebook
If you love RSS, please like us on Facebook.

Great Social Media Articles Compiled
Top ten Twitter stories of the week, which includes the 10 types of Twitter user, a look at what happens in social media every minute of the day, an essential social media glossary, the history of the internet 1969-2012 and your twelve-month plan for social media success.

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Influence of Social Media on Presidential Election
•        Overall, 29 percent said social media was moderately to extremely influential in their opinions of the candidates and issues.

•        Nearly two-thirds 63 percent said the quality of information about the candidates and issues on
social media was the same or better than that from traditional media.

•        Approximately 40 percent participated in a political discussion with others in their social
networks and 28 percent said they displayed their political affiliation on their networks.

•        Overall political engagement and participated showed: 25 percent donated money to a candidate or political party; 23 percent connected through social media; 13 percent subscribed to online news.

•        Of those engaged or involved, 77 percent made political contributions online and/or through a
website. 19 percent made a contribution through Facebook.

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10 Questions to Ask a Social Media Consultant
A social media consultant is essentially the eyes, ears and voice of your company online. That means you need someone who can raise your brand awareness, deliver traffic to your website, and boost your bottom line -- all while keeping your company's reputation top-of-mind.

So how do you hire just the right person? Here are 10 key questions you should ask prospective social media consultants:

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Bamboo Feed Reader
Bamboo Feed Reader, which I found on our Best of Firefox add-ons page, is a simple and no-nonsense reader that focuses on the important part of RSS feeds – the reading. You

What is Hot What is Not 2012
Each year we scratch our heads and come up with trends or technology that we think will be hot in the coming year. Checkout our list of What is Hot and What is Not in 2013.

Social Media Hack Attacks
The burgeoning use of social media in business has fuelled cybercrime attacks, Kaspersky Lab has warned. The computer security company expects such attacks to grow this year and beyond, wreaking financial havoc along the way.

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Translate Blogs
Instantly Translate Foreign Blogs In Your RSS Feed with a Google Script.

If you exclusively use Google Reader, you can change your settings to automatically translate pages. However, if you use third party apps like Flipboard, Reeder, Feedly, or others, the process is not automatic. Digital Inspiration's method uses a Google Script to translate the site, and then creates a RSS feed URL you can plug into your favorite reader.

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Predictions from Social Media Pros
Are you wondering what 2013 might look like for social media marketing?

If the changes seen in 2012 are an indicator, there will be a lot more change in 2013.

To get a grip on what the near future may look like, we tapped the knowledge of 21 social media pros.

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Use RSS Feeds to Drive Traffic to Your Blog
There are many factors that make blogs much better than normal WebPages including the speed at which blogs are indexed, ability to submit to blog directories and normal directories, pings and track backs. All these little things can help drive more traffic to blogs.

Use RSS Feeds to Drive Traffic to Blogs

Most Expensive Domain Names in 2012
Domain names can cost as little as $2. But if they are highly desirable, they can be sold for millions.

In 2010, became the most expensive domain name in the world when it sold for $13 million. By comparison, the highest selling domain name this year cost $2.45 million.

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Way to Automate TwitterFeed Using RSS
Twitter has taken the social media world by storm but, as anyone who has used it will know, it can be quite demanding.

You need to use it regularly to get the most out of it otherwise your followers will lose interest.

So what do you do if you're not always able to tweet, or if you want to keep your followers in other time zones happy whilst you're tucked up in bed?

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RSS Feeds from Popular Social Sites
Most of the popular online apps and services including the likes of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, offer RSS feeds but the problem is that you have to be a near geek in order to discover any of these feeds.

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Social Media Trends
As you might have guessed, the amount of time consumers spent on PCs and Smartphones increased between July 2011 and July 2012.  Time spent on these devices grew by 21%, while time on apps rose 120% in that same period.  While PCs still remain our primary source of Internet access, the usage of mobile Web and apps are increasing at a significant rate.

Social Media Trends

FeedBlitz Case Study
FeedBlitz is an RSS to email service that monitors RSS feeds to improve the reach that feed publishers can achieve and provide them with options for monetising their blogs.

FeedBlitz Case Study

Financial RSS Feeds
Get financial news via RSS feeds.

Internet Over Sharing
Mothers-to-be may be divulging too much pregnancy information on social media, a survey suggests.

Two in five people believe that pregnant women overshare details on websites such as Facebook, according to a poll by Netmums and the Department of Healths Start4Life campaign.

Nine in 10 of those surveyed said they had seen an image online of a friend's scan and 22% said they had viewed a photo of a positive pregnancy test.

More than two thirds of people felt that mothers-to-be were more likely to try to show a perfect pregnancy than a realistic one, according to the survey of 2,000 Netmums members who use Facebook.

And 62% said they felt friends were more likely to talk about trivial aspects of their pregnancy rather than important matters such as their health.

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Social Adoption
A survey of 600 small business owners across the United States indicates that 90% are actively engaged in social networking sites, reported Social Media Today, and 74% perceive social networking as valuable if not more valuable than networking in-person.

Pretty startling statistics for social adoption!

Social Media Quick to Judge, Slow to Absolve
Though much of the story surrounding Friday's horrific massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., remains mystifying, one thing is clear: Ryan Lanza is not the shooter. Contrary to early reports from officials, the shooter has now been identified as Lanza's brother, Adam, now counted among the dead, along with their mother.

But for several hours, the name Ryan Lanza was synonymous with the heinous killing spree, and a jury of Internet denizens had him condemned as a murderer. And why not? All of the major news outlets had declared it so, citing a credible source, and Lanzas name blazed in headlines.

Almost immediately, websites — homing in on a publicly viewable Facebook profile — took screen grabs of the page to illustrate news stories, identifying him as the deceased killer.

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Social Media Role in Tragedies
Social media users immediately took to Twitter and Facebook to express their shock at the shooting. Twitter was filled with messages of support for the Newtown community.

Social Time Suck
According to Nielsens 2012 Social Media Report released this week, Americans spent 121 billion minutes on social networking sites between July 2011 and July 2012, up from 88 billion the previous year. Apps captured a large portion of those minutes, accounting for a third of overall social networking time.

The percentage of time Americans spent on social networking sites rose 37 percent to 121 billion minutes in the last year.

Facebook topped the list of most-visited social networks, as expected, but time spent on Pinterest’s website increased by more than 1000 percent year-over-year. Google+, Tumblr, and Twitter are also growing in popularity, and sucking away more of your time.

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Social Media Tips for Job Hunting
The new year will be here before we know it and college seniors will soon be taking to the streets, heading to web and networking events in hopes of landing a job post-graduation. Any modern job search requires more than just a resume and portfolio, however. Here are five essential social media tips from creative staffing agency, Vitamin T, which job seekers should consider when embarking on their job search.

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New FeedRoller is a lightweight RSS feed ticker.

It is designed to show scrolling headlines from your favorite news sites and blogs, directly on your desktop.

RSS2SQL Script
The RSS2SQL script allows you to easily create SQL databases from RSS feeds. The script currently supports the conversion of RSS feeds to MySQL databases.


Generate Traffic Using RSS Feeds
One Method For Generating Traffic Is By Using RSS Feeds.

All the techniques with internet marketing are available to anyone who chooses to use them, but it is interesting that they do not all use them with the same degree of proficiency.

It is not hard to give you many examples of this; one minute cure is such an example because it is popular. You can take a thousand people all using the same group of methods, and you know what will happen in terms of how well they do.

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RSS Application Recommendations for Android
Three RSS applications to try for Android.

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Track Your WordPress Feed Stats
Available free in the WordPress repository, the Feed Statistics plugin for WordPress gives you stats based on your native WP feed.

The only thing you really have to know about it is that, like all statistic options, it’s data is inaccurate for the first couple days. In fact, this is the type of plugin that probably should run a good 30 days before you really dig into the data it provides.

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MediaFed Uses RSS Feeds
Just in the last six weeks, Mediafed added 45 million new users as it expanded its partnerships with publishers across the globe. In total, Harrison told me, the company monetized over 200 million stories in the last quarter and powered over 3 billion article views in October.

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There are Negatives to Social Media
Social media does have a powerful amplifying effect. But just like any technology, it can be used for good or evil. The key is building the right social strategy for your brand.

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Problems With Social Media
Just because it is on the Internet does not mean it is true:

Perhaps people should have known better than to trust someone with the Twitter handle @ComfortablySmug during hurricane Sandy. Some of his tweets, such as 'BREAKING: Confirmed flooding on NYSE. The trading floor is flooded under more than 3 feet of water,'were false.

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Is Twitter Too Big for Meaningful Conversations?
In general my favorite thing about Twitter has been the unexpected and unpredictable conversations, especially but not only the funny ones. And these are happening for me far less often than they once were. I do not know why, and I wish I did.

In general, it seems to me that the people I once conversed with the most are on Twitter far less often than they used to be, but it's possible that they are just not there at the same time that I am.

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RSS Specifications on Twitter
Follow RSS Specifications on Twitter @RSSSpects

Social Media Management Solution
The social media management dashboard HootSuite is growing yet again, with a handful of new additions to its App Directory: Reddit, StumbleUpon,, Nexalogy, and

HootSuite launched all the way back in 2008, allowing users to manage their multiple social networks through one, easy-to-use dashboard. Since then, HootSuite has grown into a global social media brand used by individuals, companies, you name it. The dashboards services continue to grow, adding the above apps to the directory after releasing its Engagement API earlier this year. At that time, HootSuite attracted Digg, Trendspottr, Instagram, and SlideShare to its App Directory.

Twitter Timeline RSS feed changes URL
On the 9th October 2012 Twitter stopped the implementation of the RSS feed for your twitter timeline.

see the details

EU Asks Google To Update Policies
European Union officials have asked Google to rework its recently overhauled privacy policy in order to better protect users rights. It follows a France-led probe into the legality of the Internet giants policies.
The letter from 24 of 27 of the blocks data protection regulators, which was made public after being obtained by Reuters prior to its official announcement Tuesday, follows a running investigation opened by France this spring into the legality of Googles method of collecting user data. Introduced in March, the companys new guidelines consolidated 60 separate privacy policies into one and collate user data from across Googles services, which include Gmail and YouTube.

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RSS Search Hub
Located RSS Search Feeds using keywords on RSS Search Hub

How to Effectively Protect Your Web Content
Just like writers, photographers, and other creative artists have learned, protecting content is one of the primary struggles that webmasters face on a daily basis. It takes time and talent to develop quality content, and there are few things more frustrating than to discover that your content has been poached by another website.

There are a number of actions that webmasters can take to proactively protect their work from being used without authorization by people on the web who are simply looking to cut corners. Take the following steps to proactively guard your content...

Tips for Protecting Your Web Content

The Journal of Commerce RSS Feeds
Magazines and online news agencies have adopted RSS feeds for a various things. Checkout the RSS feeds for Journal of Commerce by category.

FeedBurner Stat Issues
Feed stats, one of FeedBurners main features, is currently broken, and Google quietly wrote a shutdown notice for the API. FeedBurner is a product that has been neglected by Google over the years. Yet, as the dominant product to manage RSS feeds, many developers count on it and expect it to be reliable. The future of the service remains unsure and a service shutdown is not out of the equation.

FeedBurner, which was acquired by Google for $100 million in 2007, was not part of the latest round of shutdowns announced by Google. We have no news to announce at this time, said a Google spokesperson to TechCrunch today.

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Mobilizing the Web of Feeds
While the news that Twitter will no longer support RSS was not really surprising, it was a bit annoying. It served as yet another reminder that the Twitter-as-open-message-utility idea that many early adopters of the service loved was in fact going away.

There are already several projects intending to disrupt Twitter, mostly focused on the idea of a distributed, federated messaging standard and/or platform. But we already have such a service: an open standard adopted by millions of sources; a federated network of all kinds of interesting, useful and entertaining data feeds published in real-time. It is called RSS.

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AdSense for RSS Feeds Gets the Axe
As part of its latest round of spring cleaning, Google just announced that it is shuttering AdSense for Feeds. The service, which allows publishers to earn a bit of extra revenue by adding Googles ads to their RSS feeds, will be retired on October 2 and will close on December 3. Given that Feedburner has long been expected to be on one of Googles next spring cleaning lists, it does not come as a surprise that the company is now shutting down the only way it was actually making money from the product.

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Podcast Sermons
The Internet has made spreading faith significantly easier. In the past, community residents were limited to the churches, temples and houses of worships that were available within driving distances. Coordinating schedules with sermons could be challenging for busy families.

The Internet has opened the doors to a diverse congregation that exists beyond the traditional borders that communities have become accustom to. Using technology as a communication medium has not been lost on spiritual leaders and many have embraced the Internet as a medium to spread their faith. It is rare to find a house of worship that does not have a website or Internet presense. Expanding upon this theme, parishes looked to podcasting to further expanded the reach of their spiritual counselors and ministers. Many preachers record homilies, hymns, services, sermons or gospel teachings, for parishioners and interested listeners.

Podcasting allows followers to listen to mass or sermons on their way to work or at a time and place of their choosing. Integrating technology into spiritual messages has become a modern solution to chaotic schedules in an online world.

Podcast Sermons

Reputation Management
The Internet is a bit like the old wild west, and sadly, people often post material about an individual, product, company, or service that is inaccurate or simply nasty. Businesses and individuals alike are struggling with how to best deal with online inaccuracy and defamation. The normal steps for dealing with defamation typically involve litigation, but this is not always realistic for Internet-based situations since the Internet is global, and not managed or governed by any single set of laws.

If you have the good fortune of being located in the same legal jurisdiction as the offending poster and their website hosting company, you might be able to successfully prosecute them; or at the very least, you might be able to get the webpage with the offending material taken down by the website host. Keep in mind that most defamation court cases require that you show that actual harm was done by the offending material, which can often be difficult.

Reputation Management

It feels kinda strange that Google has not integrated RSS feed capabilities into its social networking site Google+.

Feed+ is a sample app that allows you to create an RSS feed of public Google+ activites and quickly add it to your Google Reader account.

Cool Social Media PowerPoint Templates
Checkout the Social Media PowerPoint Templates

New Feedly
Feedly is revamping its image after falling behind as a Google Reader platform, while competitors like Flipboard, Zite, and Pulse have turned the news aggregation model on its head. This week, Feedly announced a newly redesigned app that from the looks of it joins the ranks of its more well-known competitors by combining your Google Reader feed with a sleek linear interface and the mechanisms of a social news reader.

Social Media Tips
Before logging onto Facebook or signing into Twitter, consider this: Who is your audience and what are your objectives?

Those are vital questions businesses should be able to answer so they can get the most out of social media, said panelists at the Go for the Greens 2012 Business Development Conference for Women Entrepreneurs.

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Social Media Reviews... For Sale
Beware of social-media reviews in the coming years.

Between 10 percent and 15 percent of all user reviews on social-media sites will be paid for by companies selling the products, research firm Gartner reported today in a new study.

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13 Tips to Maintain RSS Subscribers
You have an RSS feed and you have worked hard to get the word out. According to your logs you have subscribers! Now the hard part: how to retain the subscribers to your RSS feed. Follow these simple steps to insure that your subscriber base will grow.

1. Original Content
A consistent stream of original content will do well to earn subscribers loyalty. The best RSS feeds provide content that is compelling and unique. Do not rehash existing content, look for a unique angle or spin if you wish to cover something that is hot in the blogosphere.

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What is Web 2.0
There has been a lot of chatter lately about Web 2.0, as if the Internet is a versioned software application. So what is Web 2.0? Simply put, Web 2.0 is a perceived transition of the web to web applications.

What is Web 2.0

The sql2rss.php script allows you to easily create rss feeds from SQL databases. The script currently supports the conversion of MySQL databases to RSS feeds.

When using SQL2RSS the publisher has complete control over the content in the resulting RSS feed. Administrators and publishers control the database query which allows them the flexibility to determine what data is inserted into the RSS feeds from the database.


Twitter Angers Developers More
Developers continue to complain after Twitter's new API guidelines killed off RSS support.

Twitter has previously angered developers with a series of moves to lock down the network, including removing the ability to find Twitter friends on Tumblr and Instagram and limiting the number of users apps can support.

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Need to Submit Your RSS Feeds?
The following sites allowing you to submit RSS feeds.

Need to Convert Database to and From RSS Feeds?
FeedForAll has two PHP scripts that will allow you to easily convert RSS to and from an SQL database. Checkout RSS2SQL and SQL2RSS scripts for details.

Tips to Maintain RSS Subscribers
You have an RSS feed and you have worked hard to get the word out. According to your logs you have subscribers! Now the hard part: how to retain the subscribers to your RSS feed. Follow these simple steps to insure that your subscriber base will grow.

Tips to Maintain RSS Subscribers

Where to Find Logos
The Internet has made it easier than ever for individuals to start a business at a very low entry cost. The barrier to entry for starting a web-based business can even be as low as $100.00. Every web business should have an identity, and many business owners realize that they may lack the necessary graphical talent, and are often unsure of where to look for it. If cost is an issue, you can find ready-made logos at many online logos sites, such as these...

Where to find Logos

RSS Auto Discovery Code Automatically
Simple Steps to Create RSS Auto Discovery Code:

Automatically post RSS Feeds to Google+, Twitter and Facebook
Hootsuite for the most part if a commercial service that allows webmasters to monitor social networking traffic. One of its features is the option to automate postings on social networking sites such as Google+, Twitter or Facebook, and that’s what this guide is about.

RSS Standard Under Threat
RSS is one of the universal open standards which underpins the web. Clicking on that little orange icon lets you easily subscribe to updates from a vast range of websites and services -- regardless of your technological allegiance. Your RSS reader then notifies you when new content is published. You'll either get the entire article or just the intro and link to the original webpage, depending on what the publisher wants to provide.

The major players who want to dominate the web are deliberately undermining one of its most important open standards.

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The great thing about RSS is that no-one controls it -- you can not buy it, block it or ban it.

3 Reasons Why You Need an RSS Feed
1. Allow users to subscribe to your content
2. Share and promote your content on social media
3. Help Google find new content

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Follow RSS Specifications on Twitter
Follow RSS Specifications on Twitter

Etiquette for RSS Feeds
The arguments continue to rage over the ambiguities in the RSS specifications. But the fact is: RSS is here to stay, and the current defined RSS 2.0 specification is likely going to be as good as it is going to get. Attempts have been made to create best practice documents and specification clarifications. We felt it would be helpful to provide general guidelines for those constructing an RSS 2.0 feed. In general, the following are guidelines for constructing an RSS feed. It is good to get into the habit of validating the RSS feed, either with software, or with an online validator.

Etiquette for RSS Feeds

Arduino RSS Feed Reader
Looking for a way to keep an eye on RSS feeds throughout the day? You could be sensible and use a good RSS reader, or you could do something like the Arduino RSS Feed Display.

Add Podcast Sound Effects
Spice up your podcast by adding sound effects and an introduction.

Directory of RSS feeds for Currency
Cool directory of RSS feeds to follow currency exchange rates.

Follow the Olympics Using RSS Feeds
There are an olympic number of RSS feeds and podcasts available to follow the 2012 games.

More olympic RSS feeds.

Is Twitter Angling to be an RSS Reader
Twitter has just announced some new search and discovery tools for its microblogging service (they hate it when we call it that).

On the company blog today, we read that Twitter is adding to its search tools a flurry of new features, including autocomplete, spelling correction, related items, real names and usernames, and results from people you follow.

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Social Media Manners
We learn how to act with politeness, respect, and courtesy in the real world. But in the virtual world, manners are still developing. Some thoughts on commonsense considerateness in the realm of social media.

Social Media Manners

Social Media Bubble
Is the bubble going to burst?

Social media companies, once hailed by their Silicon Valley boosters as world-changing businesses with limitless potential, are instead proving a sobering reminder of how investors can be seduced by Internet hype.

With a few exceptions, the first wave of social media firms to trade on the public markets has delivered a disastrous performance that conjures memories of the dot-com bust of 2000.

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Best RSS Reader for Mac
See what posters think the best RSS Reader for the Mac is...

Add Photos to your Blog
Add some character to your blog posts by adding photos and images.  Bloggers can use royalty free stock photos, they cover just about any topic!

Blog 99 and RSS Submission
You can promote your blog to RSS feed directories. The following is a list that we have used here at Blog 99 and is a standard RSS feed directory list we recommend to others. I would highly recommend that you submit your blog to as many of these RSS feeds as possible.

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More places to submit your RSS Feed

Quora RSS Importer
A tool that is a Google Spreadsheet that imports the most recent Quora posts based on a Quora category.

Quora RSS Importer

Publicize Your RSS Feed
There is little argument from webmasters and publishers that RSS brings in traffic. So once you have made the leap and created a feed, how do you tell your visitors about the feed?

Publicize your RSS feed.

RSS Guidelines for Bloggers
If you publish a blog, here are three proposed guidelines for RSS feeds.

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How to Use RSS
The Internet is a big place. Really big. With over a billion existing pages and thousands more being created each day, there are a lot of great sites with a lot of fantastic content out there. But with such a massive torrent of media being produced each day, it can sometimes be hard to keep up with all your favorite sites. So how do we alleviate this problem? The answer is simple — really simple in fact. Here is a really simple explanation of Really Simple Syndication.

How to Use RSS

RSS Education Center
Learn all about RSS and RSS feeds using the RSS Education Center

Content Syndication
New websites are being launched daily. In order to compete, webmasters need to find alternative ways of producing themed websites. Highly focused articles are often sought by wembasters. Why? Because content on the web is still king! In order to attract search engines and site visitors, webmasters rely heavily on providing new, innovative and fresh content. If the web site content is rich, visitors will come. If the website content is updated regularly, visitors will return.

Content Syndication

Create An RSS Feed From Google Plus
Here are two third party services to make a  Google Plus RSS feed.

Add Twitter to Google Reader
RSS Readers helps you keep track of latest news and content from your favorite blogs. You may have several feeds added in your RSS Reader that you regularly read. But have you ever wanted to add a Twitter feed to your RSS Reader so that you can track latest tweets from that account? Fortunately, this is possible and involves a small trick.

Add a Twitter Feed to RSS Reader -

Replace rssspecs with the Twitter account name.

Mobile RSS Readers
Reading news online has come a long way since the early days of RSS. The expectations of RSS subscribers have increased exponentially since then, as they can not merely do with a plain Jane textual presentation of their RSS feed any longer.

Mobile  RSS Readers

Social Media Monitoring with RSS
But if part of your job is social media monitoring, you need to make sure you do not miss anything. That might include keeping an eye on competitors, tracking conversation around your industry and nurturing and following up with leads.

Luckily, theres a simple, free and foolproof way to store everything in one place and make sure nothing slips through the cracks: RSS feeds.

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Google Plus RSS Feeds
Google Plus still does not have any such option to subscribe via RSS. That is where third-party  tools can come to the rescue. Lets take a look at two such tools to grab RSS feeds from your Google+ stream.

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Do I Need an RSS Feed?
RSS has been around for more than 10 years but has only recently become popular. RSS provides headlines and summaries of information in a concise and standardized way.

Do I Need an RSS Feed?

RSS Feed Tips to Help Search Engine Optimization
RSS feeds are a great communication medium, and when properly managed, web feeds can bring in significant Internet traffic. RSS feeds should contain compelling themed content with episodic titles that are united in common broad theme. Use RSS feeds as an online marketing and search engine optimization tool. Just as optimizing an HTML web page will increase exposure, so too will an RSS feed that is properly optimized and promoted. Use these simple tips to improve your web feed exposure.

RSS Feed Tips to Help Search Engine Optimization

ABCs of RSS Feeds
Implementing RSS - Really Simple Syndication can be aided by an understanding of the terms relating to RSS. Learn the ABCs of RSS....

A - AutoDiscovery

Auto Discovery is code that is inserted into the header of an HTML web page, which then indicates to readers that an RSS feed is available for the content.

B - Blogs

Blogs are web logs that are updated regularly, usually on a daily basis. Blogs generally contain information related to a specific topic. In some cases, blogs are used as daily diaries about people's personal lives, political views, or even as social commentaries. The truth of the matter is that blogs can be shaped into whatever the author wants them to be. While initially thought of as diaries or online journals, blogs have evolved into the latest fresh web content.

C - Cache

Cache is a temporary storage area for frequently-accessed or recently-accessed data. Having certain data stored in a cache area speeds up the operation of the computer. Using a cache with RSS feeds will help minimize bandwidth and display an RSS feed's content quicker.

ABCs of RSS Feeds

How is Podcasting Used?
Although podcasting is new, it is well on its way to becoming a mainstream communication medium. Podcasting, simply put, is audio files that are delivered via RSS. Many people believe that podcasting is solely for the distribution of music files, but really, nothing could be further from the truth. This emerging method of audio file distribution has opened an array of marketing and communication opportunities to businesses. Currently, most who are familiar with podcasting are technically savvy, but it is clear that podcasting will be more than a passing fad as many businesses are adopting podcasting and employing it in unusual yet powerful ways. Podcasting can be used for talk shows, tutorials, music demos, educational training, stories, comedy clips, debates or even foreign language tutorials.

How is Podcasting Used

Blog Tips for SEO
Blogs are the current rage, and many webmasters have blogs but fail to use their blog to it is full potential. Blogs provide a steady stream of fresh content, and if this content is written and managed properly, blogs have the ability to increase a website's ranking in the search engines.

1. Host Your Own Blog
In order to prosper from a blog, be sure to host it on your own domain. Hosting the blog on your own server will maximize the links to your website. Link popularity is one of the factors search engines use to rank websites. Resist the urge to use free hosting services, do not give away your link popularity

Blog Tips for SEO

Good Things to Social Bookmark
It can be tricky to predict what content will perform well on social bookmarking websites. The interests of our democratic populace are widespread and constantly changing. Webpages, podcasts, and images which are deemed more newsworthy, humorous, or intriguing often steal the spotlight. Knowing how to present content on social bookmarking websites can help internet marketers stand out.

Good things to Social Bookmark

What Can Be Published Using RSS?
With all the vast amounts of information available on the web, it is becoming more and more difficult to sort through and find what you are looking for. RSS significantly lowers the signal-to-noise ratio. RSS has the unique ability to compile information and filter it, so you only see unique and relevant content. The information superhighway has become packed with content, and those familiar with technology are using RSS to filter the content, allowing them to drill down and access only the content they want, without having to wade through all the noise.

There are very few subjects or topics that do not currently have an RSS feed available. Perhaps it might be easier to ask what can not be published using RSS? RSS is a standard format to syndicate Internet content, not just blogs or podcasts, but any type of content.

What Can be Published Using RSS?

What is Podcasting?
Podcasting is quickly becoming a buzz word among the techie crowd. So what is podcasting, anyway? Podcasting is online audio content that is delivered via an RSS feed. Many people liken podcasting to radio on demand. However, in reality, podcasting gives far more options in terms of content and programming than radio does. In addition, with Podcasting, listeners can determine the time and the place, meaning they decide what programming they want to receive and when they want to listen to it.

Listeners can retain audio archives to listen to at their leisure. While blogs have turned many bloggers into journalists, podcasting has the potential to turn podcasters into radio personalities.

What is Pocasting?

RSS Tools
Great resource for all types of RSS tools.

Blog Post Ideas
The best blogs and feeds are those that contain unique, fresh, compelling, content. So where do these prolific posters get their ideas? I talked to a handful of bloggers to determine where their inspiration originated for their content.

Not surprisingly, ideas for blog posts or RSS feed items originate or are influenced by other web content. The following are venues for finding your online muse:

1.Google News
Monitor Google News for keywords related to your industry. If you find a story you disagree with or wholeheartedly agree with write about it. Add your thoughts, and editorialize the content. This does not mean you should just repost Google news summaries. The value is not only in the news aggregation, but in the commentary that you provide. Tie news items to specific events, conditions, or the impact of specific news on the industry. Adding a view point or reference to a news article adds genuine value.

Blog Post Ideas

Top Deadly Web Design Sins
Many webmasters repeat the mistakes made by their predecessors. Take a look at these Top 10 most common web design sins. Have you fallen victim to any of these?

Sin #1 - Using Techie-Speak

Many websites fail to communicate in terms that website visitors can understand. Set the technical jargon aside, and use simple language and words that will be easy for your audience to understand. Web copy should be written in simple terms. Also, keep in mind that the Internet audience is global, and using language that is more common and easy to comprehend will often expand your reach, even to include non-native speakers.

Top 10 Web Design Sins

ABCs of Web 2.0
Web 2.0 is a perceived transition of the Web to web-based applications. Web 2.0 is the next generation of technology solutions where interactive content is the norm.

There is no agreement on exactly what Web 2.0 means. Depending on who you are speaking with, you may receive different explanations. At its heart, Web 2.0 is about the maturity of the Web. While many refer to Web 2.0 as companies that employ powerful web technologies, the key components of Web 2.0 are said to include: the Web as a platform, collaboration, and syndication.

Here are the ABC's of Web 2.0...

ABCs of Web 2.0

Display RSS
Display an RSS feed within your HTML website. The easiest/best way to do this is to use RSS2HTML a free PHP script. This means that you can retain the complete control of the HTML layout using templates and make it match your existing design. Additionally using PHP rather than JavaScript will mean that search engine spiders can spider the contents of the RSS feeds.

Additional details and a free rss2html download is available at:

Additional information and other options for displaying RSS feeds can be found at:

MyClicks App
MyClickApps LLC officially launches its newest app called Feedswire, which it says offers users unprecedented freedom to create a genuinely customized RSS portal that they can review regardless of whether they are online or offline. For

Technology Themed Business Cards
Technology themed business cards for Tech Companies

How to Use Twitter to Make Sales
When you think of Twitter, making sales isn’t the first thing that pops into your mind. After all, how can you sell anything on a social network where most people do nothing but talk about themselves?

You sell because they talk about themselves!

How to Use Twitter for Sales

Facebook Marketing
A new survey has discovered that over a third of small businesses are using Facebook to market themselves, reports.

Social media marketing is fast becoming the most popular way for firms to attract and engage new customers according to research from technology company, Basekit.

Free and easy to use, it is no surprise to hear the 36 per cent of small businesses are using Facebook as a marketing tool, turning away from established directories, such as Yellow Pages or Thomson. Just 27 per cent said they relied on directories to drum up new business.

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RSS Icons and Logos
Great collection of RSS icons and logos

Social Media WILL
Government advises Americans to create social media will to handle Facebook, Twitter, email accounts after death.

Discover Social Media RSS Feeds
Most of the popular online apps and services – including the likes of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, offer RSS feeds but the problem is that you have to be a near geek in order to discover any of these feeds.

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WordPress RSS Widget
If you are looking for a way to display RSS feeds anywhere on your site and you are using WordPress then you will be happy to hear about this trick. You know about the WordPress RSS widget… but what if displaying a feed in the sidebar is not enough. This tutorial will show you how to take an RSS feed and put it anywhere in your theme, including a page or post template.

WordPress Tutorial

Another option is RSS2HTML

Facebook Offers in a Feed
Eight months after killing its Deals feature, Facebook is launching a new service called Offers, which makes discounts and coupons available from businesses you have Liked on the social network.

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RSS Strategy
The problem with RSS in most marketing plans is that the marketer does not really go beyond providing a simple RSS feed for your brand news. To get started the right way you need to segment RSS as a critical element of your overall content placement strategy. Your RSS Marketing strategy should not just indiscriminately push content, but carefully serve in delivering to the content preferences of your audiences.

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Tips for Increasing Blog Readership
As if it were not hard enough to make yourself seen in the big, bustling world of online marketing, consider this: snagging your blog readers attention is just the first challenge. To use your blog to grow your business, you have to keep those readers coming back, too.

Your home comfort blog should be a key part of your online marketing strategy. While various social media – including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ – serve their own purposes, your HVAC blog should sit squarely at the center of your online plan. Why? Because blogs are best-suited for the kind of quality content that will position your service company as the go-to source for information, products and service in your community.

And it is great content that keeps home comfort blog readers coming back

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Marines Seek Guidance from Pentagon on Social Media
Marine Corps officials are seeking additional guidance from the Pentagon regarding service members' use of social media amid discharge proceedings against a Camp Pendleton sergeant who criticized President Barack Obama on Facebook.

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Chinese Social Media Crack Down
After weeks of Internet-fueled rumors suggesting fissures in the top leadership ranks, Chinese authorities struck back this weekend, closing 16 Web sites and arresting at least six people in a broad crackdown on the freewheeling world of cyberspace.

Xinhua, the official Chinese news agency, said in a dispatch late Friday that the Web sites were closed, and the unnamed individuals detained, for fabricating or disseminating online rumors.

Follow RSS Specifications on Twitter
Follow RSSSpecs on Twitter.

4 Steps to Podcasting Series
Simple steps to produce a great podcast series:

Decide on podcast series theme and some topics around that theme
Carefully select podcast participants based on your list of topics
Contact your participant and agree on a short list of podcast questions
Book a recording date and time and make sure both you and the interviewee have the right software  and hardware

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Audio Recording Software
Need audio recording software for recording podcasts? Checkout RecordForAll for audio recording and editing.

Website Spidering
Website Spidering refers to the automated process of indexing a web site by a search engine. An automated program, known as a web crawler or spider, will go through a website following the links on each page, and will gather pertinent information from each page until it has properly indexed the entire website.

Website Spidering

RSS Feeds for Digital Signage
There are sources of free content that can feed digital signs a stream of fresh, up-to-the-minute content that will grab and hold the attention of an audience. These sources are available online in the form of RSS  feeds that offer something for just about everyone.

The diversity of the info available via RSS feeds is critical because there are so many uses for digital signs.

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Social Media Challenges
Twitter, Facebook and blogging have become part of the everyday life of many of our journalists.

That presents intriguing challenges.

Traditional media have been largely static and impersonal. Stories follow a fairly standard style. Writers names generally are listed in the newspaper, but typically without a photo. Reporters, as opposed to columnists and editorial writers, are cautioned against reporting their own opinions. We strive for balance, accuracy and impartiality.

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Digital Signage and RSS Feeds
The diversity of the info available via RSS feeds is critical because there are so many uses for digital signs. What might attract the attention of a digital signage viewer in a car dealership service department waiting area could be entirely different from what grabs the attention of those waiting in the reception area of an investment advisor or dentist. Fortunately, with enough online investigation it's possible to find RSS feed sources on topics that make sense for both people with shared, yet highly defined interests as well as mass audiences.

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Communicate with Users from Within Software Using RSS
Actively communicate with users from within your software using RSS Feeds! Free FeedForDev VCL Control and ActiveX components makes it simple to communicate with users from within your software application!

Setup RSS for Android Apps
Use Javas SAXParser to retrieve and parse an RSS feed for Android. This Java tip is for developers new to Android and includes instructions for setting up an Android development environment and a short application tutorial.

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Feed Notifier
Feed Notifier is a news notification app for the Windows operating system. When you first start it up you are asked to add feeds to the program that you want to monitor.

Small Businesses Embracing Social Media
Billie Meggs was not entirely sure about Facebook at first, but after a bit of prodding from her son, she was hooked. Meggs, the gift shop manager at Borden Market Shoppe, now runs the popular Facebook page for the shop, which has attracted more than 3,600 fans.

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Custom RSS Feed on Reddit
Reddit on the other hand is not the easiest site to use, especially its customization options require some explaining. When I first joined Reddit I tried to find public RSS feed links for categories, but could not find any that were working properly.

I then noticed that each Reddit account had its own private and customizable RSS news feed.

RSS Information Overload
As wonderful as it is to be able to tap into all the information in the world, there are only so many hours in the day to spend consuming it all. Not to worry: With a little pruning, filtering and prioritizing, we can turn the deluge of data into a nice, manageable stream of content. Here is how:

RSS Information Overload

TumblRSS allows you to import RSS feeds to Tumbler.

SportsFeedia contains RSS feeds of sports competitions from NFL to NHL

2011 Reflections and Predictions for 2012
No country suffered more than Japan in 2011. Japan was rocked by an 8.9 earthquake, then a tsunami that was created from the quake hit the small island. The tsunami caused significant damage to one of Japans power plants making it impossible to properly cool or shutdown the nuclear reactor. The inability to cool the nuclear plant resulted in a nuclear melt down, and the escape of radiation. When the trifecta hit, the Japanese people earned the world's respect, they managed the tragedy with stoicism and grace. The consequences of this horrible tragedy, and implications of the radiation leaks, into the sea and atmosphere are still unknown. Japan will bear the scars from 2011, for generations to come.

2011 Reflections, 2012 Predictions

What is Hot in Technology for 2012
1. Mushroom Cloud

The virtual cloud is now a mushroom cloud. More and more applications and data is available virtually. Customers are no longer tied to their desktops, data is accessible in the cloud. As long as you have an Internet connection, you have access, regardless of your hardware.

2. Smart Mobility

Mobile phones have become smart devices, they are more than just phones and alarm clocks. By the end of 2012, it will be hard to find a phone that does not run games, support Internet connections and have built in web browser.

3. Multi-Function Devices

I suspect that devices will begin merging, there is no longer a need for so many gadgets. The functionality of the devices from smart phones, kindles, ipads and computers are redundant and there is likely to be device consolidation as the overlap in functionality increases.

4. Democracy on the Web

The social collective voice will gain power and be much more difficult to manipulate. Reviews and ratings will thrive, and be common place.

5. UGC - User Generated Content

The need and desire of webmasters to create and maintain a steady stream of unique content will be satisfied by user generated content. The web is no longer a flat medium. Interactive user generated content will rule the web in 2012.

What is Hot in Technology for 2012

Life on the Web
No-one enjoys having to regularly refresh favourite websites to ensure nothing is missed. One solution is a technology called RSS, or Really Simple Syndication.

This allows websites to create a news feed to which visitors can subscribe; then, when new content appears on the site, some or all of it is sent automatically to the subscriber.

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Why One Journalist Opted for RSS Over Twitter
For several months I’ve stopped using RSS feeds in lieu of inbound news through email newsletters, Twitter and scanning headlines of web sites directly.

However, I have recently gone back through my RSS feeds, unsubscribed to a few, and will discipline myself to regularly check the fees throughout the day.

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FeedRinse is a spam filter for your RSS feeds that allows you to filter up to 500 feeds.

The Importance of RSS
If you read Wikipedia, you will learn that RSS is a type of web aggregator that sends content in the form of a feed to whatever tool you use to read this content. RSS is a convenient tool for those of us who consume a lot of content from the web, but the question is, what benefit does it have for companies involved in content writing management? RSS can help a website develop backlinks, provide an easy access point to your content for clients, and help your content get indexed quickly by major search engines.

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Employers Should Employ RSS
Saving time and money is an epic battle dating back to beginning of time, or at least back to the beginning of money. We now live in a digital age where everything moves at a faster pace than ever before. In order to keep up, we must acclimate. For every old, tried-and-true method, there comes a time when a newer, better version takes its place.

Job boards are used in recruitment, not so much as an avenue for candidates to apply, but more so with the intent of reaching out to as many people as possible. Spreading the word about your opening will generate interest from multiple sources, not just those reading your advertisement. It does not matter how they apply; it only matters that they apply. While job boards represent the tried-and-true method, a more innovative way to get the job reach you’re looking for may have arrived with RSS feeds.

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What do your Subscribers Want?
While there is plenty of debate about what journalists should post and to retweet on social networking sites, there is not enough discussion about what’s not getting posted. Specifically, most of what is debated is about what news organizations want to share — not what followers actually want to see.

I am sure there are reams of data floating around corporate offices full of feedback from focus groups and online surveys about what readers want. Yet most news organization feeds are bastions of one-way discussion and self-promotion.

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Apple Policies on Social Media
Apples internal policies regarding how employees handle information both at the workplace and at home were revealed in a leaked document, depicting a tightly controlled and regulated operation with no room for error.

A recent UK court case that questioned Apples dismissal of a retail employee over comments he made on Facebook brought attention to internal policies regarding what can and can not be said about the company.

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How to Get Ideas for RSS Feeds?
The best blogs and feeds are those that contain unique, fresh, compelling, content. So where do these prolific posters get their ideas? I talked to a handful of bloggers to determine where their inspiration originated for their content.

Not surprisingly, ideas for blog posts or RSS feed items originate or are influenced by other web content. The following are venues for finding your online muse:

1.Google News
Monitor Google News for keywords related to your industry. If you find a story you disagree with or wholeheartedly agree with write about it. Add your thoughts, and editorialize the content. This does not mean you should just repost Google news summaries. The value is not only in the news aggregation, but in the commentary that you provide. Tie news items to specific events, conditions, or the impact of specific news on the industry. Adding a view point or reference to a news article adds genuine value.

How to Get Ideas for RSS Feeds

Podcasting Bundle - Great Techie Gifts
Podcasting Software Bundle allows for you to easily record, edit and publish podcasts!

Integrated support for iTunes. Includes audio recording software and software to easily build a podcast feed!

Includes both FeedForAll and RecordForAll software.

RSS Scripts to Manage Your RSS Feeds
Variety of RSS scripts to manage your RSS feeds.

Facebook Stopping Push Technology
Social Strategists Beware! Your workload is going to increase! From 22 November Facebook will no longer allow the automatic import of Blog and RSS feeds into Profiles.

A long-used strategy by social networkers has been to link their blog posts and websites via RSS directly to their Facebook profiles. This meant that every time they put up a blog-post, it would automatically push the information onto Facebook, creating a note.

This allowed for great interaction with fans, followers and friends — building the all-important relationship with potential clients and readers.

According to Facebook, this feature has been disabled for Pages already on 30 September.

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RSS4English is an application to improve English skills by reading RSS feeds about topics you like, where and when you want!

Twitter Glorifies Promotion
Twitter, the conversation-enabler? Actually, most news orgs use the service as a glorified RSS feed

As much as we tout Twitter for its conversational abilities — for its revolutionary capacity to create discursive, rather than simply distributive, relationships with news consumers — many major news organizations are still using the service as, pretty much, a vehicle for self-promotion. A new study, released today by Pew’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, studied 13 news organizations, large and relatively small, from print, TV, and radio…and found that “mainstream news organizations primarily use Twitter to move information and push content to readers. For these organizations, Twitter functions as an RSS feed or headline service for news consumers, with links ideally driving traffic to the organizations website

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Facebook Removing RSS Feed Support
Facebook will be removing the ability to import content from your website or blog on November 22, 2011. The company wants everyone to post manually.

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RSS Summary
This is a decent overview of building and using RSS feeds.

Need to Create RSS Feeds?
FeedForAll allows users to easily create, edit and publish RSS feeds. There is a built in wizard that walks new users through setting up RSS feeds. Additionally FeedForAll supports advanced features like iTunes support.

WebTalks Reads Your RSS Feeds for You Off Your Android Device
WebTalks reads aloud your feeds in a female robotic voice, even when other sounds are running in the background—or, for more a useful scenario, when another app is running in the foreground.

Best eReader for Kids
According to this Kindle is the winner.

Eco Childs Play says:

We have tried out the Apple iPad and the Barnes and Noble NOOK eBook Reader .  If you are looking for a great eReader for your kids, the Kindle is my recommendation.

complete review

Best RSS Reader
Google flipped virtual tables with its changes to Google Reader this week. Some of you like it, many of you hate it, and some people have even gone to the length of starting a petition demanding Google change it back. All of this got us wondering, now that Google Reader is different, will you keep using it? Or do you have another RSS newsreader that you either already prefer or plan to migrate to?

Best RSS Reader

SocialBakers and Social RSS
Social media analytics platform Socialbakers has snapped up Social RSS, the most popular RSS reader application on Facebook.

Social RSS allows users to add blogs and other favourite RSS feeds to walls and tabs to user profiles or Facebook pages.

Monastery Launches RSS Feed
The Brothers of the Society of Saint John the Evangelist announced today that due to popular demand they created an RSS feed for their Brother, Give Us A Word daily devotion. The RSS feed will allow others churches, youth ministries, camps and Christian music groups to post it on their website.

Monastery RSS Feeds

Huge List of RSS Feed Tools
We have put a huge list of RSS Tools in a single page. This will help RSS users find tools that suit their needs. If you have an addition drop us an email.

Many websites nowadays offer to send updates to the visitor either with the help of RSS feeds or email. Some websites on the other hand that you may find useful come without those options. If you want to stay up to date, you need to find a way to create custom email alerts or feeds to do so.

FeedBeater is an online service that can create RSS feeds or email alerts for any webpage on the Internet (that does not require login or is otherwise protected).

Ribbun RSS Feed Submission Software
Ribbun is a new RSS feed submission software.

Social Media Authenticity
It is common for battles to result in some casualties, whether they be physical or digital. In the digital world, thankfully, these casualties are more metaphoric than tragic, but the effects are quite dire in their own right. In this particular case, the injured party is social media authenticity in both business and in the building of personal brands.

Some cynics might ask, was social media ever really authentic? To answer that question, try to recall Twitters early days as one small example. There was true community.

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Google Inc. has made another acquisition that could help the search engine strengthen its social media-related offerings. SocialGrapple, a  start-up company that sells analytical services for Twitter, said this week that it has been acquired by Google.

Neither Google nor SocialGrapple said how much Google paid for the firm.

Tips to Get Things Accomplished
All of us start the day with every intention of completing a variety of tasks, but unfortunately many of us become distracted as the day moves on. Or even worse, we are tasked with crisis management, and at the end of the day we find that we have made little progress in whittling down the days planned tasks. As well intentioned as you may be, it seems to become a routine, and one that far too many of us fall into.

Tips To Get Things Accomplished

Tips for RSS Promotion
There is little argument from webmasters and publishers that RSS brings in traffic. So once you've made the leap and created a feed, how do you tell your guests regarding the feed?

Tips for RSS Promotion

Social Media Marketing
Although social marketing is a top priority and critical for future success, marketers struggle with ROI measurement of social campaigns, as a result, constraining or threatening all important future funding.

- Surveys report that even though ROI measurement is vital to success, that:

- Some 75% of B2B social marketers currently not measuring the ROI of social initiatives

- Almost two-thirds of companies 61% indicating their organizations are poor 34% or very poor  27% at measuring return on investment from social media

Social Media Skills
If you think social media is primarily good for reconnecting with long-lost friends from high school or stalking celebrities to find out what they had for breakfast, think again.

Now more than ever, M.B.A. students and applicants live and breathe through social media, a new online survey reveals. And that level of social media use is a good thing, considering the growing demand in the business world for employees with honed social media skills.

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Social Media and Politics
After the Arab Spring surprised the world with the power of technology to revolutionize political dissent, governments are racing to develop strategies to respond to, and even control, the new player in the political arena -- social media.

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Social Media Changing the Times
Social networking is what some information technology academics consider to be a disruptive technology or having disruptive impact, rendering existing products, services and business models obsolete.

Although social media have not yet made any product, service or business model obsolete, the phenomenon is certainly challenging many norms, and its current and future impact is and will be profound on all aspects of life. In particular, social media are supplanting traditional media as news and entertainment outlets. A number of recent events, locally and internationally, have highlighted the possible future legal and political impact and the difficulty that society is having with this particular technology.

Social Media Influence on Employment
A persons Facebook page is a representation of how a person acts when he or she thinks nobody in authority is looking, said Jeannine Morber, owner of Morber Marketing Group. But, sometimes those people in authority are looking.

Thanks to social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, employers can find out more about candidates online behavior.

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SEO for Blogs
SEO for a blog is different than SEO for most other websites, largely because of the social elements baked into blogging technology. SEO for blogs is less about buying links or tricking inadequate search technology. SEO for blogs is more focused on giving people something to talk about and creating something worthy of attention.

SEO for Blogs

Google+ RSS Feed
Many of you are familiar with RSS feeds, which are a convenient way to subscribe to syndicated content from around the web. All this information is aggregated and delivered to a single location, such as Google Reader, for easier and more efficient consumption.

In Google+, keeping an RSS feed of someones public Stream can be quite useful.

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Put Twitter Links in an RSS Feed with TweepFeed

Audio Recording Software for Podcasters
Easily record and edit audio files for podcasts with RecordForAll software.

Follow @RSSSpecs
Follow @RSSSpecs on Twitter for the latest

Submit Topical Blogs
Submit topical blogs on Liquida

RSS Is Not the Problem
To claim that RSS is bad for you if you subscribe to too many feeds is absurd.

What is bad for you is letting a tool like RSS overwhelm you, take over your life if you will. I have gone away for 3 days, as Marco suggests, and come back to thousands of RSS items, I read them all in time and it never bothered me. 1

If it bothers you, then blaming the tool is not the solution to this problem.

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In Defense of RSS
A series of articles defending the use of RSS and its potential.

RSS Scripts for Feed Management
Manage your RSS feeds using dynamic RSS Scripts. You can filter, merge, and display RSS feeds.

Small Businesses Must Adapt or Suffer the Consequences
Small businesses tend to be more agile than large corporations, but in order to take advantage of that strength, they must be willing to adapt with changing times in order to prosper and survive. This is especially true when faced with a difficult economic climate.

Small Businesses Must Adapt

Editors Pick on Google News
Publishers love to have some control over what people see when it comes to their content. That is natural. Google News is run by an algorithm and not human editors so as with most things in an algorithmic setting, the end user settles on what they are given and, in most cases, probably don’t know how the information was chosen, just that it was.

Google News has experimented with a feature called Editors Picks but have now made it an official part of the offering.

Veterans Administration Encourages Social Media
On Tuesday, the Department of Veterans Affairs issued a social media policy directive that highly encourages VA employees to use social media tools to interact with the public, NextGov reports.

VA currently has more than 100 Facebook pages, more than 50 Twitter feeds, two blogs, a YouTube channel and a Flickr page. The department expects to have an active Facebook page and Twitter account for all 152 of its medical centers by the end of this year.

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Save time by using RSS feeds
Do you start your morning by visiting numerous websites to find the latest information and updates? Do you find it annoying trying to remember lots of different log in names, user names and passwords? RSS feeds can help you eliminate this time consuming process.

Save Time By Using RSS Feeds

Apps for News Junkies
RSS technology is currently only being used by a minority of internet users to create a personally-tailored news ticker, but the development of advanced news apps specifically designed for mobile devices means the situation is changing.

It is impossible to control the information flood from the internet without some technological help. News readers aggregate syndicated web content such as news headlines, blogs and podcasts, which can be subscribed to with the help of RSS

Apps for News Junkies

Tool to Create an RSS feed for Twitter
To make things easier we have created these forms which will generate Twitter RSS feeds for profiles, Twitter lists, and searches.

Generate an RSS Feed for a Twitter user

40 Fast Facts on Twitter
Everyone from Lady Gaga to flacks at General Motors and the kid next door uses the service, which boasts over 200 million registered users and a gaudy valuation that by one estimate is around $8 billion, or $57 million per space in its 140-character messages. Companies that lack a well-planned Twitter strategy are missing out on prime customer intelligence, and forsaking a powerful megaphone of their own. But how did the hashtag and the Fail Whale go from #obscure to #ubiquitous so quickly?

40 Twitter Fast Facts

Liquida is a news portal that allows you to submit your news articles and have people rate, comment and share your content over the web and on major social networks.

FeedDude - Enter a URL and automatically generate an RSS feed for the page.

PlusFeed is a simple service that provides an RSS feed of any Google+ users public posts. Simply find the unique number at the end of their profile URL, and then add it to the PlusFeeds URL.

Competitive Intelligence
Some companies compete by getting into the minds of their competitors. Competitive Intelligence is the process of collecting information about competitors in a competitive environment. These tips and tricks will help marketers better understand competitive intelligence, and how to effectively compete in their marketplace.

Competitive Intelligence

News reports Friday said Google Plus, the Web-giants answer to Facebook, added 10 million users in two, limited weeks of operation, making it increasingly likely that those of us who try to stay current with social media will have One More Darn Thing To Do Every Day.

Google Plus RSS Feeds
RSS feeds are not officially supported by Google Plus yet, that is bad if you want to follow a specific user on the new social networking site. Sure, you could add the user to a circle to read all messages on the Google Plus website, or visit the stream of that user directly to access the new messages.

Both options are not really that comfortable, especially if you do not hang out 24-7 on Google Plus. The alternative? You could try a service that turns a stream into an RSS feed.

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FoxNews Twitter Account Hacked
The Secret Service said Monday it will investigate the hacking of Foxs political Twitter account over updates claiming that President Barack Obama had been assassinated.

Secret Service spokesman George Ogilvie says the law enforcement agency whose job it is to protect the president will conduct a probe of the false postings and that we will conduct the appropriate follow up.

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Importance of Having an RSS Feed
What is the biggest advantage of having RSS feeds? Well they can increase traffic; more specifically, the number of regular visitors will increase as they are integral to the success of the website in the long run.

Importance of RSS Feeds

Blog Lovin
Bloglovin helps you keep track of the blogs you read by letting you know when they update.

Create RSS Reader Using Google API
Creating Own RSS Reader Using Google Feed API I think every one faced with the task of connecting RSS feeds to your website, you can search and find some ready solutions, but also you can write your own script and that will do it too.

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Kindlefeeder is a service for Amazon Kindle owners that lets you aggregate your favorite feeds and have them delivered to your Kindle in a convenient, easy-to-navigate format. Kindlefeeder also lets you save individual webpages and have them delivered to your Kindle along with your feeds.

Tips To Keep Your RSS Reading Under Control
2 . Use Folders To Organize your Reading List
If you are not using folders and have all the sources stacked up one after another on the left sidebar, you are wasting a lot of time.

3. Forget Alphabetical Sorting And Sort Items By Priority
Google reader automatically sorts your feed items in Alphabetical order, which is not very useful.

Good Tips to Keep Feed Reading Under Control

Need Sound Effects for Podcasts?
You can find a variety of sound effects that can be added to podcasts at Digital Sound Effects.

RSSInclude - Convert RSS to HTML, RSS to PHP and RSS to Javascript. Embed Fresh RSS Feed Content on Your Website or Facebook Page. With the RSS Reader Widget you can publish news feeds on your website, blog or facebook page quickly and easily!

FeedLook check your Twitter feed and favorite blogs in an uncluttered email-like interface.

How Not to Lose RSS Subscribers
RSS has become a useful tool when it comes to getting your posts to your subscribers, but those people will quickly leave if you are not giving them what they ask for. You can use the three tips below to help you get those subscribers to remain subscribers.

How Not to Lose RSS Suscribers

Government 2.0
Federal Government agencies have widely embraced social media and Web 2.0 tools in the wake of the Government 2.0 Taskforce report, documents released by the Australian Government Information Management Office show.

Almost 50 Federal agencies now have Facebook pages, some in the form of official pages for an agency and others in the form of specific public campaigns such as anti-depression initiative BeyondBlue and youth mental health initiative Headspace.

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Benefits of Shopping Online
Why buy online? Why not buy online? Have you ever considered the pros and cons to shopping at a retail store vs shopping online? Lets take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing online...

Advantages Of Shopping Online...

1. Saves Time

If you already know what you are looking for, shopping online can save you a significant amount of time. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can place your order and move on to other things.

Benefits of Shopping Online

Create Ego Search Feeds to Track Brands
Create ego search feeds to track your online brand.

Blog Promotion Tips
There are a wide variety of things you can do in regard to blog promotion. Here are just a few...

1. Optimize

Optimize the blog using standard search engine optimization techniques, so that it performs well in the organic rankings of the various search engines.

Blog Promotion Tips

Subscribe to RSS on Facebook
Ever since it was launched in 2004, Facebook has undoubtedly changed and evolved to the benefit of its users, improving privacy and features, as well as becoming more and more stable. The latest enhancement deals with embedding a Subscribe via RSS option to Pages.

5 Ways to Use RSS on Google
1. Personalize Your Feed

You can easily customize your content to the point of complete preferential options. You start by simply selecting your location and language preferences at the bottom of the main page, but you can build it up further from there. The main RSS feed for Google News will use the selected language and location to provide you with regularly updated stories from your surrounding area. This is a quick and easy way to keep in touch with what is happening through all local news sources.

2. Subscribe by Category

If need to extend your range beyond your local sources, you can also navigate by category. For example, if you are interested in a specific topic, like health or technology, you can go to the About Feeds area on Google News main page to get a rundown of what is offered. By selecting the categories you are interested in, you can subscribe to their feed allowing you greater access to relevant sources. Since Google regularly features articles from many fantastic sources, you will surely see all major ones available for any genre.

5 Ways to Use RSS on Google

Follow Us on Twitter
We have a new Twitter account follow us @RSSSpecs

Video Use Jumps 85 Percent
As broadband capacity increases so does the demand for visual material and video. And while funny videos of cats and babies might seem to be top of the list, the use of video content to cover news stories by online media websites has jumped by a third in the last year to 85 percent. They are increasing the use of in-house and externally developed video content to support their online reporting – source: 2011 Web Influencers Survey

FeedWind is a RSS feed widget. Simply copy & paste the snippet of code to embed into your web page.

Another HTML to RSS tool - FeedsAPI is a web page content extraction tool that tries, and usually succeeds in, separating actual content from other web page elements

Why Did Facebook Disable RSS?
Facebook quietly began to publish content via RSS early in 2010. At the time, we praised the move because it really made it useful to keep up with those pages we followed.

And yet, Facebook has always been inconsistent around the benefits of allowing users to subscribe via RSS to the site, going as far as shutting down applications that converted content from the social network into digestible streams suited for RSS.

Now it seems that RSS on Facebook is no more.

Get tv shows in an RSS feed using ShowRSS.

How to Find Your RSS Feed for Twitter
Here are some tips to finding your RSS feed on Twitter.

Advantages of RSS
What are some advantages of RSS?

RSS is like Tivo for your computer!

    * Your feeds are in one place and there are no ads or pop-ups.
    * You can scan the list of headlines to see what you want to read without wasting a lot of time.
    * Better than using bookmarks because your personal feeds are available from any computer that has Internet access.
    * Content from RSS feeds can be inserted into Web pages.

Advantages of RSS

How to Import an RSS Feed to Facebook
If you keep an outside blog, you can import it to your Facebook account using an RSS feed. By importing an RSS feed, you can easily add notes to your profile without repeating your posts on several Web sites.

Import an RSS feed to Facebook

Need to Create an RSS Feed?
Are you trying to create an RSS feed? Use FeedForAll software with a built in wizard to quickly and easily create RSS feeds.

Egyptian Blogger Sentenced to 3 Years
An Egyptian military tribunal has convicted a blogger of insulting the army after he publicized reports of abuses by the military, and sentenced him to three years in prison, human rights groups said Monday.

The military court issued the sentence against Maikel Nabil Sanad, 26, a day earlier in the absence of his lawyers, according to a statement by seven Cairo-based rights groups.

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Question and Answer Websites
Question and answer websites have popped up all over the Internet. These interactive sites are designed to connect individuals, and help them get answers to questions. We have compiled a list of some of the more popular Question & Answers websites...

Question and Answer Websites

Chances are, your Blog or website has an RSS feed, but your content is still unadapted for mobile devices. Feed2Mobile will simply let you create a mobile version of your content and make it available to mobile visitors

Philosophies regarding social media networks, such as Twitter, can vary greatly. But similar to email, an unspoken etiquette has emerged for these social websites as well. The etiquette for these social sites does not consist of hard and fast rules, but is simply a list of guidelines for posting. The following is a set of Twitter etiquette guidelines, but can also be applied to other social networks...


Create Search Feeds in Bing
To create an RSS feed in Bing, conduct a search, and at the end of the URL from the search results screen add the following text: &format=rss

The IBM Press Room lets you create custom RSS feeds that combine several categories. To create a custom feed, select categories below

RSS2Java source for easily adding RSS feeds to your website. The The service is free of charge. A JavaScript code will be generated and needs to be plugged into your website.

Filtering RSS Feeds
Information overload is less about having too much information and more about not having the right tools and techniques to filter and process information to find the pieces that are most relevant for you. This presentation will focus on showing you a variety of tips and techniques to get you started down the path of looking at RSS feeds in a completely different light.

Filtering RSS Feeds

Malatya New RSS Directory
Malatya is a new rss directory for blogs and RSS feeds.

New Feed Directory - FeedFairy is an easy to use and free RSS feed directory. Just submit your RSS feed and will publish and distribute it for free.

Pros and Cons for Web Templates
Small retail businesses who are making the move to an online presence may feel overwhelmed by the process of creating a website. Web templates can often help make the process less painful for a small business. To assist webmasters in the template vs custom design decision, we have outlined the pros and cons to each...

Pros and Cons for Web Templates

80 Podcasts for the Classroom
Podcasts offer a great way to learn and stay on top of just about any topic. In the classroom, students can listen to podcasts as a group and add their own comments and questions to the program. Make podcasts an integral part of your classroom experience with the help of this collection of podcasts.

80 Podcasts for the Classroom

How to Submit Podcasts to iTunes Music Store
Here are some helpful tips regarding how to get your podcasts listed in the iTunes Music Store...

How to Submit Podcasts to iTunes

Product Recalls Via RSS
Whenever you buy a brand new product right when it hits the market, the safety of that product is always a concern. That is particularly true when the product, like childrens toys or a new car, can have a direct impact on the health and safety of your own family. Rather than trying to constantly check for any recall announcements for every single product you’ve bought that could pose a safety concern if it malfunctions, it is much easier to just sign up for product recall RSS feeds and then just keep an eye out for any recall alerts that might affect you.

The 8 Best Sources For Product Recall RSS Updates

14 Tips to Make the Most of RSS Feeds
As a busy digital marketer, I live or die by feeds. Feeds keep me up to date and push my content, fast. And as a blogger, I similarly depend on feeds to keep me informed and spread influence.

To be successful you need to be more than simply informed -- you need to be a thought leader and agenda-setter rather than another voice in the echo chamber. But feeds are at a disadvantage on this front, as a headline that appears on a feed must have already been written about.

The goal then is to use feeds, as quickly as possible, to ensure that you're among the first writing about a topic.

14 Tips to Make the Most of Feeds

Digg Blocks RSS Submissions
Diggs unpopular version 4 redesign last summer has put a big damper on the sites traffic, but the Digg team has come around and started to make changes that are helping to bring users back. The latest smart move: banning RSS feed submissions. No longer can every single post from a site be auto-submitted to Digg via RSS.

Digg Bans RSS Submissions

Splush enables editors to share with their audience, real-time updated content from partners, friends or favorites information sources. A dynamic blogroll and multimedia access make RSS Feeds accessible to all without any technical constraints.

Splush is also FeedAds : the first ads service of sponsored links 2.0 where traditional statistic links are replaced by more attractive ones updated in real time, with direct link to content and multimedia.

Looking for RSS Tools or Podcasting Tools?
Check out these two websites for RSS Tools and Podcasting Tools.

We also have this huge list of rss tools on the RSS Specifications website.

Forum Etiquette
The Internet has become a highly interactive medium. In order to participate in discussion forums and newsgroups, it is important to be familiar with standard and accepted Internet forum etiquette. Here are some tips to help make your forum participation more productive and beneficial...

1. Terms-Of-Service

Read the forum rules and terms-of-service before you begin posting. This way, you can avoid having your introduction to the forum being an accidental breaking of a rule or other misconduct.

Forum Etiquette

Dapper is a tool that enables users to create update feeds for their favorite sites and website owners to optimize and distribute their content in new ways.

Importance Of Good Headlines For Feed Subscribers
Contrary to what you may think, people who subscribe to your feed aren’t necessarily reading your articles. In most cases your posts will be competing with a large amount of content, some of which may be very similar to your own.

I do almost all of my reading through a feed reader and there is a habit I’ve picked up which I think is symptomatic of most feed subscribers. With so many new articles popping up in my feed reader every day I can not possibly read all of them to completion. I tend to prioritize by title, then skim a little, and if my curiosity is peaked, the article gets my full attention.

Increase RSS Subscribers

30 Simple Ways to Gain RSS Subscribers
Before creeping into the ways, you must also remember that your content must be really good as Content is the King. It is recommended to read the following few posts which will help you to shape your self in terms of contents and its promotions,

Increase RSS Subscribers

RSSMotron is an RSS feed directory.

RSS Screen Saver
RSSMore is a free rss screensaver that lets you subscribe to any number of RSS/XML feeds and view them in your rss screen saver.

Digital Sound Effects
Digital Sound Effects is a new portal that contains thousands of sound effects. The Digital Sound Effects collection contains royalty free sound effects that can be used as introductions, extros or a background in any digital audio or video productions including podcasts. The Digital Sound Effects website contains a wide array of sound effects that range from realistic car crashes with screeching brakes to soothing nature sound effects.

Each sound effect is available as a download in a zip file. The zip file contains the sound effect in an MP3, Wav, and WMA format. All effects contained on are all royalty free which means they can be downloaded and used without the broadcaster having to pay royalties for the use of the sound effect. The broadcaster or publisher pays a single fee and are able to use effects in any capacity that they choose.The sound effects can be used on websites, podcast productions or in any other format.

Digital Sound Effects

Three Ways to Prevent People From Unsubscribing
Getting traffic to your blog and turning your visitors into loyal readers requires a lot more than just writing new blog posts. What you must do is create an environment so people want to return, and if you can turn them into RSS subscribers, then you will be that much more powerful. Sometimes when we make our content pages we can easily look sight of the fact that we are not really making them for us, we are making them for our visitors and site readers. Ok, we want you to get some RSS subscribers because it can be very helpful to have them, and we would like for you to continue reading so you can find out some great approaches for doing that.

3 Ways to Stop People From Unsubscribing

Delightfulblogs is a human-reviewed blog directory where you can promote your blog to get more traffic.

Looking to Submit RSS Feeds?
Are you looking for a tool to automate the submission of RSS feeds? Checkout RSS Submit

RSSoogle a search engine for RSS feeds.

Tips for Blog Posting
Coming up with ideas for new blog posts on a regular basis can be a challenge, even for the most prolific writers. Experience shows that readers tend to favor certain types of posts more than others. Here are some popular types of blog posts that you might want to use for those times when inspiration simply does not strike.

Tips for Blog Posting

What is Hot What is Not in Technology for 2011
What is Hot
1. Virtual Cloud
2. Mobile Apps
3. Virtual Technology
4. Connectivity
5. Scalability

What is Not
1. Privacy
2. Social Noise
3. Transparency
4. Regulation
5. Land Lines

Read more about What is Hot and What is Not in Technology for 2011

Motivational Quotes of the Day RSS
There are RSS feeds for everything! If the winter doldrums have descended upon you, add motivational quotes to your RSS feeds. Here are some to consider:

Motivational Quotes
Brainy Quote
Goal Setting Quotes

RSS and RSS Readers Alive and Well
I agree:

A brush fire has been swirling through the blogosphere of late over whether RSS is dead, dying, or possibly severely injured and in need of assistance. It seems to have started with a post from UK-based web designer Kroc Camen that got picked up by Hacker News and re-tweeted a lot. The flames were fanned by a blog post from TechCrunch that drove RSS developer Dave Winer into a bit of a Twitter frenzy. But is RSS actually doomed, or even ailing? Not really. Like plenty of other technologies, it is just becoming part of the plumbing of the real-time web.

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RSS Tools for WordPress
Using RSS and Data Migration Tools in WordPress 3

Tutorials for Podcasters to Record Audio
Video tutorials for podcasters to record audio files.

FeedStomper - Turn an overactive feed that clutters up your RSS reader into a regular, once-a-day summary feed.

rss2email is a small Python utility that sends out nicely formatted emails from RSS feed postings. Why would you want such a thing? Well, many people still use email as their primary communications tool and don’t want to be bothered with RSS. Also, if you are on the go and are using a mobile device, it is often easier to be buzzed by push email than it is to configure a mobile RSS reader.

Feed Wind
Generate An Embeddable Widget From RSS Feeds using Feed Wind. You can easily keep in touch with a site through its RSS feed. But what if you want another sites updates to appear on your own blogs or websites?

Trim RSS Feeds
Reminder: New years is a great time to prune your RSS feeds that have grown excessively long!

Best Way to Consume News in 2010
We consumed a lot of news in 2010. But how did we consume it? On your tiny iPhone screen? Hopefully not. The best way to consume news this year was in a socially curated, real-time fashion with big pretty pictures and video.

Best Way to Consume News in 2010

Ten newsroom New Years resolutions for 2011
It is time for our annual list of things your newsroom needs to do online. Some of these are repeats – and that’s because they’re still relevant to many newsrooms. There is no pie in the sky stuff here; just steps you should take that are relatively cheap and painless. Happy New Year from Lost Remote.

1. Build a mobile version of your site.
2. 2. Get an app version of your site.
3. Do a Skype video remote.

complete list of 10 Newsroom Resolutions

10 Useful RSS-Tricks and Hacks For WordPress
Lets take a look at 10 useful, yet rather unknown RSS-tricks for WordPress. Each section of the article presents a problem, suggests a solution and provides you with an explanation of the solution, so that you can not just solve some of your RSS-related problems but also understand what you are actually doing. Thus, you can make sure your WordPress theme remains under your control and is not bloated with some obscure source code.

10 Useful RSS-Tricks and Hacks For WordPress

Methods to Aquire RSS Subscribers
RSS or Really Simple Syndication has become a primary way to gain new subscribers and grow your list. The best way to get a larger RSS subscription base is to follow the three tips below.

There are different kinds of tools you can use to encourage people to subscribe to your RSS feed. Here we are referring to the MyBlogLog Widget and how it can help you increase your subscribers. You would be surprised at the percentages of people who will respond favorably to a request to perform some kind of desired action. There are a number of reasons why they may have not including a lack of knowledge about how to do it, or what they need, etc.

Methods to Aquire RSS

RSS to the Rescue
As a news and media junkie, I love sifting through as many sites as possible to catch up on the latest and juiciest stories, which is why I am always on the hunt to find a place that directs me to good articles.
It is a pain to have more than a few sites open and that’s why I love RSS feeds, especially Google Reader, where I subscribe to 25 publications. Do I have time to read all of them? The simple answer is…no. Still, it is great to be able to go to one place online to sift through top articles from various sources and choose the stories that capture my attention.

RSS to the Rescue

Free RSS Readers for iPad
While you can actually log into Google Reader on your iPad, and follow all your favourite blogs and sites on the go, there is no shortage of free apps that make it much easier to stay up to date on the latest news, while some will even give you offline access.

Free RSS Readers for iPad

RSS Parsing Programs
Collection of RSS Parsing tools.

Gozoof is a blog directory add your blog.

Monitor RSS feeds and get emailed when new posts match your keywords with CentiBuzz

Podcasting Bundle
RecordForAll and FeedForAll makes it simple to record audio files, layer audio files, edit audio files and publish podcast feeds.

Snackr is an RSS ticker that pulls random items from your feeds and scrolls them across your desktop. When you see a title that looks interesting, you can click on it to pop up the item in a window.

8 Creative Ways to Use RSS Feeds
Check out the list of 8 Creative ways to use RSS feeds

Web Based RSS Aggregators
These are sites that aggregate feeds for reading in a browser. Here is a collection of RSS Aggregators

Ways to Increase RSS Subscribers
Everyone wants more feed subscribers and for new bloggers, it can be a challenge to figure out how to make that happen. I hope the tips below help you to increase your regular readers and have some fun along the way!

Ways to Increase Subscribers

RSS Tricks for WordPress
RSS is one of the core feature of WordPress and every other blogging platform. It is very useful because your readers keep track of your blog updates mostly by using RSS. In this article, we will show you some of the most useful RSS hacks, tips, tricks, and snippets for WordPress.

RSS for WordPress

Power of RSS for 21st Century Educators
Continuing the Technology in Modern Foreign Languages Series, Joe Dale outlines the many possibilities RSS has to offer educators, not only in terms of teaching and learning, but also research and professional development.

Power of RSS for 21st Century Educators

Optimizing Optimization, Part 2: Off-Page Optimization
Webmasters have far less control over the off-page optimization factors than they do the on-page optimization factors. Off-page optimization does, however, influence how a website ranks in search results, so it should not be ignored.

Use the following off-page optimization techniques to improve your website search engine ranking: Optimizing Optimization, Part 2: Off-Page Optimization

Blog Collector
Blog Collector is an RSS directory that allows you to grab an url to submit and add it to a directory where submitted blogs from all over the world are present All blogs you submit have to be in English.

How to Make Separate RSS Feed for Each Category in WordPress
Often times bloggers wonder how to make separate RSS feed for their category. Because sometimes your user only visits your website for the design category, but you have ten other categories that the user is not interested in. How can you offer them a separate RSS Feed. In this tutorial, we will show you how you can do that.

How to Make Separate RSS Feed for Each Category in WordPress

RSS Buffet
Buffet of RSS feeds including RSS Buffet.

RSS Root
New RSS feed directory called RSS Root.

New RSS feed directory named RSS One.

RSS Tricks
RSS is one of the core feature of WordPress and every other blogging platform. It is very useful because your readers keep track of your blog updates mostly by using RSS. In this article, we will show you some of the most useful RSS hacks, tips, tricks, and snippets for WordPress.

RSS Tricks

Internet Offense
If you have no idea what I am talking about, here is a quick recap for you: Cooks Source magazine lifted a bloggers article from the Internet and, when an apology and a donation to the Columbia School of Journalism was requested by the offended blogger, an editor from the magazine responded that the blogger should be grateful for the edit.

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Libraries and RSS Feeds
how libraries can provide news events (opening hours, library talks tutorials, service outrages, changes in policy) as RSS feeds. The benefits of providing news in RSS feeds is obvious basically increased portability as well as ability to filter or merge structured data etc.

Libraries and RSS Feeds

How to add RSS feeds to your Fan Page
There are a number of third-party Facebook applications that allow you to add an RSS-feed tab to your page.

Add RSS to Your Fan Page

Create a Vector RSS Icon
Create a vector RSS Icon graphic with Illustrator.

Feed Translate
FeedTranslate is a new site in alpha testing, simply enter a feed or Website URL, select a language and click the Translate button.

RSS Ghost Icons
RSS Ghost Icons for Halloween

Halloween RSS Feeds
Get the latest Halloween Themed RSS feeds

Haunted House RSS Feed

iTunes Podcasting Tutorial
iTunes podcasting tutorial to create iTunes podcasts.

Huge List of Podcasting Tools
Great list of podcasting tools for managing podcasts.

Technology Has Created Jobs
The technical search giant, Google, alone is the inspiration and sole cause behind the creation of thousands of new businesses. There are now companies dedicated solely to Pay-Per-Click campaign management. Thousands of individuals and companies now make money through search engine optimization and outsourcing their services to improve website rankings, specifically to see that a website ranks well in Googles organic search results. There are now software applications that can determine what keywords to use in optimizing a website for search engine rankings, and other software programs that assess and evaluate website traffic and popularity. These products and businesses were all brought to fruition as a result of Googles Internet search domination and technical stature.

Technology Has Spawned Industries

Hacking and Twitter
Generating a news frenzy usually reserved for Apple product launches, pranksters turned Twitter into wormville on Tuesday. The fast-spreading exploits proved two things: Twitter is undoubtedly now a mainstream service, and it has joined the ranks of big-time tech companies as a target for hackers.

Security experts interviewed by CNET say the messaging service has done a fair job of protecting itself so far, but will have to be more careful with its coding if it wants to be trusted for news aggregation, integration on corporate sites, and as a useful international communication tool.

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Social Revolution
The collapse of Bloglines has ignited discussions about whether RSS readers have a future in the online news world. It is important to note that RSS technology is not going anywhere, as it still makes up the backbone of web development today. However, are consumers willing to use RSS readers to sift through huge amounts of information when Facebook and Twitter provide a more accessible and more social news experience?

Social Revolution

Create Ego Search Feeds for Reverse SEO
Ego searches are free and simple searches designed to monitor blogs and news portals for mentions of your company, product, competitors or other specific keywords. Conducting ego searches not only allows  you to stay informed, but also allows you to maintain a strategic advantage over competing companies. A number of new Internet services are freely available that make these  ego searches painless and easy.

Ego Search Feeds

Album Reminder
Never miss a new music album release! Album Reminder notifies you of new music releases of your favorite artists via email & RSS.

RSS to GeoConverter
RSS is a family of web feed formats, specified in XML and used for Web syndication. GeoRSS is a way to encode location in an RSS feed.

The GeoNames RSS to GeoRSS Converter reads the entries of an RSS feed and searches the GeoNames Database to find a location for the entry text. If a relevant location is found, its latitude and longitude are added to the RSS feed using the GeoRSS encoding.

7 Common Web Mistakes
Many webmasters work very hard on their websites, but they often overlook glaringly-obvious mistakes that may be costing them sales or potential customers. Here are what we consider the Top 7 such mistakes...

1. JavaScript Navigation
Many website visitors now have JavaScript turned off or disabled in their web browsers, due to ever-increasing security concerns. If you are using JavaScript in your navigation menus, some potential customers may be unable to navigate your website. More often than not, this means that potential customers will click away and turn to a competitor. In addition to avoiding JavaScript navigation, you should also avoid using JavaScript in the ordering process. Ordering systems that require JavaScript to function may also result in your customers being unable to purchase, and going somewhere else instead!

7 Mistakes that Can Cost You Money

Small Business Blogs and RSS
Two of the best and powerful promoting tools for small business today are blogs and RSS feeds. They are simple to set up and offer many benefits for the small business owner. You need to create an extensive network of contacts to make the most monetary proceeds and accolades from the small business trade industry related to your small business.

Small Business Blogs and RSS

Enticing Purchasers - Closing the Sale
Compelling customers to take the final step from browsing to purchasing is not always an easy transition. Marketers and entrepreneurs who have studied purchasing habits have found that the following enticements can help encourage potential customers to take the final step to purchase...

Enticing Purchasers - Closing the Sale

Bloglines Closing Down
The popular web-based RSS reader and news aggregator Bloglines will discontinue service on Friday, October 1. The team that operates the site has essentially said that social media sites like Twitter and Facebook killed it.

Bloglines Closing Down

The Farmers Almanac has RSS Feeds
Time-tested and generation approved, the Farmers Almanac is a compendium of knowledge on weather, gardening, cooking, remedies, managing your household, preserving the earth, and more. Anyone can give you advice — Farmers Almanac goes beyond todays experts and enlightens you with generations of perception, experience, and common sense.

Follow the Farmers Almanac via RSS

How to Subscribe to An RSS Feed
There are generally two different kinds of tools that allow visitors to subscribe to RSS feeds. These tools are known as aggregators, or RSS news readers. As the content of an RSS feed changes, the RSS reader or aggregator will update itself automatically and display the new RSS feed items.

How to Subscribe to an RSS Feed

Weather Alerts Via RSS feeds
Experimental XML Feeds and Web Displays of Watches, Warnings, and Advisories

US Census RSS Feeds
The United States Census Bureau RSS Feeds

10 Powerful Points Proving Necessity Of RSS
When I first stumbled across RSS syndication while surfing the net, it piqued my curiosity to the point where I could not help myself, but, to look into this new form of site promotion further.

What I found out about this new technology will absolutely change the way you keep in touch with your subscribers and or readers, in many ways, for years to come.

Just to keep up with the times I recently built a webpage for my website specifically to promote my RSS feed in order to take on new subscribers, and… most important of all, to put this new technology to the test.

complete article

FeedSifter filters RSS feeds.

Social Media Advice
Before you do, you need to know that being a user of social media, and understanding its strategic applications for your PR, marketing, and communications initiatives, are two dramatically different skill sets.

Some mistakes to avoid:

No. 1: Diving in without a strategic plan

Don't start podcasting, blogging, tweeting, friending on Facebook, and posting YouTube videos until you know what your messages are, who will manage them, who your audience is, and how they and you are going to benefit from the content and relationships.

No. 2: Not having a social media policy

Your social media policy needs to outline how employees behave in the online universe during and outside of work. It should include education on style preferences and confidentiality. All messaging coming from employees should be aligned with your company's values and brand.

complete article

250 RSS Feeds for Designers
Grab the OPML file or each RSS feed all for designers.

Create your own embeddable RSS locator applications! rssmapper analyses RSS feeds and derives location information for every update. See where things are happening, and easily share your maps by adding them to your website in just a few clicks.

Accuweather RSS Feeds
Follow the weather via RSS feeds. Here you will find feeds for not only current conditions and weather forecasts for more than three million locations worldwide, but also for a variety of topical blogs, and global warming and entertainment news.

Are Displaying RSS Feeds Ethical?
Displaying RSS feeds on your website a.k.a. syndicating is an easy way to get an automated stream of fresh content for your site. But is it ethical?

RSS Chrome Extension
This extension auto-detects RSS feeds on the page you are reading and upon finding one will display an RSS icon in the Omnibox, allowing you to click on it to preview the feed content and subscribe. Google RSS Extension

FeedWind is a RSS feed widget. Simply copy & paste the snippet of code to embed into your web page.

Present Content Different Ways
Webmasters and marketers spend an inordinate amount of time building quality content that relates to their products or services. Yet the vast majority of these marketers fail to fully capitalize on the content they were so careful to create.

Webmasters can easily reformat their web content and present it to their customers in a variety of different ways. And different formats can be promoted through different channels. The different formats will often appeal to new and different audiences. For example: a video explanation may resonate with a younger technical customer, while an eBook in PDF format may appeal an older customer.

Present Content Different Ways

RSS2Post automatically post your favorite RSS digest on your wordpress blog

Select the shows you want to follow and add them to your list.Get your feed address and subscribe using ShowRSS.

A Way Around Censorship
A new tool will join the censorship circumvention arsenal this September.

Feed Over E-mail restricted content, in the form of RSS feeds, via email. The tool can not help a user browse censored sites or obtain large files. But its creator, Sho Ho, says that FOE could be particularly hard to block and could work in concert with other circumvention technologies. Ho, who is a researcher with the federal governments Broadcasting Board of Governors, gave a talk about FOE yesterday at Defcon, a hacker conference that takes place annually in Las Vegas.

Make an RSS Widget
If you want to get started on a new widget, the first thing to check out is Apples sample code. There you can find great sample widgets that will give you a good foundation to build upon.

For my Make widget, I wanted to display a live RSS feed from the MAKE blog, one clickable line per blog entry.

RSS Footer
RSS Footer is one of those free WordPress plugins, which provide a lot of value for your blog. Thanks to this plugin you can add an extra link back to your blog in your feed. You can choose whether to display the link at the beginning of the feed or at the end and configure the display of the link.

NPR Podcasts
Use this tool to build a custom podcast of various topics, musicians, personalities and NPR programs.
NPR Podcasts

Seagate External Network HDD Sends RSS Feeds
Seagate External Network HDD Sends RSS Feeds

Better Ways to Consume RSS
From WebWorkerDaily

In my recent post about using Harvest to track my time, I discovered that I was spending too much of my time consuming information. As a result, I’ve been working on ways to further increase my efficiency, starting with some Twitter efficiency improvements, and I thought that a post about becoming more efficient at consuming blogs and other news content via RSS would be a good next step.

Improve Efficiency in Reading RSS Feeds

RSS Tags
Details of RSS tags and elements.

RSS Scripts Directory Updated
RSS2HTML - free PHP script for displaying RSS feeds as HTML web pages.

FutureRSS - PHP script for displaying only current RSS feed items.

RSS2HTML Cache - module to speed up the display of RSS feed items.

RSSmesh - merge multiple RSS feeds into a single feed.

SQL2RSS - create RSS feeds from an MySQL database.

RSS2HTML Pro -  expands the functionality of RSS2HTML by allowing publishers and webmasters to dynamically create an index of feed items.

RSS2SQL - create database from RSS feeds.

RSS Filter - create filters for RSS feeds.

The Use of Color in Web Design
Color psychology is a phrase used to describe the effect that color  has on human behavior. The psychology of color is certainly not a new concept. In fact, it has been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Colors tend to carry non-verbal and subliminal messages, and the color spectrum evokes different emotions and physiological responses in people. The reactions people have to specific colors may be influenced by many factors, including their culture, location, gender, or even their age.

The Emotion of Color in Website Design

Beginning to Style Your RSS Feed
Given the wide range of exposure surrounding RSS, I think it is really important to handle your feed in a way that will be usable by as many people as possible. One way to accomplish that is to apply a bit of structure and style to your feed in case an inexperienced user were to somehow find their way to your RSS via their browser.

Applying CSS to RSS

Web 2.0 Ideas for Educators
Fifty page booklet with information about how educators can use Web 2.0.

Medical New and RSS Health Feeds
Medical and Health RSS news feeds.

Why Use RSS Readers?
What I learned from that discussion is that while the RSS Reader market is indeed in decline, there are still a number of compelling use cases for RSS Readers. Not to mention new tools worth checking out. So in this more optimistic post, I list 5 reasons why you should continue to use RSS Readers.

My conclusions in the previous post still stand: 1) Google now dominates what's left of the RSS Reader market; and 2) RSS reading is a very fragmented experience circa 2009-2010 due to Twitter, Facebook, start pages like Netvibes, Firefox bookmarks, and more. However, a lot of commenters wrote that they still use RSS Readers each and every day.

complete article

Domain Name Suggestions
Innovative, memorable, and compelling domain names are becoming more and more difficult to come up with. The following tools can help webmasters find great domain names for their online businesses....

Domain Name Suggestions

Buy, Sell, Value Websites
So, you have built an empire on the Internet, and now it is time to move on. Well OK, maybe its not a full-blown empire, but it has taken substantial blood, sweat and tears to create, and you want to make sure you get a reasonable amount of money for all your efforts. Determining the value of a website can be tricky, because a number of factors can play a role. Factors involved in determining the resale value of a website include...

Buy, Sell or Value a Website

Feed2Mobile is a free service which offers a bridge between Web-based and Mobile content.

Feedmarklet gives you your own RSS feed instantly, with no sign up required. Adding content to your feed is a snap- just browse the web as you normally would, and when you find something interesting, press the bookmarklet button in your browser bookmark bar to immediately add the page you are on to your feed.

Fail the Whale
Twitter has been experiencing a number of fail whales since Tuesday, a service-outage problem the micro-blogging site attributed to a system-side issue.

Twitters lack of reliability is going to lose them followers.

California Launches News Aggregator
California has launched a news hub that, in real time, compiles and updates its many agencies Twitter, RSS and YouTube news feeds.

The news aggregator site, unveiled Friday, July 2, collects in one place content from more than 200 department and agency sources. With more official sources being added daily, the news hub scoops real-time feeds from agencies and already has 83 Twitter accounts, 40 YouTube channels and nearly 100 RSS feeds, an Office of the State Chief Information Officer press release said.

Top 10 Small Business Mistakes
Many small businesses make mistakes, and smart entrepreneurs will learn from the mistakes of others. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of some common mistakes that small business owners often make....

Top 10 Small Business Mistakes

Twitter Mumbles
Twitter is a hit in Japan, succeeding where other social networking imports like Facebook have foundered as millions mumble — the translation of tweet — and give mini-blogging a distinctly Japanese flavor.

5 Tips to Improve the RSS User Experience
Do not assume that just because your blog is perfect, your RSS reader experience will be the same. A few things to double-check to help your content and its promotion be that much better:

Read More

National Weather Alerts via RSS
NOAA weather alerts via an RSS Feed.

Encoding RSS Feeds
This article explains how to encode characters in an RSS feed. Course the article is only relevant if you are manually making the RSS feed, almost all the RSS software applications will encode the characters for you.

How to Create a Password Protected Feed
Tips for creating a Password Protected RSS Feed?

No Blogs for Chinese Soliders!
Chinese servicemen are banned from opening blogs on the Internet for confidentiality concern, according to revised regulations of the Peoples Liberation Army

WordPress RSS Footer Plugin
RSS Footer is a plugin lets you add an extra line of content to articles in your feed, defaulting to Post from:  and then a link back to your blog, with your blogs name as its anchor text.

WordPress RSS Image Widget
The WordPress RSS Image Widget uses PHPThumb to automatically generate good-looking thumbnails from RSS feed images inside your template.

Ping List
Ping List of services allow you to automatically notify blog directories and search engines that your blog has been updated.

FeedZero RSS Filtering
The core of is an adaptive filtering mechanism that learns what information you're interested in - and not interested in. It uses the same bayesian technology as industry-leading spam filtering software to effectively classify incoming information in a way that makes it easy for you to keep up with the information that you want to know about.

All you have to do is sign up, subscribe to some RSS feeds, and then start letting us know which items you like and do not like.

Scientific American RSS Feeds
A variety of Science RSS feeds from Scientific American

10 Ways Libraries Can Use RSS
Because using RSS is about sharing and delivering information, it seems perfectly natural for libraries to adopt this technology for library services. Here are my 10 ways for how libraries can use RSS.

10 Ways Libraries Can Use RSS

Creating a Custom RSS Feed with PHP and MySQL
Create a custom RSS feed using PHP and mySQL using SQL2RSS.

Why Use RSS Feeds?
Video tutorial explains Why Use RSS feeds?

TwitterLive forwards blog posts to Twitter.

9 Tips To Increase Your RSS Subscriber Count
Once you have settled into the rhythm of writing your blog, one of the most important steps is to begin accumulating subscribers. Your RSS subscribers will probably turn out to be your blogs most valuable asset in the long run. Here are a few tips to help you achieve this more effectively.

9 Tips to Increase RSS Subscribers

Nasa RSS Feeds
Collection of NASA RSS Feeds

Ins and Outs of Internet Sitemaps
Sitemaps are simply road maps that search engines can use to navigate their way through the various parts and sections of a website. The sitemap essentially tells the search engines where the various pages are located on the site. This is particularly important for websites that have multi-level navigation, which automated spiders might have difficulty with.

Ins and Outs of Sitemaps

345 Feed Icons
345 RSS feed icons for RSS feeds.

FeedSqueezer web services platform delivers audit-ready analytics, a powerful rules engine and flexible feed and content delivery for all types of feeds, including podcasts and other downloadable media, they are inviting sign-ups for beta.

Atom2RSS Converter - This tool will let you convert your blogger atom feed into an RSS2 feed that can be imported into WordPress.

Universal Feed Parser
Universal Feed Parser - Parse RSS and Atom feeds in Python.

FeedX is a universal XML feed reader for MODx. Rather than being limited to specific formats, the snippet is capable of parsing and rendering nearly any XML format including RSS, RDF, Atom, you name it. In addition to functioning as a snippet, FeedXs class may be called by 3rd party snippets plugins or modules as a simple method of retrieving cached and parsed XML data.

FeedWind is a RSS feed widget. Simply copy & paste the snippet of code to embed into your web page. It's free and ready to use without having to register!

Feedzirra - A Ruby feed library built for speed

RSS Like to RSS Love
At some point, however, I got serious about setting up a listening post so that I could monitor how well my blog posts were being picked up and linked to by other bloggers. As a result, I added my own blog to my reader and some Google Alerts for my own name and blog. I also added to the reader a couple of sites that could track links to my blog, such as Ice Rocket.

RSS Like to RSS Love

MyTunesRSS allows you to access the music and videos from your iTunes library or any simple watch folder over a local network or even the internet. You can access your music from all over the world using a simple web browser. The user interface lets you search for titles or browse your whole library by album, artist or genre. You can access your iTunes playlists or create new ones directly in MyTunesRSS.

Buy, Sell and Value Websites
So, you've built an empire on the Internet, and now it is time to move on. Well OK, maybe its not a full-blown empire, but it has taken substantial blood, sweat and tears to create, and you want to make sure you get a reasonable amount of money for all your efforts. Determining the value of a website can be tricky, because a number of factors can play a role. Factors involved in determining the resale value of a website include...

Buy, Sell and Value a Website

RSSPump is a new javascript news ticker.

Feed your blog to Twitter and Facebook using TwitterFeed.

RSS Subscription Extension
Find the details of the RSS Subscription Extension by Google

Why Publish Full RSS Feeds instead of Partial Summary Feeds
Should you publish full text RSS feeds or only summary?

The site has been around for over two years now but I have always abstained from publishing full content RSS feeds for two selfish reasons (or you can call them fears) outlined below:

Why Publish Full RSS Feeds instead of Partial Summary Feeds

160 Web Feeds for Designers and Developers
Lists are all related to web design, graphic design, development, CSS, HTML, WordPress, business and freelancing, creativity and inspiration.

160 Feeds for Developers and Designers

RSS Replay
RSS Replay does exactly what it says! It replays the RSS feed, one item at a time, using an interval you specified. Why? Well, you just found an awesome feed, and you want to read through the archive, but you do not have the time to consume it all in one big glut. Instead, you can use RSS Replay to deliver the archive into your reader, one article at time.

RSS Replay

WiseStamps Feed Tab
With WiseStamps Feed tab you can now easily insert your favorite personalized feed, and it will automatically update in your email signatures. Share your latest blog posts, bookmarks, videos, pictures, events and so much more…

25+ best Feed ideas to empower your Email Signature

RSS Graffiti
RSS Graffiti is a fun little Facebook application that is meant to take the fuss out of keeping your Facebook friends and fans updated with the latest news from your other sites. RSS Graffiti periodically checks the RSS/Atom feeds that you specify and posts any new entries it finds to the Facebook Walls that you specify.

You can get any feed written on any wall. In fact, multiple feeds to multiple walls. You choose the combination.

Five Filters
FiveFilters RSS to PDF. Convert RSS feeds to PDF files.

RSS Lists
Here are some lists of lists that will be useful to webmasters:
Free Places to Submit RSS Feeds
RSS Tools
Podcasting Tools

Craig2Mail - Deliver any RSS feed to your email!

100 Engineering RSS Feeds
when you are busy with college courses, work, family and a personal life, it can be hard to keep up with the latest news in your field of expertise. These blogs can help make it a little easier, however, providing easily accessible knowledge about a wide range of engineering specialties. Add a few to your RSS feed and you will stay in the know, no matter how busy your life might get.

100 Best RSS Feeds to Follow Engineering News

Protecting Your Reputation Online
Google is sometimes thought to be the bane of the Internet, and it certainly can be a thorn in the side of search engine marketers. Many fail to look beyond the search of today, toward what the implications of indexing and storing information will have on future generations.

Protecting Your Reputation Online

Webmaster Lists!
Here are some lists of lists that will be useful to webmasters:

72 Free Press Release Submission Sites
Free Places to Submit RSS Feeds
RSS Tools
Podcasting Tools

RSSMapper is a Google Maps mashup that fetches your RSS feed and generates a cool embeddable map. The app reads your RSS feeds, looks for place names and coordinates within the feeds, and then displays anything that can be pinned on the map. Check out RSSMapper

RSS Is a Straightforward Solution
RSS is not just another Internet trend --- it is a way to conquer overload without sacrificing the information. It is an answer to the problem that the Web created: If there is so much information out there, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? RSS is a straightforward solution.

Wall Street Journal RSS Feeds
Follow the Wall Street Journal using RSS feeds.

Podcasting Questions and Answers
Podcasting is an up-and-coming and increasingly popular medium for communication. The following are common questions about podcasting, perfect for those just getting started in podcasting as a communication channel...

Quick Questions About Podcasting

100 Best RSS Feeds for Science
If you are a busy college student who wants a way to keep up with all the latest science news, but also need to find a balance with all your school work and other commitments, then following RSS feeds is a great way to customize and streamline the process. Find feeds that touch on everything from space exploration to sustainability to evolution in this awesome list. Sign up for these informative RSS feeds and you will never miss another science news story again.

100 Top Science RSS Feeds

RSS2HTML PHP Script Updated
There is a new release of RSS2HTML PHP script available. The update addresses an issue with the newest version of PHP version 5.3.

Websites That Changed the Internet
Websites that Changed the Internet the list includes:


One that did not make the list surprisingly was eBay!

Twitter Birthday
According to Twitter is 4 years old! Happy Birthday Twitter.

YouTube RSS Generator
Generate an RSS feed based on Tag, Category, or your personal Youtube playlist.

YouTube RSS Feed Generator
The service at has been discontinued due to malicious use. You can still download the free RSS2HTML PHP script and run it locally. RSS2HTML Script can be found at

RSS Education Center
The RSS learning center is designed to assist new RSS users, as well as experienced users, in adopting the RSS technology in a meaningful way. The RSS Education Center includes educational articles, video tutorials, RSS tools, and support resources, all in an easy-to-navigate section of the FeedForAll website.

The RSS Education Center is designed to teach the intricacies of RSS feeds and podcasting, in simple and easy-to-understand terms. NotePage, Inc. has always been proactive about RSS education, and assembling these resources in an easy-to-use learning center made sense to further the adoption of RSS and Podcasting. The resource is freely available to all, and can be accessed at RSS Education Center

How to Twitter
Twitter, the latest social networking craze, is a micro-blogging platform where participants post tweets which are short comments limited to 140 characters or less.

Getting setup on Twitter is not terribly difficult. There is a slight learning curve in regard to Twitters culture and tweeting practices, so it is a good idea to monitor the posts for a few days before you jump in and begin tweeting, just to get a feel for the community.

How to Twitter

The SQL2RSS script allows you to easily create rss feeds from SQL databases. The script currently supports the conversion of MySQL databases to RSS feeds.

When using SQL2RSS the publisher has complete control over the content in the resulting RSS feed. Administrators and publishers control the database query which allows them the flexibility to determine what data is inserted into the RSS feeds from the database.

The SQL2RSS script allows users to easily convert information that is stored in a database into an RSS feed, for syndication and distribution.

More on SQL2RSS

New Patents via RSS
New patents via an RSS feed.

PDF of RSS Case Studies
PDF of RSS Case Studies

FeedLine, an RSS feed reader is believed to be the first application for iPhone and iPod touch to add a public Google Buzz feed reader.

500 Million Tweets
Twitter users are creating 50 million messages of 140 characters or less per day, the micro-blogging service said Monday.

Kevin Weil, a member of Twitters analytics team, said in a blog post that Twitter users were writing 5,000 tweets per day in 2007, 300,000 per day in 2008 and 2.5 million per day in 2009.

RSS for Smithsonian
RSS Feeds for Smithsonian

RSS for Dept of Labor
RSS Feeds for the Dept of Labor

A new tool is designed to covnert RSS feeds to PDFs.

Netflix Has RSS Feeds
Netflix has a list of top 100 videos RSS feeds available.

Majority of News Is Read Online
More Americans get their news from the Internet than from newspapers or radio, and three-fourths say they hear of news via e-mail or updates on social media sites, according to a new report.

Sixty-one percent of Americans said they get at least some of their news online, according to a survey by the Pew Internet and American Life Project.

New Pentagon Social Media Policy
Everyone from troops in the field to the highest brass and civilian leaders will be allowed to Twitter, blog and use Facebook and other social networking sites on the militarys non-classified computer network, the Pentagon announced Friday.

The new policy follows a seven-month review in which the Defense Department weighed the threats and benefits of allowing the wide use of emerging Internet capabilities. It essentially seeks to manage the risks while acknowledging the Internet is proving a powerful tool for a myriad of tasks including recruiting, public relations, collaboration with a wide range of people and for communications between troops and their families.

complete article

Software Industry Conference
Registration is open for the Software Industry Conference scheduled for July 15-17th in Dallas, TX.

Presentation abstract proposals are being accepted through February 28th.

RSS Feeds for the Freelancer
Large collection of RSS feeds specifically for the freelancer.

FutureRSS PHP Script
The Future RSS script is used to automatically delay the publication of Items in an RSS feed. This allows Items in a RSS feed to be created ahead of time, and then slowly released over a period of time. Many people have tried to set the PubDate field on their RSS feed Items to a future date and time, in an attempt to have that particular item become visible to their feeds subscribers on that particular date and time. Unfortunately, they will soon find out that many RSS readers and aggregators don't honor future PubDates, and immediately show all their feed's items. The future-rss.php script hides the future items from RSS feed readers and aggregators, until their PubDate becomes current.

Video Tutorial - How to Select an RSS Reader
When determining what RSS feed reader to download, thought should be given to security. More an more publishers are using RSS feeds as a way to deliver podcasts or media rich-content. Users of desktop software will want to find an RSS reader that allows for rich media to be delivered safely and securely.

Web surfers might want to give thought to another consideration of cross compatibility and synchronization. With the advances in RSS readers, many subscribers use multiple platforms to read their feeds. While this is convenient, if the the web surfer is not using a synchronized solution, they find themselves marking the same feed items read multiple times.

Video Tutorial - How to Select an RSS Reader

100 Best Feeds for Financial Literacy
List of top financial feeds.

Top 10 Web Design Sins
Many webmasters repeat the mistakes made by their predecessors. Take a look at these Top 10 most common web design sins. Have you fallen victim to any of these?

Sin #1 - Using Techie-Speak

Many websites fail to communicate in terms that website visitors can understand. Set the technical jargon aside, and use simple language and words that will be easy for your audience to understand. Web copy should be written in simple terms. Also, keep in mind that the Internet audience is global, and using language that is more common and easy to comprehend will often expand your reach, even to include non-native speakers.

Top 10 Web Design Sins
Free service to display RSS feeds as HTML.

RSS Feed Icons
Collection of RSS Feed icons.

Romantic RSS Feed for Valentines Day
Find ideas for Valentines Day. Great romantic gift ideas, suggestions and articles for valentines via RSS Feed.

Dept of Energy RSS Feeds
Even the Dept of Energy has RSS Feeds

Library of Congress RSS Feeds
RSS is a technology that allows organizations to deliver news to a desktop computer or other Internet device. By subscribing to RSS feeds, users can easily stay up-to-date with areas of the Librarys site that are of interest. The Library of Congress offers several RSS feeds for use in an RSS reader or RSS-enabled Web browser. Library feeds consist of headline, brief summary, and a link that leads back to the Librarys Web site for more information.

Library of Congress RSS Feeds

The Pros and Cons of RSS
If you are struggling with the decision of whether to implement RSS feeds or not, consider the following pros and cons for webmasters who use RSS feeds as part of their content and communication plan...

The Pros and Cons of RSS

How to Choose a Domain Name
So, you have an idea or a product.... now you need a domain name for a website. How do you choose a great domain name? Here are a few ideas...

Create a list of words or phrases that relate to the product, service, information, or brand that will be promoted on the website.

Experiment with variations of the words in the above list. Change the order of words in phrases to create unique combinations for possible domain names.

Check Availability
Check the availability of the potential domains, using Network Solutions or a similar domain registrar. If the desired name is already taken, most domain registrars will provide a list of alternative similar domains that are available.

How to Choose a Domain Name

Forums and RSS Go Together!
If you have a forum please add an RSS feed that subscribers can subscribe to in order to see new posts! It makes monitoring forums much easier and will increase the stickiness of your forum! Most forums have an easy add-on, for RSS feeds.

For Gods Sake Communicate
For Gods sake, blog! Pope Benedict told priests on Saturday, saying they must learn to use new forms of communication to spread the gospel message.

In his message for the Roman Catholic Church's World Day of Communications, the pope, who is 82 and known not to love computers or the internet, acknowledged priests must make the most of the rich menu of options offered by new technology.

Communicate Gods Words

Twitter Lists to RSS
New tool to convert Twitter Lists to RSS.

FreeMyFeed - Free your feed from authentication or invalid SSL certificates for use in the feed reader of your choice.

RSS Scripts Updated
A bunch of the RSS feed management scripts have been updated.

Using RSS Feeds
The Internet gives you access to a virtual smorgasbord of information. From the consequential to the trivial, the astonishing to the mundane, it is all within your reach. This means you can keep up with the headlines, policies, trends, and tools that interest your nonprofit, and keep informed about what people are saying about your organization online. But the sheer volume of information can pose challenges, too: namely, how do you separate the useful data from all the rest? One way is to use RSS, which brings the information you want to you.

Using RSS Feeds to Feed Your Information Needs

How to Translate RSS feeds
Interesting article explains how to translate RSS feeds:

It is not as easy as using a one-step translation service, but it is worth the effort for reading blogs you think you might like that are not in your language. I will walk through a demo of translating Webware into French.

RSS - What is the Deal for 2010
With the web, one thing that we know is that things are forever changing, and usually more quickly as opposed to less. So it is with RSS as well, and one thing we know for sure is that the use of RSS will evolve based on patterns affecting the social web, the real time web, and so on.

RSS in 2010 - according to Technorati

5 Reasons RSS Readers Rock
What I learned from that discussion is that while the RSS Reader market is indeed in decline, there are still a number of compelling use cases for RSS Readers. Not to mention new tools worth checking out. So in this more optimistic post, I list 5 reasons why you should continue to use RSS Readers

complete article

2009 Reflections, 2010 Predictions
Another year has rolled by marked by miracles, political milestones and tragedies alike. 2009 was the year of financial uproar with bailouts and ponzi schemes dominating the news on a regular basis. Chrysler and GM stalwart car giants struggled to survive. Bernie Madoffs financial pyramid came tumbling down, taking average citizen's retirement plans with it, emptying the coffers of trusting non-profits and celebrities alike.

2009 Reflections, 2010 Predictions

Predictions for 2010
Top 10 Winners Predicted for 2010
1. Healthy Living
2. The Cloud
3. Savings
4. Simplicity in Design
5. Web Applications
6. Instant and Virtual
7. Portability
8. Energy
9. Green Shopping
10. Security

Top 10 Losers Predicted for 2010
1. Capitalism
2. Health Care
3. Credit Card Companies
4. The Left
5. Acorn
6. Big Government
7. Privacy
8. Super Star Atheletes
9. Facebook
10. Reality...

What is Hot and What is Not for 2010

What is Hot and What is Not for 2010
Top 10 Winners Predicted for 2010

1. Healthy Living
The healthy living trend will continue with more and more westerners becoming conscious of the chemicals used in their products and food. Organic, chemical-free products, and healthy living will prosper in 2010.

2. The Cloud
The virtual cloud has grown in 2009. The benefits of virtualization and collective space will continue into 2010, with significant cloud growth.

3. Savings
The economic crisis caught many unaware; job security of middle management was tossed a curve in 2009. As a result consumers are becoming more savvy about what they spend their money on, and they are less likely to rely on credit. Savings will grow in 2010.

What is Hot and What is Not for 2010

30 RSS and Web 2.0 Applications
Collection of 30 RSS and Web 2.0 Applications

Definitions of RSS
RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication and  Rich Site Summary. RSS is an XML-based format for content distribution. Webmasters create an RSS file containing headlines and descriptions of specific information. While the majority of RSS feeds currently contain news headlines or breaking information the long term uses of RSS are broad.

What is RSS?

Google Is More than Just a Search Engine
The architects of the most powerful search engine in the world have included some really handy algorithms in their service, which allow searchers to quickly locate particular and specific types of information...

1. Definitions
In order to quickly find the definition of a word, simply type "define: word" in the search box. Google will then provide the definition of the word.

2. Area Codes
Enter a US telephone area code in the URL box to see a map of the area covered by that telephone area code.

Google is More than Just a Search Engine

With TweetSense your most relevant Twitter links at the top of your streams.

mytweetsense automatically filters your twitter stream, so that the tweets* containing your most relevant content, are presented first.

Podcasting Bundle
Podcasting Bundle Complete Podcasting Solution

    RecordForAll - records audio content

    - records audio files
    - add music to tracks
    - edit audio files
    - export as WAV, MP3 or WMA
    - edit meta tags related to audio file (ID3)

    FeedForAll - easily creates the coding for a podcast

    - creates podcast feed
    - easily add iTunes tags to podcast
    - auto-publish FTP
    - auto detects file type
    - publishes podcast feed
    - export to HTML or CSV
    - manage unlimited number of feeds
    - automatically repairs incorrectly formatted podcasts and feeds
    - built in wizard for easy podcast creation

Feedtweeter focuses on getting your Plurks to Twitter and the other way around in a sane way, but it should work with any RSS feed.

Google Chrome Does Not Embrace RSS
Another version of Google Chrome v4, on a new platform and the same old news about RSS: support isn't there in the browser. Both RSS 2.0 and Atom feeds display inline in the browser as a huge jumble of text. complete article

On Page Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization has become a fine science. Tweaking, changing, and measuring is all part of the ongoing optimization process. SEO truly is a process that requires constant monitoring and attention. In order for a website to perform well, its managers and webmasters must adapt their SEO techniques as the search engine algorithms change.  On Page Search Engine Optimization

FeedNest allows you to publish your RSS feed on a twitter account.

RSS Italia
RSS Italia is an Italian RSS feed directory.

Enter your email address to track a wishlist on Amazon or an Amazon URL for a specific product and a feed will be created on RSSTalker.

Huge List of RSS Tools
Huge List of RSS Tools

Twitter for Business
Businesses can use Twitter as a marketing tool in a variety of ways. Many business owners struggle with social media as a marketing medium. At the heart of the most effective social media marketing campaigns is personal communication. Many businesses that try to manage social media may attempt to shout their message, rather than simply engaging with potential customers. Potential customers who are active in social networks will not be receptive to marketing in this fashion. The trick with social media like Twitter is to interact and engage, rather than shouting your message.

Twitter for Business

Follow Christmas Deals via RSS
Many of the coupon websites and deal websites have RSS feeds available. If you want to keep tabs on discounts for the holidays subscribe to the RSS feeds.

Video Optimization Part 2
Optimizing your video for search engines will increase the exposure that the video receives, and optimization will also help spread the video's message. Follow these steps to enhance your videos and improve their rankings...

1. Shorter Videos Rank Better

No big surprise here -- the file size of short videos is much smaller than that of longer videos. On the video networks like YouTube, short videos are viewed far more often than longer ones. A length of less than 3 minutes per video seems to be ideal, and absolutely make every effort to keep your video under 10 minutes! If you have a long video segment, consider breaking it into multiple videos. The more popular videos on the video networks are given more exposure, which will also help increase the number of views received.

2. Titles Capture Interest

Just like newspaper headlines, it is important that the title of the video be one that will attract attention. If possible, include important keywords in the video title. This will help the video perform well in video searches for that keyword or phrase. Word order may also make a difference in the video ranking, so try to use the more important keywords at or near the beginning of the video title.

Video Optimization - Part 2

Manage Your Reputation Online
A companys reputation is often critical to that company's success. The anonymity and vastness of the Internet makes managing a reputation much more difficult than it once was. Businesses must be proactive about protecting their brands and reputations.

Manage Your Reputation Online

Google Is More than Just a Search Engine
The architects of the most powerful search engine in the world have included some really handy algorithms in their service, which allow searchers to quickly locate particular and specific types of information...

1. Definitions
In order to quickly find the definition of a word, simply type "define: word" in the search box. Google will then provide the definition of the word.

2. Area Codes
Enter a US telephone area code in the URL box to see a map of the area covered by that telephone area code.

Google Is More Than a Search Engine

RSS Video Tutorials
Learn the intricacies of RSS feeds and podasting with RSS and Podcasting Videos

Search Engine Optimization Myths
A myth is a traditional story, idea, or explanation which is widely accepted, but actually untrue or unproven. Misconceptions can also be described as modern-day myths. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the myths and misconceptions are abundant. We will try to dispel some of the more common Search Engine Optimization myths here...

RSS Image
Here is a good image explaining how RSS Works not sure why the RSS feeds come into two computers they really only need to come into one.

Reuters RSS Feeds
Collection of RSS feeds from Reuters. Stay current on the news using RSS>

Rssybot allows you to watch your RSS feeds from Google Wave. This incredibly simple robot could not be more useful! Just add it to a wave, enter the link to the RSS feed you want to subscribe to and wait for new posts to appear in your inbox as unread blips.

What Is RSS Video Tutorial
What is RSS? A video tutorial that explains the intricacies of the RSS Internet standard.

FeedJournal converts RSS feeds to PDFs.

Instant RSS for Websites
Enter the URL of your website and an RSS feed will be created with RSSA

Monty Python RSS
There are even RSS feeds for Monty Python!

RSS-to-Email Saves Nearly 20 Staff Hours Per Week
Originally published in an email marketing case study, results have generated interest among industry experts and e-marketers. This exclusive webinar will focus on how RSS feeds can be used to make email campaign management easier than ever, with simple setup and seamless execution. Gold Lassos email marketing experts will also review how the RSS-to-Email function Seminar saved Smiths staff 20 hours per week in message assembly.

Blogger Down and Out
Googles popular Blogger blog-publishing service crashed early on Friday and remained unavailable to most users for about 90 minutes, the type of broad system outage that Google has been trying to eradicate from its Web-hosted applications.

Google acknowledged the crash in brief statements posted to the Blogger Status site and to the Blogger Help Forum.

State of Blogosphere
Technoratis State of the Blogosphere 2009 report topics include: professional blogging activities, brands in the blogosphere, monetization, twitter & micro-blogging and bloggers impact on US and World events.

Podcasting Video Tuorials
Collection of  Video Tutorials for Podcasters.

Tips to Optimize Video Podcasts
It does not matter what you call them: vodcasts, vidcasts, videocasting, or video podcasting... there are a few behind-the-scenes actions you can take to help attract more attention to your video productions. Just like websites, it does not matter how amazing the content is if interested people are unable to find it.

Tips to Optimize Video Podcasts

The FCC RSS Feeds
Large collection of RSS feeds for the Federal Communications Commission FCC.

A Primer for Publishers and Content Providers
RSS content development primer for publishers.

Ad Group Calls on FTC to Rescind Blogger Rules
An advertising group has called on the Federal Trade Commission to rescind recently published blogger guidelines, accusing the commission of cracking down on Internet sites for infractions that print media has been engaged in for years.

complete article

NASA is on Twitter and also offers a collection of RSS feeds.

RSS Education Center
Learn the intricacies of RSS feeds and podasting in the RSS Learning Center.

No Award for Blogger
Cuban blogger who has become an international sensation for offering frank criticism of her countrys communist system said she was denied government permission Monday to travel to New York to receive a top journalism prize.

Yoani Sanchez had hoped to go to Columbia University for a Wednesday ceremony to receive her Maria Moors Cabot Prize, the oldest international award in journalism.

complete article

Use RSS feeds to remember birthdays with RSSBirthday

RSS Feed Converter
Convert RSS feeds to different formats with RSS Feed Converter

Audio Recording Software for Podcasters
RecordForAll is an easy to use commercial podcasting solution. RecordForAll allows for publishers to record audio files, edit sound files, and add effects. RecordForAll can be used by podcasters or other types of audio producers to overlay tracks, create fades, and add background music or effects to their audio productions.

The RecordForAll software gives the user the ability to record, store and import all types of audio recordings. Recordings can be easily labeled and organized. While RecordForAll has a lot of functionality it is still very easy for beginners to use. Simply drag and drop audio clips, to create a podcast show sequence. Edit clips by simply highlighting or overlaying segments. Audio clips can be individually managed allowing podcasters to make each clip shorter, longer, softer or louder.

RecordForAll supports basic mixing, cropping and track splitting, which makes the editing process simple even for beginning podcasters. Finished productions can be saved as an MP3,WAV or WMA file format. RecordForAll is an all-in-one recording studio that assists users in recording, editing and mixing their podcasts, resulting in professional podcasts even for beginners.

Blogging Disclosure Required
It is official: The Federal Trade Commission will require bloggers to clearly disclose any freebies or payments they get from companies for reviewing their products.

It is the first time since 1980 that the commission has revised its guidelines on endorsements and testimonials, and the first time the rules have covered bloggers.

But the commission stopped short Monday of specifying how bloggers must disclose any conflicts of interest.

The FTC said its commissioners voted 4-0 to approve the final guidelines, which had been expected. Penalties include up to $11,000 in fines per violation. The rules take effect Dec. 1.

RSS Synchronization and FeedDemon
A few months ago, it was announced that NewsGator synchronization was being discontinued. If you are using FeedDemon 2.7 synchronized with NewsGator, you must now upgrade to FeedDemon 3.0, which includes synchronization with Google Reader, the process takes a fair amount of time to convert and synch your feeds with the new database.

RSS At Sea
Ocean RSS Icons collection. 7 RSS vector icons that are related to the sea.

Entetainment Tonight RSS Feeds
Collection of RSS feeds from Entertainment Tonight

Add Sound Effects to Podcasts
You can easily add sound effects to your podcast to add some drama. There are a number of sound effect resources available here are some to try:

Digital Sound Effects
List of Other Sound Effects.

Simple Steps to Create RSS Auto Discovery Code
Fill out the form to create RSS feed auto discovery code. Auto-discovery allows people with certain RSS readers to automatically detect that an RSS feed exists for the content contained on the webpage.

Twitter Funding
Twitter is close to raising up to 100 million dollars in new funding in a deal which values the hot micro-blogging service at one billion dollars, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

Now the question - what are they going to do with the money?

RSS Video Tutorials
Video tutorials that explain how RSS works. Collection of videos that discuss the ins and outs of RSS.

RSS Icons Galore
Huge collection of RSS Icons. Additional links to RSS icon resources can be found in the RSS Tools list.
A while back, Sedo was brokering the domain name for $750,000 but it did not sell. I recently learned that the buyer has drastically cut his asking price, and it is now for sale with a price of $125,000. additional details

FTC Regulation
A recent post in Search Engine News discusses moves that the Federal Trade Commission is taking to regulate blog posts. The FTC is tasked with protecting consumers from harmful business practices. The FTC will soon be looking at reviews or endorsements published on blogs to determine if they are paid placements.  Bloggers need to be aware and disclose any payments they received.

New Audio Recording Software
RecordForAll is an easy to use commercial podcasting solution. RecordForAll allows for publishers to record audio files, edit sound files, and add effects. RecordForAll can be used by podcasters or other types of audio producers to overlay tracks, create fades, and add background music or effects to their audio productions.

The RecordForAll software gives the user the ability to record, store and import all types of audio recordings. Recordings can be easily labeled and organized. While RecordForAll has a lot of functionality it is still very easy for beginners to use. Simply drag and drop audio clips, to create a podcast show sequence. Edit clips by simply highlighting or overlaying segments. Audio clips can be individually managed allowing podcasters to make each clip shorter, longer, softer or louder.

FCC Joins Social Revolution
The Federal Communications Commission, the U.S. agency that regulates the telecommunications industry, is becoming more media savvy by joining popular networking sites such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

Cyberlaw Cases on a Blog
Two University of California at Berkeley professors are teaming up with colleagues to launch Cyberlaw Cases, a blog covering what they consider the top 10 most-important pending U.S. legal cases involving issues that impact the Internet, databases, and software programs.

The blog focuses on an evolving list of cases on issues such as network neutrality, privacy, copyright, trademark, and patent issues, and includes analytical postings about each case and the authors assessments of potential impacts.

complete article

Presentation Primer
Many individuals are called upon to give presentations, but many have no formal instruction on how to deliver the most effective presentations. So for the benefit of those who might need a bit of help, we've put together a primer for presenters...

This is particularly helpful for podcasters!

FeedRoller is a lightweight RSS and Twitter feed ticker. It is designed to show scrolling headlines from your favorite news sites, blogs and twitter account, directly on your desktop.

Corporate Benefits of RSS
According to new data from a McKinsey Global Survey, 42% of some 1,700 executives report seeing a measurable benefit from really simple syndication. That is 24% more than those who see any benefit from micro-blogging, i.e., Twitter.

RSS feeds for Housing and Urban Development.

YouTube Sharing Revenue
YouTube will share profits with users who post popular videos on the site, the company announced on its blog. By extending the YouTube Partnership Program, the company offers more individuals with one off popular videos a chance to earn thousands of dollars a month.

In the past amateur videos on YouTube never earned a dime for the creator, even if they clocked millions of views. But YouTube is now rewarding authors of videos that keep YouTube popular and is offering to spread the wealth it generates with the authors.

YouTube will monitor the popularity of user-submitted videos and some users will get invited to start earning revenue through the Partnership Program. To determine with videos are worth it, YouTube will look at the number of views the video has so far and its compliance with the sites terms of service - read no copyright infringements.

complete article

Good RSS Blogs
Good RSS Blogs
Stay up to date with the latest RSS news following the RSS industry blogs.

RSS Specifications Blog
Blog -
RSS Feed -

FeedForAll RSS Blog
Blog -
RSS Feed -

Blog -

Blog -
RSS Feed -
(has not been updated in a while)

Blog -
RSS Feed -

Blog -
RSS Feed -

Blog -
RSS Feed -

While posting is not frequent on the Pheedo blog, the quality of the posts is really quite good
Blog -
RSS Feed -
(has not been updated in a while)

Japans Political Rules Impact Bloggers
On Tuesday, 1,370 Japanese stopped blogging and Twittering. There's perhaps nothing unusual about that; after all, hundreds give up social media efforts every day. But for these people the halt to their online activities has been brought on by the law.

No, they have not done anything wrong. But they are candidates in Japan's upcoming national election, and with the official 12-day campaigning window now underway, online communication is off-limits.

complete article

Increase Your RSS Feed Subscribers
Growing subscribers of your RSS feed will expand your reach. Put the appropriate effort into marketing your RSS feed, so you can increase adoption and spread the message contained in the RSS feed.

Increase Your RSS Feed Subscribers for Sale is up for sale.

Evolution of Blogging
Interesting look and view of the Evolution of Blogging.

RSS to PDF Newspaper
Enter the RSS feed or OPML URL to create and RSS to PDF newspaper.

Get Ready for Halloween with RSS Icons
Get ready for Halloween early with these Halloween RSS Icons.

RSSHandler is an RSS to podcast converter that aims to solve this problem by converting Youtube RSS feeds to FLV, MP4 and other such computer mobile friendly formats.

FTC Is After Bloggers
The Federal Trade Commission is currently investigating fair blogging practices, but an advertising group is one step ahead, and has forced two companies to clearly disclose their relationship with the health-related products they promote via blogs and Web sites.

complete article

PHP Script that converts SQL database to RSS Feeds, SQL2RSS.

Hallmarks of a Good Podcast
There are many, many things that separate a good podcast from all the rest. Here are a few to consider...

Recording Quality
The quality of the recording is probably the most critical component of a podcast. A good podcast is easy to understand, and should be recorded at a volume level that makes it easy for listeners to hear all that is said.

Sound Balance
Adding background music polishes a podcast, but be careful that the music does not overpower the primary content. The background music should be subtle and not distracting. Create a balance that does not compromise the quality of the recording. Also, be sure that the music is not the focal point of a podcast show, unless the topic is about the music -- the emphasis should be on the primary content, and not on the musical arrangements.

Hallmarks of a Good Podcast

Twitter Attack and Blogger Linked
The outage that knocked Twitter offline for hours was traced to an attack on a lone blogger in the former Soviet republic of Georgia — but the collateral damage that left millions around the world tweetless showed just how much havoc an isolated cyberdispute can cause.

complete article

The Military Is Not Social
Apparently the Marines can protect our country, but when it comes to social media they are defenseless, as they banned use of social media - Twitter, Facebook and MySpace have been banned - effective immediately.

complete article

RSS Subscribers or Twitter Followers: Which Are Worth More?
I personally do not think it needs to be an either, or, both have value -- RSS Subscribers or Twitter Followers: Which Are Worth More?

EU Feeds
Over 1000 European newspaper feeds.

PDF Search Engine Optimization
Google, Yahoo, and MSN can all spider and index text-based PDF files, and generally they rank quite well. PDF files can be used to seize top listings for important keywords and keyword phrases. In order to have a PDF effectively rank well in organic searches, it should be optimized for the search engines, just as you would optimize a web page. Optimization of PDF files for search engines is very similar to search engine optimization for other types of content...

PDF Search Engine Optimization

Commodity Future Trading RSS Feeds
Commodity Future Trading Community RSS feeds for monitoring news related to the futures market.

Australian Police Use Twitter
Australian police said they were joining the Twitterati Thursday, using the micro-blogging service to discourage drink-driving among young people.

complete article

AP Fights Digital Piracy
Vowing to fight unauthorized reproduction of news reports online, The Associated Press said Thursday that it would add software to each article showing who created it and what limits apply to the rights to use it. The software will also notify the A.P. about how the article is used across the Web.

complete article

Google News RSS feeds Broken
RSS feeds for Google News search results have been broken for about three weeks, according to complaints in the companys help forum. Three weeks ago a Google engineer said they expected the problem to be fixed in about a week. Now the company has simply removed the links in the results page sidebar to both RSS and Google Alerts.

How to use XSLT to style an RSS feed
XSLT is a fairly well-supported technology. It allows you take any XML file – including RSS – and transform it into an styled HTML document. It is kind of like CSS on steroids.

How to use XSLT to style an RSS feed

Give RSS Feed Options!
I have seen recent queries about whether you should provide RSS feeds for categories, keywords or one feed that includes everything. Why not give the subscriber the choice? Check out this RSS implementation: RSS feeds for PowerPoint Templates

Podcasting for Businesses
Regardless of the size of your business, or whether your company is public, private, a government agency, or a non-profit... there is little doubt that you should consider podcasting. Podcasting is a 21st century medium, and has proven that it is far more than just a passing fad.

Podcasting for Businesses

RSS to PDF Newspaper
Free software project to help people create printable PDFs from RSS feeds - RSS to PDF Newspaper

Re-Using Content
Repurposing content is not a terribly new concept. Webmasters that picked up on the trend have benefited from traffic surges for a while now. Repurposing content is all about presenting the same content in a variety of different ways, or using different mediums to present the same content. Webmasters can manipulate content in order to provide the same content in any number of different formats.

Re-Using Content
Hosted RSS2HTML service allows you to display RSS feeds as HTML.

Design Feeds
An OPML file of 250 design feeds for graphic designers.

Make RSS Feeds
Guide to Make RSS Feeds by hand.

United States Geological Services - USGS RSS feeds.

Get RSS feeds for your kindle service.

The Legalities of Republishing RSS Feeds
Here is a blog post about a the legalities of someone republishing his feed. Here is more on the RSS and Copyrights topic.

Blogger Bug
Publishers with custom domains hosted on Googles Blogger blog-publishing service have been losing traffic for the past week due to a bug affecting how visitors get redirected from the Blogger domain to the publishers own domains.

complete article

Twitter Mistakes
Jason VanOrden posted a great report about common Twitter Mistakes

80% of Twitter Users Fail to Provide a Homepage URL
76% of Twitter Users Fail to Enter their Bio in the Profile
69% of Twitter Users Have Not Specified a Location

RSS Feeds are NOT All of Blogs
A WebmasterWorld thread has discussion around how Google seems to consider any web site that contains an RSS feed, as a blog. In fact, several webmasters are complaining that their web sites are showing in the Google Universal Results, under the label of, blog posts about, when their site is simply not a blog.

What seems to be happening is that Google may be considering any site that has an RSS feed as a blog.

RSS Cheese
Cheese chunk RSS feed icons.

RSS2Twitter is a service that forwards RSS feeds to Twitter. An alternative is TwitterFeed.

Feedmil is an RSS search engine but I could not get any results to come up for what I would consider long tail searches.

Grants via RSS Feeds
Small businesses looking for grants will want to subscribe to the RSS feeds from

Netflix Offering A Variety of RSS feeds
Netflix, the popular DVD site is offering a variety of feeds as well as the option of customizing and personalizing feeds to meet your personal tastes.

The UK Dept of Work and Pensions Added Feeds
The UK Dept of Work and Pensions has added RSS feeds.

Submit RSS Feeds
Large list of sites that you can submit RSS feeds to.

Last Chance for Software Industry Conference Boston, MA July 16-18
This is the last chance to register for the Software Industry Conference a conference designed for software developers and marketers. The conference will be in Boston, MA July 16-18th.

SousChef RSS Feed Program
As recipe collection moves out of the card box and into the computer, there has emerged a small cadre of Mac programs designed to help you find, categorize, share, display, and cook your food. SousChef 1.2 is a compact program with an iTunes-RSS feed.

Blogs Can Feed Social Networks
Your blog RSS feeds are powerful syndication software. So use them to save yourself from the hassle of updating your social networks. Here are a few tricks and tips to feed social networks.

Visual RSS vs Atom Comparison
Visual comparison of RSS vs Atom.

The FTC is Paying Attention
Savvy consumers often go online for independent consumer reviews of products and services, scouring through comments from everyday Joes and Janes to help them find a gem or shun a lemon.

What some fail to realize, though, is that such reviews can be tainted: Many bloggers have accepted perks such as free laptops, trips to Europe, $500 gift cards or even thousands of dollars for a 200-word post.

Bloggers vary in how they disclose such freebies, if they do so at all. The practice has grown to the degree that the Federal Trade Commission is paying attention.

complete article

Blogger in Court
A blogger is due in a Connecticut courtroom to face a charge of inciting violence against state lawmakers.

complete article

Microsoft is Offering Incentives for RSS Subscription
Microsoft is offering a subscription to people who subscribe to their RSS feed:

Becoming an MCP is almost as easy as subscribing to an RSS feed. Just sign up for Microsoft Learnings Born to Learn RSS Feed and if you' are chosen among the three, random and lucky winners, the voucher is yours for a MCP course.

Twitter Critical to Iranian Election
Twitter, the social-networking service derided for being the last refuge of the banal, has gained a new currency on the world stage. The stream of micro-blog postings has proven an important source of real-time news and images of the violence that erupted following the contested presidential election in Iran.

Learn the ABCs of RSS....

RSSFilter is a PHP script that filters the contents of an RSS feed. The filters can be defined by the publisher so that the resulting RSS feed contains only the information they want. RSSFilter uses rules to filter the items that are included from a feed in the resulting feed.

FeedMingle is a merging application that will merge RSS feeds into a single one.

Feed Parser
Parse RSS and Atom feeds in Python. Universal Feed Parser.

CIA Adopting Web 2.0
The CIA is adopting Web 2.0 tools such as blogs and collaborative wikis, but not without a struggle in an agency with an ingrained culture of secrecy, CIA officers said Friday.

New RSS Aggregator
Looks like a new RSS aggregator RSS Hostei.

Sound Effects
Royalty free sound effects for podcasts.

Time Management Tips
Managing your time and using it wisely is a journey, and not something that can be easily mastered overnight. Implementing a plan will help, but it is not going to be a sure cure. Time management requires a significant amount of self-discipline.

Here are some tips to assist you with time management...

- RSS Feed courtesy of RSS Specifications

create rss feeds create rss feeds create rss feeds create rss feeds





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